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The Artist's Sleep Stone
The Artist's Sleep Stone
The Artist's Sleep Stone
The Artist's Sleep Stone
The Artist's Sleep Stone
The Artist's Sleep Stone

The Artist's Sleep Stone

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Product information
Want a talisman of creativity on your work desk? Or a natural sleep-inducer on your bedside table? The Artist's Sleep Stone is the perfect solution. It has smooth faces so that it can stand upright on a table and enrich any room in which it resides.

Amethysts are known to be the stone of painters, composers, and poets. All creative people will benefit from a polished Amethyst on their desk or workstation.

Also a brilliant stone for improving sleep patterns, Amethyst can help reduce nightmares and insomnia. Despite stirring the creative side of the brain, Amethyst is a relaxing stone, too. It soothes the overactive mind and pushes it into rest mode, especially when you're overthinking the day’s events.

How To Use A The Artist's Sleep Stone?

  • If you have a creative endeavor you wish to pursue, place the stone near your work area to help relieve artistic blocks. If you find yourself stuck, allow yourself to focus your energy solely on the crystal and enter a ten-minute meditation. Amethyst is a vibrant member of the quartz family so it’s a great stone for emotional healing. Tear down mental blockades and let the spring of creativity flow.
  • If you’re interested in Amethyst’s sleep benefits, then leave the stone by your bed to elevate the energy of your room. It will ensure that your sleeping area has a serene atmosphere, easy for inducing deep sleep. Before bed, take the crystal and apply the smooth face against your third eye. Rotate anti-clockwise and release any negative thoughts or feelings. You want to go to sleep with a positive, relaxed mindstate.
  • Meditate for 5 minutes, or until you feel sleepy, then replace the crystal on the table and close your eyes. It’s important for this to be the last thing you do before sleep. After you’ve connected fully with your crystal, falling asleep will be easy, and your dreams will be uplifting and inspiring

Harness the power of Amethysts in your home!

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Product Details:

  • Item Type: Natural Stone Decoration
  • Material: Natural Amethyst Stone
  • Color: Violet
  • Stone Width: 1.18 in (3 cm)
  • Stone Height: 1.37 in (3.5 cm)

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