The Artist's Sleep Stone

Balance • Purification • Dreams Calming

The Artist's Sleep Stone

Balance • Purification • Dreams Calming
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Do you have sudden bursts of inspiration in the middle of the night? They always seem to come at the least opportune moment. With The Artist’s Sleep Stone, you can harness your creativity and get a good night’s sleep too!

Amethyst is a natural sleep inducer. Sit one by your bedside table and you’ll notice the calming effects as you close your eyes at night. Put your phone or electronic devices away as you’re trying to drift off, and focus on your crystal instead. It’s brilliant for reducing nightmares and fighting insomnia. Don’t let thoughts of the day spiral into overthinking things you did or didn’t do. Enter rest mode. 

Not solely for sleep, Amethyst has long been considered the stone of painters, poets, and composers. There’s something about these violet gems that just sparks inspiration.

Who says a good sleep and creative genius can’t go together?

How to use this stone:
If you have a creative endeavor you wish to pursue, place the stone near your work area to help relieve artistic blocks. If you find yourself stuck, take a ten-minute meditation break with your stone. As a member of the quartz family, it’s an excellent stone for emotional healing. Tear down those mental blocks and let the well of creativity flow. 

If you’re interested in Amethyst’s sleep benefits then leave the stone by your bed at night. Feel warm energy and relax you into a deep slumber. It’s advised to place the smooth face of the stone against your third eye and rotate anti-clockwise. This helps to release any negative thought patterns that could prevent sleep from coming on naturally. It’s important for this to be the last thing you do before sleep. Disconnect from the virtual world and reconnect with nature.

1. Product details:
  • Item type: natural stone decoration
  • Material: Natural Amethyst Stone
  • Color: violet

2. Dimensions:

  • Height: 1.37 in (3.5 cm) 
  • Width: 1.18 in (3 cm)
  • Weight: 40 g
As Amethyst is a natural stone, the colors may vary slightly from stone to stone, making each one utterly unique.

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