Calcite crystal

Calcite: Balance Your Energy and Attract Wealth

If you're just starting your crystal collection, calcite has probably flown under your radar. In fact, many crystal enthusiasts might have briefly heard about this gemstone but never paid much attention to it. This might be due to the fact that this humble mineral has been used for many years to create cement and brick mortars for houses and buildings.

Calcite occurs in over 300 different crystal forms and a variety of colors — such as white, yellow, red, orange, blue, green, brown, and grey. It's one of the most common minerals found on Earth. If you ever visited a cave and felt awestruck by the magnificence of the stalactites and stalagmites that surrounded you, it was actually calcite that you were admiring.

When it comes to crystal healing, the most popular varieties of this gemstone are white and blue calcite. The milk-whitish color is believed to have a special connection with the crown chakra, while its indigo-blue counterpart has an affinity with both the throat chakra and the third eye chakra.

If you're curious about this unpretentious healing crystal, continue reading as this guide will teach you all about the healing properties of white and blue calcite, along with easy ways to use them as holistic tools to support your mind, body, and spirit.

Origins of Calcite

Calcite's name derives from the Latin word "calx," meaning lime. Gaius Plinius Seconds, a Roman naturalist, philosopher, and writer, named it after realizing this mineral was a component of limestone.

Unlike lapis lazuli or turquoise, calcite didn't play a huge part in sacred rituals, nor was it a worshipped stone by ancient civilizations. But that doesn't mean it was not significant in other matters. During World War II, calcite was heavily mined to craft gun sights, which helped soldiers locate and aim at the enemy with more precision. In fact, it's still used to this day for its optical properties.

If you used to carry your chalk sticks to draw on concrete when you were younger, it was actually calcite you were carrying, as this stone is the main component of those creative tools. Such is the hidden beauty of calcite: It's not only a powerful energetic healing tool, it has also been used to develop essential things — like families' houses and children's creativity and imagination.

Astrologers consider it a Pisces birthstone as well as a zodiac crystal that particularly benefits those born under the sign of Cancer and all other water signs.

​Sources of Calcite

Calcite crystal

Calcite is the most stable polymorph of the calcium carbonate (CaCO3) family, which also includes other crystal structures like aragonite and vaterite. This mineral commonly occurs with other crystals — such as quartz crystals and fluorite — with calcite often forming an undesirable coating on top of these gems. When this happens, gemstone traders burn this layer by soaking it in acid, causing it to effervesce, dissolve, and release carbon dioxide, exposing the more valuable mineral below. 

Geologically speaking, calcite's crystal system occurs in different forms, including rhombohedrals (also known as trigonal) and scalenohedrals (or tetragonal). It is commonly found around the world in various environments, including metamorphic and igneous rocks, as well as sedimentary rocks. 

This mineral is often mistaken for dolomite, a nearly identical crystal, and the only way to distinguish one from the other is by performing a crystallography x-ray and other specific tests. This mineral is also a compound found in other rocks — including marble, travertine, and tufa — which are often used for ornamental purposes. 

Colorless calcite's luster fluoresces purple or bright red under a black light, and if you strike a piece of this stone in a dark room, it will glow like a light. It’s a very soft stone so it should be handled with care.

Some of the most sought-out varieties of calcite include "dogtooth spar" and "Iceland spar," which also goes by the name of optical calcite. This is because when you lay this type of calcite crystal on top of a piece of paper with writing or a line, a perfect double image is seen. This effect is called double refraction, and many energy healers believe it doubles the healing properties of this gemstone.

This carbonate mineral can be found in many locations worldwide, including Belgium, Brazil, Czech Republic, Iceland, India, Mexico, Peru, Romania, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. In the United States, the most important mining areas include Missouri, New York, Massachusetts, and the famous Elmwood Mine in Tennessee. 

Healing Properties of White Calcite

Calcite crystal

White calcite is a powerful chakra stone that balances the crown chakra, the energetic center that governs your connection with the universe and with your spirituality.

The holistic community considers this crystal a wealth and abundance attractor, as well as a wonderful and gentle healing stone to deepen the connection between you and your soul.

Physical Properties

During crystal therapy, white calcite is frequently used as a cleanser for the physical body, mind, and spirit. Energy healers believe that due to its chemical composition, this stone can be beneficial in treating bone and muscular issues, helping to assimilate calcium in the body.

Holistic therapists say that the calcite stone is a powerful detoxifier that supports the natural functions of the kidneys, pancreas, and spleen. They advise their patients to carry a piece of white calcite to help to boost their immune systems, stimulate tissue healing, and alleviate intestinal and skin conditions.

Emotional Healing

White calcite's energy is believed to release fear, especially regarding love and happiness. If you know a loved one who has deep emotional wounds left by a toxic relationship or a painful breakup, consider giving them a piece of white calcite. It has a calming yet strengthening vibration that encourages them to make peace with the past and move forward, giving them the confidence to make future choices. 

As a true crown chakra crystal, calcite connects your emotions with your intellectual side. This quality makes it an excellent stone for students of both arts and sciences as its presence exudes an energy that calms the mind, teaches discernment, and stimulates insights.

If prosperity is one of the themes in your self-growth journey, then white calcite is a fantastic companion for you. Crystal collectors claim it can help you break free from a scarcity mentality and acknowledge that the universe that surrounds you is abundant. If you take a leap of faith and trust it wholeheartedly, you'll realize calcite has your back. 

White calcite supports you in taking advantage of opportunities that may lead to financial success, helping you to make better choices and manage your money assertively. Along with onyx and pyrite, it's a fantastic wealth protection stone that assists in keeping your mind clear when making decisions, combining both logic and intuition.

Spiritual and Metaphysical Properties

Thanks to its double refraction quality, crystal enthusiasts claim that white calcite is one of the best manifestation stones as it amplifies the energy of the things you most desire for yourself. Simply write a wishlist of things you want to attract or habits you'd like to change in your life, fold it, and place your white calcite on top of it. Close your eyes and visualize all the things you just wrote coming to reality.

Its vibration removes energetic blocks and cleanses all the chakras, and many crystal experts believe that the energy it emits can speed up your spiritual development and awaken your inner wisdom and intuition. Like all white and clear crystals, it cannot absorb negative energy. Instead, calcite transmutes it into positive vibes and sends it back to the universe. 

White calcite can have a very positive effect on those who are looking for their true purpose as well as enlighten them about the steps needed to stay on their path. White rainbow calcites, just like opals and moonstones, are excellent stones to support and stimulate new beginnings. They can give you a more optimistic point of view and allow you to see joy in the small things, ingraining you with gratitude and understanding.

Healing Benefits of Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite crystal

The blue color variety of calcite is, like all blue stones, a chakra crystal that resonates with the throat center and the third eye chakra. This combination allows you to express yourself openly and honestly while helping you to see things clearly and unclouded by an exacerbated emotional state.

Physical Healing

Holistic healers believe that carrying a piece of blue calcite can have a beneficial and strengthening effect on the respiratory and circulatory systems. If you know someone who struggles with blood pressure issues, offer them some blue calcite to comfort and support them in dealing with these conditions. 

Crystal enthusiasts prepare blue calcite crystal elixirs as they claim it provides pain relief and assists in cleansing the liver and the bowels, being especially helpful in cases of chronic constipation. 

If you suffer from stress or anxiety, carrying this soothing and gentle stone is said to stimulate rest and relaxation and calm the nervous system, which can lead to good sleep and relieve insomnia conditions, especially when caused by an overactive mind.

​Emotional Healing

Like celestite and aquamarine, this beautiful light blue stone has a calming effect on negative emotions, as it helps you to see them for what they really are. Once you realize where they originate and accept that they are an essential part of life and growth, you can begin to create positive and lasting change.

If you find yourself having a fatalistic view on life or if you want to let go of a victim mentality, carrying blue calcite can give you that gentle nudge you were waiting for. It teaches you that your life is your responsibility and that only you can break these old and harmful thinking patterns.

Blue calcite is the right stone if you want to change habits and mental paradigms, as its energy can assist in rewiring your brain. It does so by helping you let go of what no longer serves you and allowing you to tap into your creative power so you can feel inspired to think outside the box and define your life by your rules. 

Spiritual and Metaphysical Benefits

If you're a team leader or a public speaker, use blue calcite to give you more confidence and assist you in open and clear communication. Its healing energy encourages you to express your feelings and emotions with an open heart, filled with self-worth. 

Blue calcite is a good stone for those who struggle with writer's block, as it helps to calm minds overwhelmed by thoughts and emotions. Its energy sparks your creativity and removes any inspiration blockages. 

If you know someone who is going through a rough patch in their relationship — be that with a partner, friend, or family member — give them a piece of blue calcite as a present. This gesture will let them know you're thinking of them and may assist them in keeping a clear head and calm communication when tension and conflict arise. 

Use Calcite To Balance Your Energy

Calcite crystal

Calcite is a simple, yet surprising stone that even the most alternative lifestyle enthusiasts haven't heard of. If you're looking for a crystal with a gentle yet uplifting energy, then calcite may be the energetic tool you've been looking for.

Its high-vibration quality can soothe states of anxiety, stimulate your creative side, help you clear your mind, and boost your intuition. These properties make it a wonderful stone to connect with your real self so you can live a more authentic, vibrant, and happy life.

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