beryl meaning

A Guide to Beryl Meaning, Healing and Metaphysical Properties

The word of the day is “Beryl”. What is Beryl and how many types of Beryl gemstones are there?

We’ll talk about the Beryl meaning and properties. Then we’ll discuss how many colors of Beryl there are and which Beryl gemstones are the most popular.

In this guide, we’ll cover:


Beryl Properties

The name Beryl comes from the Latin bēryllus and the Greek bērullos. It was adopted in the Old French language. It has an adjective word origin since the word Beryl was used to describe traits like a sea blue-green color. Later on, it became the name of the mineral Beryllium.

Now the term refers to the mineral Beryl. It includes Beryllium Aluminium Silicate or Beryllium Aluminum Silicate and different impurities. Pure Beryl is colorless. Gemstone quality Beryl comes in transparent varieties as well as colored. The color is determined by the impurities it includes in its chemical formula along the element Beryllium.

In terms of crystal structure, Beryl forms hexagonal crystals that result in translucent prisms. That refers to the property of its refractive index, or the number that describes the light bending ability of that material. The hexagonal mineral Beryl has prismatic crystals, meaning it shows a uniform cross-section.

The mineral Beryl is often found in granitic pegmatites. The gem Beryl is usually found in igneous and metamorphic rocks, depending on its composition. Red Beryl, also known as Bixbite, occurs in metamorphic rocks, for instance. Other types occur in igneous rocks.

Beryl is a common mineral. It can be found all over the world. The main producers of Beryl stones are Russia, Brazil, and the USA (South Dakota, Utah, New Hampshire).


Beryl Meaning

beryl meaning

The Beryl meaning is that of connecting you to your inner self and your higher self.

Beryl crystals connect to high vibrations of your entire energetic system. It’s a symbol of spiritual growth and personal development.

Due to its variety of colors, it speaks about healing most of your chakras. That extends to the beryl meaning of optimal health and high vitality levels. As a result of the number of differently colored Beryl stones, it’s also a symbol of diversity.

In ancient times, it was believed that Beryl meaning could protect you from demons and evil spirits. That’s what makes Beryl a symbol of divine protection and guidance.

Considering the cost of some Beryl gemstones, it’s also become a sign of prosperity, wealth, and high status.


What Color Is Beryl?

Beryl color varies among the different Beryl gemstones. The different types of Beryl crystals cover a wide range of colors. There are Beryl gemstones that are blue, sea-water green-blue, yellow, yellow-green, pink, or intense colors like vivid green and vivid red.

Let’s take a look at the variety of Beryl gem colors:

  • Transparent: Transparent varieties of Beryl are called Goshenite. Even if they’re cut in a similar way to Diamonds, Goshenite Beryl gemstones don’t have the same glittering beauty. But due to the high Mohs hardness scale score of Beryl, they do make for good jewelry stones.
  • Green: You surely know the vivid green Beryl gems: Emerald. Light green Beryl is simply known as green Beryl.
  • Blue-Green: Blue-green Beryl is called Aquamarine.
  • Deep Blue: Deep blue Beryl is called Maxixe.
  • Pink: Pink Beryl is called Morganite. We’ve talked about Morganite in a previous crystal guide.
  • Red: Red Beryl is called Bixbite. It’s rarer than Diamonds.
  • Yellow: Yellow Beryl, also known as Golden Beryl, is called Heliodor.


    Beryl Metaphysical Properties

    Due to their colors, the Beryl precious stones connect to most of your chakras.

    Goshenite connects to your crown chakra. It encourages clarity of mind and improves your focus.

    Maxixe and Aquamarine connect to your third eye and throat chakra. With the help of Maxixe and Aquamarine, you can achieve success through networking. They help build and maintain exchanges of energy and information which ultimately end up in your favor.

    Morganite connects to your heart chakra. It’s a powerful emotional healer. It activates and upgrades your heart chakra. At the same time, Morganite brings in the energy of innocence and purity.

    Emerald brings in the nurturing and generous vibe of Mother Gaia. It supports your manifestation processes and brings you excellent luck and opportunities.

    Heliodor is naturally in tune with your solar plexus chakra. With the help of these precious stones, you’ll achieve a sense of personal power and strength.  It also supports manifestation processes.

    Bixbite is a powerful sacral and root chakra healer. It brings fiery passion and creativity into your life. Inspiration and zest for life are going to become your new normal with the help of these precious stones.


    Beryl Healing Properties

    Beryl crystal water was believed to cure eyesight issues and help overcome skin conditions.

    Beryl connects to your pituitary gland. It activates and balances your immune system.

    If you’re dealing with inflammation or water retention, Beryl can help you resolve these issues. It’s a great helper if you’re dealing with kidney stones. It makes passing them and healing from the experience a less painful process.

    The Emerald and Morganite variety of Beryl help you release unwanted emotional baggage. You’ll find it easier to move on with your life after traumatic events. You’ll overcome grief or loss. Morganite is an excellent gemstone when it comes to offering support so you overcome anxiety and emotional distress.


    Some Beryl gemstones might be tougher to find than others. Maybe you’d like to enjoy the benefits of Beryl with the help of some crystal alternatives. If that’s the case, we have a few suggestions for you.

    1. Emerald

    Emerald is the perfect stone for good luck and manifestation. Emeralds bring into your life the plentiful bounty of Mother Gaia.

    Other powerful options for you to consider are Malachite, Jade, and Green Aventurine. The Financial Success Anklet combines the power of Jade with Agate and Pearl in order to help you grow, manifest wealth, and feel protected at all times.

    2. Aquamarine


    Aquamarine is a powerful stone of balance and level-headedness.

    The Soothing Bracelet gives you the courage to be fully yourself. You’ll have inner peace as you look boldly towards the future.

    3. Morganite

    These pink gems connect to your emotional body. Morganite is an excellent stone for healing childhood trauma. This Beryl gemstone supports the therapeutic process and comforts you during the trying stages of your healing journey.

    You can use Rose Quartz or Pink Tourmaline as alternatives. The Anxiety-Free Bracelet Set is a great option. It brings you a worry-free state of mind so you can relax and heal faster and at a deeper level.

    4. Bixbite

    Due to its rarity and high price, the fiery red Bixbite might be tougher to procure. But some very powerful alternatives are Garnet and Red Jasper.

    Wear the Loving Energy Bracelet to light the fire of creativity and passion in your life. You’ll find the courage to be yourself and achieve true happiness in the process.

    5. Goshenite

    Goshenite has the power to clarify things and fuel your focus. But it’s not used for jewelry or home decor that often. Other powerful crystal options are Clear Quartz and Selenite.

    Use the Intention Stone to purify your energetic field and bring clarity to your intentions. It will boost your power to achieve your goals.  


    Get Your Beryl Gemstones Today!

    Add Beryl to your jewelry collection right now. Whichever type of Beryl you choose, it’s a great gemstone to work with.

    Embrace the transformative and uplifting power of Beryl crystals. They’ll help you connect with your higher self and make spiritual progress.

    When you’re feeling blue, Beryl will offer you guidance and support. It will uplift you and bring you emotional balance. Use it together with crystals for anxiety and stress relief.

    Are you hoping to enrich yourself not just spiritually but also in the material world? Then use Beryl to manifest the wealth and professional success of your dreams. Use Beryl together with crystals for success and manifestation.

    Connect with the power of Beryl. This mineral of many colors is going to bring abundance and happiness your way. All you have to do is open up to the power of Beryl. Welcome its many blessings into your life.

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