Sagittarius Birthstone: Your Top 8 Sagittarius Crystals

Sagittarius Birthstone: Your Top 8 Sagittarius Crystals

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Your zodiac sign is Sagittarius if you were born between November 23 and December 21. Sagittarius is a fire sign and its ruling planet is Jupiter, which is also known as the planet of expansion.

The fact that Sagittarius is a fire sign and its ruling planet is the planet of expansion might explain why Sagittarians often have a larger than life personality. A Sagittarius is often quite active and full of energy. They might be very talkative while at the same time being very guarded with their heart and avoiding meaningful communication with people who haven't been vetted as safe.

Because of its very active nature, Sagittarius resonates with healing crystals that encourage inner balance and balancing of their energy overall. Due to its ruling planet of Jupiter, Sagittarius also resonates with gemstones that have powerful manifestation properties.

What Is The Sagittarius Birthstone?

As a Sagittarius, your birthstone is Turquoise, Blue Topaz or both.

Turquoise, the November Sagittarius birthstone

As the November Sagittarius birthstone, Turquoise helps the deep thinking Sagittarius keep things more on the positive side.

Though Sagittarius is an active and optimistic sign by its nature, the expansion side of Jupiter doesn't only expand the good side of things, but also the negative one. That means that when Sagittarius is in a funk, that can grow to considerable proportions. Turquoise can come in at this point to keep the negative vibe at bay and promote positive high vibes instead.

The Turquoise Sagittarius birthstone is also a great helper when you're dealing with insomnia or some form of restlessness which prevents you from relaxing. The cooling effect on your fire energy can help you relax more, particularly when it comes to situations in which you have to communicate something or do any form of public speaking or public relations or interactions.

Blue Topaz, the December Sagittarius birthstone

Blue Topaz stone

For a December Sagittarius, the Blue Topaz birthstone comes in with the cooling and balancing effect of freshly laid snow.

Sagittarius has very active fire energy, which sometimes can become restless or even anxious. Blue Topaz has the power to balance emotional states and even mood swings. Its calming effect can improve mental and communication-related clarity and precision.

Blue Topaz has healing qualities when it comes to hormones and the chemical balance within the body, but it can also protect your energy field from waves of unwanted or negative energy coming from within or without.

This Sagittarius birthstone helps a lot with balancing your energy flow through your chakras as well, which is something that Sagittarius can have issues with because of this zodiac sign's energetically sensitive and intuitive nature. The Blue Topaz birthstone can come in to protect that sensitive side of Sagittarius and keep the Sagittarius safe from any negative spiritual interference.

What gemstone colors does Sagittarius resonate with?

gemstone colors

Because of the fiery and active energy of Sagittarius, this zodiac sign resonates very well with blue gemstones, like the Blue Topaz and the Turquoise which are Sagittarius birthstones. The cooling and calming effect of blue stones on the Sagittarian energy can help to bring balance and healing in situations which might otherwise become hectic or even painful.

Having clarity and gentleness when it comes to communication might also be a problem for the hot-tempered Sagittarian, so crystals that are see-through can also be a great option. If they're see-through and blue tinted, all the better!

Since Sagittarius is a very intuitive and psychic sign, purple stones are also a great option. These gemstones promote mental and intuitive clarity of perception and communication.

Adding in pink healing crystals can be of great help to Sagittarius that is also associated with Chiron, which astrology dubs "the wounded healer".

The Best 8 Sagittarius Crystals

  1. Beryl
    Beryl stone

    Most Beryl crystals are overshadowed by the popular varieties like Emerald and Aquamarine. Sagittarians resonate very well with Beryl, so you should consider adding these crystals to your Sagittarius birthstone set. There's a variety of them out there, and each one has its own special properties, of course.

    Emerald is a powerful love Beryl stone, promoting emotional balance in your heart chakra and helping a Sagittarian keep emotional connections well-balanced and harmonious. When adding the Emerald variety of Beryl to your Sagittarius birthstone set of gemstones, you're adding the vibe of empathy, unconditional love, and fair energy exchanges within love ties.

    Aquamarine is all about endless possibilities and purity, which makes Aquamarine bracelets a great addition to your Sagittarius jewelry set if you're looking to gain deep inner peace and tranquility.

  2. Lapis Lazuli
    Lapis Lazuli stone

    Another blue gemstone option for our fiery Sagittarian nature, Lapis Lazuli brings a lot of focusing power and determination to your Sagittarius birthstone collection.

    Lapis Lazuli brings a royal vibe to your collection, since it was often used to decorate Ancient Egyptian burial artifacts like King Tut's sarcophagus. It has a wonderful vibe of abundance and spiritual transformation, so adding Lapis Lazuli rings to your Sagittarius birthstone collection is going to bring in the vibe of achieving ambitious goals and manifesting abundance.

    Wearing Lapis Lazuli bracelets will make it easier for a Sagittarius to overcome issues with communication or blockages in a connection.

  3. Citrine
    Citrine stone

    Coupled with the Sagittarian's intense and active energy, Citrine favors manifesting abundance in all areas of your life, including wealth.

    Citrine is one of the best healing crystals for the solar plexus chakra, which is our main energetic source when it comes to manifesting anything. Adding this yellow crystal to your Sagittarius birthstones set is going to boost the effects of the rest of your gemstones.

    The Citrine's energy will also grant you emotional balance and support on your spiritual path. It balances your emotional and energetic body and grants you protection from overwhelming emotions.

  4. Zircon
    Zircon stone

    Due to its transparency, Zircon is a wonderful crystal addition to your Sagittarius birthstones collection. This gemstone encourages honesty, virtue, and your light self to come to the surface when you're wearing it.

    This precious crystal encourages truth and clear communication, as well as spiritual ascension. It can be a powerful ally for Sagittarius in times of confusion, either rational, emotional, or psychic in nature. Signs and meanings may become easier to interpret and understand once you add Zircon to your Sagittarius birthstone set.

    It can prove to be very helpful to a Sagittarius dealing with shadow work, and if regularly worn as jewelry, it grants the wearer an enhanced ability to understand the hidden meanings of everyday life events.

  5. Sodalite
    Sodalite stone

    Sodalite is a stone that looks similar to Lapis Lazuli. It's a beautiful blue gemstone which, if added to your Sagittarius birthstone set, will amplify the spiritual power of all the gemstones.

    Sodalite makes the connection between the physical and the spiritual, between the 3D and the divine. Due to its ability to emphasize spiritual truth and connect you with spirit, it's an excellent bridge between the everyday world and that of spirituality.

    Since Sagittarius is a very intuitive zodiac sign, Sodalite is a great gemstone to use when doing deep self-work and when seeking spiritual protection from lower vibe feelings, thoughts, or circumstances.

  6. Amethyst
    Amethyst stone

    As a Sagittarius, you might often find yourself in need of some emotional healing and you might use some help in gaining a sense of inner tranquility. Amethyst is the perfect crystal for emotional and psychic healing.

    Adding Amethyst to your Sagittarius birthstone set, you'll gain an even deeper understanding of the signs and meanings of everything going on around you and inside your own heart and mind.

    Amethyst jewelry helps Sagittarius work on staying focused when manifesting. This beautiful purple crystal grants its wearer the power to operate at as close as possible to an optimal level when it comes to their chakras.

  7. Ruby
    Ruby stone

    If at any point Sagittarius goes through a term of feeling low levels of energy, a lack for zest of life or a general disconnection from self, Ruby can be a great help.

    When adding Ruby to your Sagittarius birthstone collection, you energize the rest of the gemstones particularly because of your fire element traits. Ruby spurs on passion, vitality, and motivation.

    Be careful when adding it to your collections of precious gems though. Make sure that you have at least an equal number of calming and balancing gemstones like Sodalite and Citrine, and your Blue Topaz and Turquoise birthstones. Otherwise, it might induce in you a sense of restlessness and even agitation.

  8. Pink Quartz
    Pink Quartz stone

    As you look to complete your set of Sagittarius birthstones, consider adding Pink Quartz into the mix. This beautiful crystal has wonderful emotional healing properties and does wonders for your heart chakra and overall energetic balance.

    Pink Quartz is also a great balancing gemstone to add to your crystals collection, like Sodalite and Citrine.

    Adding Pink Quartz to your Sagittarius birthstone collection is going to help you manifest soul connections faster (like soulmates and twin flames) and will encourage unconditional love in all connections in your life.

How Do You Harmonize With Sagittarius Birthstones?

When you start working with Sagittarius crystals, you should first cleanse them and also cleanse your own energy. When it comes to your crystals, using a cleansing lamp, sage or incense is going to work for most of the gemstones you might have in your collection.

Cleansing your own energy can be done though using the same means. What you can add for yourself is taking a salt bath, meaning you put Epsom salt in your bathtub half-filled with water, give that water a good stir so the salt dissolves, and soak in it for a bit. It's one of the most powerful forms of energy cleansing you can use for yourself. Don't do the same for your crystals, though! Salt can seriously affect their physical integrity.

Once you've cleansed your crystals and yourself, you can decide on how you want to use them. As you start to actually use then, since they are cleansed and so are you, your energies will harmonize naturally. Your Sagittarius birthstones will harmonize with you and you with them quickly since you are such a natural fit.

It might take a bit more time to harmonize with any other gems you've included because of a difference in vibes. Don't worry about that though. As long as you've chosen your gems by following your intuition, you'll soon find your way towards working with your gem and vice versa. It's an accommodation process and it's only natural for it to take a bit more time in these cases.

Having your birthstone close by will help you harmonize with the rest of your crystal collection even faster because they'll act as energetic messengers that will ease the differences in vibration.

How Should You Use Sagittarius Crystals?

How Should You Use Sagittarius Crystals

Are you into meditation? If you are, meditation is a wonderful way to work with your crystal collection. Use the stones that call to you the most and meditate on their meaning or on them helping you resolve whatever issue you might be dealing with at this time. Depending on which Sagittarius birthstone you choose to work with, it won't take long to feel the effects.

Another powerful way to work with your Sagittarius birthstone collection is to use the Law of Attraction and focus on manifesting your dreams and desires. In this regard, you have some extra luck from birth. As a Sagittarius under the influence of Jupiter, you have considerable manifesting power.

You can also arrange your gems into a crystal grid, based on what you want to achieve with their help. Though it may sound like a very complicated thing, a crystal grid is essentially a collection of gems you arrange in a specially designed way to achieve your purpose. You can follow your intuition and place your gemstones where you feel called to within your grid space.

Place a cleansing lamp close to your grid or set the base of your grid somewhere where it can get sunlight or moonlight and just let the crystals do their work. Set your intention for your grid and then simply enjoy the results as they start to come in.

Now that you know more about the Sagittarius birthstone and what are the best Sagittarius crystals, start your collection of conscious items for Sagittarius and enjoy the blessings and healing that these beautiful gemstones can bring into your life.

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