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I Love My Cat - Matching Collar & Bracelet Set (3 Pcs)
Soul Bonding • Anti-Anxiety • Friendship
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
3 Reviews

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Lavender Blush Moon Gray
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Cute cats deserve crystal collars! Spoil your sweetie and solidify your sacred bond with a precious crystal accessory and friendship bracelets to match. Keep your kitten close in heart and mind with crystal energy bonds that link you to them. Amethyst and Selenite extend protective intentions to your pet from any distance. Choose from the Moon Gray or Lavender Blush collar for added aesthetic and personality. Amethyst releases energy and soothes your spirit alongside your bestie’s. It also possesses psychic energy that strengthens communication and understanding between you and your cat. Amethyst's added patience and tenderness help make you the pet parent of the century.The love doesn’t end there, Selenite offers additional calming properties that evoke clarity, strengthen intuition, and improve your ability to connect to the world around you.The matching Hand of Hamsa tag and bracelet charm is an ancient protection source suitable for silencing modern life's worries and stresses. Keeping you both safe is the affirmation carved into the charm 'I Am Protected' – the sacred promise of this matching set.Affirmation: "May I have the deepest understanding of what my pet needs to feel safe and loved."How to wear:The adjustable collar has five built-in sizes suitable for most cats. Fit accordingly and layer with Hand of Hamsa and other important pet tags. Wear the matching bracelet set on the left hand to strengthen the bond with your pet or on the right hand to ward off negativity, stress, and danger.Pairs Well With:Soothe My Mind: Anti-Anxiety Bracelet Pack of 4I Am Divinely Guided: 111 Angel Number Silver Lotus RingIn differences lies beauty. Every stone is natural and hand-selected, making each item unique.
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I Love My Dog - Soulmate Matching Protection Set (3 Pcs)
Protection • Pet-Parent Connection • Friendship
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
2 Reviews

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Blush Pink Mocha Brown

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All soulmates need a shared crystal set. Discover these unique crystal collars offering a touch of glam for your outdoor pooch with added spiritual radiance for your favorite snuggle buddy. This dazzling drip isn’t just for your bestie. Complement their glam with a matching bracelet!These synchronized accessories invite you and your pet to experience the power of an undying bond and to keep each other safe, together or apart. For a masculine unisex look, there is the Mocha Brown collar. For a softer feminine look, there is the Blush Pink collar. Curated with lifetime craftsmanship, this four-season cruelty-free faux leather collar keeps up with your pup through all its adventures.Tiger’s Eye shields your dog from distraction and discouragement. Strengthening their discipline, obedience, and patience, this gem eliminates stress and fear in pets while on walks and mingling with other fur friends. Tethering your energy to theirs is the matching bracelet set featuring Tiger’s Eye and Selenite. Communicate the unspoken words and ensure they feel your love and guidance wherever you are. And you’ll feel theirs.Keeping you both safe and anxiety-free is a matching Hand of Hamsa with the powerful affirmation 'I Am Protected' engraved on the back. This matching tag and charm keep negativity and danger at bay while offering only the comfort a pet and parent provide each other.Affirmation: "May my pet feel my love and guidance, whether we’re together or apart."How to wear:Select the appropriate collar size and color for your little angel. Choose from S, M, L.  Based on neck circumference, Small is 7.8" - 10.2". Medium is 11.4" - 14.3". And Large is 14.5" - 18.5".Wear the matching bracelet set on the left hand to strengthen the bond with your pet or on the right hand to ward off negativity, stress, and danger.Pairs Well With:I Am Resilient: 333 Angel Number Silver Ring of Celestial SupportI Am Love - 333 Pink Opal Silver Necklace of True LoveIn differences lies beauty. Every stone is natural and hand-selected, making each item unique.
Protect My Pet: Healing Crystal Collars
Connection • Love • Support
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
6 Reviews

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Black Pink
Who says crystal healing is just for humans!? All spirits need special protection, especially the little ones we love so much. Bejewel your fur baby with crystal energy to shield them with the same unconditional love they pour onto you. Choose from two collars or collect both for the ultimate pet crystal collar collection.Depending on the size, the collar contains 5-9 crystals, with the largest stone in the center featuring a gold-plated frame with a crescent moon on each side. This celestial symbol indicates around-the-clock protection for your faithful furry friend.Doll your little diva up in the Rose Quartz collar for a precious,  pretty-in-pink moment. The stone of unconditional and universal love calls angels to be by your bestie’s side at all times. Shielding them from negative encounters, dangerous interactions, or unfriendly strangers, Rose Quartz ensures your sweety's interactions with the outside world are safe and sound.Got a little dude with an attitude? Dress your feisty friend in the Tiger’s Eye collar to cool their heels and relax their minds. Tiger’s Eye balances your buddy’s mood, alleviates anxiety, and restores their confidence so they can strut anywhere feeling and looking their best.Crystal collars are ideal for setting intentions for your pet. Have them worn when exploring new areas to rid your little friends of travel anxiety and comfort them when you’re away. They’re also lightweight and layer friendly if you’d like to pair them with other collars and sturdy enough to carry pet tags comfortably.Affirmation: "Keep my precious pal safe and happy wherever they may roam."How to wear:Select the appropriate collar size for your little angel. Choose from XS, S, M.  Based on neck circumference, Extra Small is 9”-11”. Small is 11”-15”. And Medium is 15” to 19”.Pairs well with:Match your pet!The Quintessential Divine Truth Bracelet SetThe Triple Protection BraceletIn differences lies beauty. Every stone is natural and hand-selected, making each item unique.
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