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Crystal Rituals: The Ultimate Guide

Rituals are a deeply personal practice, a way to connect with your intentions and the Earth’s healing energy using the power of crystals and your intuition as your guide. Different types of crystals carry unique energy and healing properties, and learning to work with that energy and finding what is calling to you can take your intention setting practice to the next level. 

If you’re new to working with healing tools such as crystals, the idea of a “ritual” can seem intimidating, but the truth using ritual stones is simply a way for you to tune in to your own spirituality and mysticism. Rituals are a deeply personal practice, a way to connect with your intentions and the Earth’s healing energy using the power of crystals and your intuition as your guide. Different types of crystals carry unique energy and healing properties, and learning to work with that energy and finding what is calling you can take your intention setting practice to the next level. 

Creating rituals around crystal work can increase healing benefits and promote a greater sense of mindfulness in your practice. Ritualizing allows you to focus on your goals, recalibrate when your energy centers are feeling blocked, and release negative energy and stress. Essentially, crystal rituals are the self-care tool you never knew you needed. Here is a list of rituals to put into your practice and suggestions on how to create crystal rituals.




The practice of meditationfocusing on one’s breath to quiet the mindcan be greatly enhanced through the use of crystals to expand consciousness and connection to the earth. You can place your crystals nearby or hold them while meditating, focusing on your intention and breathing into the energy they emit. 


amethyst crystal

Ritual: To meditate with candles and crystals, first choose the stone you want to work with that is aligned with your intention ( Amethyst, Fluorite, and Celestite are some good options for beginners). Find a quiet place to sit and begin by taking a few deep, cleansing breaths. Close your eyes and bring your focus to your breath. Placing the stone nearby or holding the stone in your hand, set your intention, and imagine the energy from the crystal permeating your body. Continue to breathe into this space.  


Creating a crystal grid is a meditative practice that can greatly enhance your intentions, clear your chakras, and charge your ritual stones. A crystal grid uses sacred geometry to harness the energy of the stones by creating a channel for their energies to connect with your intention. There is no wrong way to arrange your crystals, the very act of arranging crystals creates a bond between your intentions and their vibrations. Your grid can be as simple or as complex as you’d like, use your intuition to guide you!



rose quartz set crystal ritual

Ritual: First prepare your space by smudging with sage or Palo Santo to cleanse the energy. Set your intentionwhether that’s to attract love, manifest your dreams, release negative energy, or whatever else is calling to you— and select stones with corresponding energies. Decide which sacred geometry shape inspires you and begin by placing your crystals in the pattern, starting from the outside and working your way inward. Place your crystals alongside enhancing stones like quartz or selenite to strengthen the energy of the crystals that contain your intention. Or consider a love ritual with Rose Quartz crystals filling the grid.



Ritual baths are a perfect way to relax after a long day and bathing with crystals is the ultimate relaxation. Infusing your bath with water safe crystals allows you to recenter and wash away any negative energy in its soothing waters. 

Ritual: Prepare the space by dimming the lights, lighting some candles, or grabbing your favorite essential oil for a luxurious calm. Draw the water and place your crystals around the edges of your bathtub. You can place your crystals beside your head to stimulate the Crown, stomach for the Solar Plexus, and hips to heal Root chakras. You can place water-safe crystals in the bath with you to infuse the water, just make sure they are safe to be submerged in water. As you lay in the bath, focus on your breath, breathing in new energy, and exhaling old stagnant energy.



Creating an altar is the physical embodiment of your devotion to your intentions and practice. It is a sacred place to keep your crystals and meaningful items that reinforce your intention and invite spiritual energies into your space. 


crystal ritual smudging

Ritual: Begin by clearing a space in your home and smudge the area. Set your intention and arrange your crystals and other sacred items intuitively around the altar. Your intention can be aligned with your purpose in the present moment or can be centered around your goals, your meditation practice, or even the current season. 


Full Moon

The brightest light of the full moon is a great time to check in with your intentions and shine a light on what could use some work. It’s the best time of the lunar cycle to release what no longer serves you and absorb healing, positive energy. The best crystals to work with during the full moon are ones that capture the moon’s high vibrational energy like Clear Quartz, Selenite, and the aptly named Moonstone known for its connection to the moon’s guidance!

Ritual: The full moon is the best time to purify the vibrations of your crystals so they are the most effective. Gently cleanse your crystals underwater the day before the full moon, (just beware of crystals that are not water safe like Labradorite!) Once dried, place your crystals outside to recharge in the light of the full moon. Gather your crystals the next morning and charge them with new intentions by meditating on your goals without any negative energy blocking your path. 


New Moon

The new moon represents new beginnings and a new moon ritual is a perfect time to plant new seeds and set new intentions for the upcoming month. The best crystals to work with on the new moon are ones that embody the energy of darkness as well as the energy of possibility like Black Obsidian, Black Kyanite, Labradorite, and of course, Moonstone. 

Ritual: Cleanse your space by smudging sage or palo santo to get rid of any old stagnant energy and free up your space to invite in a fresh start under the new moon. Write down your intentions for the new moon and create an altar in your home using any crystals and other items that call to you. Place your written intentions under your crystals to amplify the power of your intention and take a few deep, centering breaths to seal your intention. 


Chakra Cleanse

Chakra cleansing meditation is used to restore energetic balance through the body’s energy centers. A crystal chakra healing ritual uses crystals to treat more significant blockages and unaligned chakras.  


chakra cleansing ritual

Ritual: Decide with chakra you want to work with and pick a crystal that aligns with it. Lie down and place the crystal near or on the chakra, taking a few deep, cleansing breaths. Visualize its energy radiating into your body and let the vibrations clear and unblock any stagnant energy or emotions that no longer serve you. Continue for several minutes until you feel ready to move on to the next chakra. Finish with a deep breath in an expression of gratitude for the work you’ve done. 


Crystals Rituals is Self-Care in a Busy World

The power of healing crystals is amplified through ritual and meditation, these tools are always available whenever you need a reset or energy cleanse. Remember that while crystal rituals can take many forms, this is a personal practice and ultimately you decide how to work with your crystals. You may find that you prefer creating an altar with a particular type of crystal one day, and then decide to carry it in your pocket the next. As with most elements of crystal work, let your intuition guide your intention. 

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