How to use crystals for your new moon rituals

How to use crystals for your new moon rituals

Rebirth, renewal, new beginnings—the New Moon evokes an “out with the old, in with the new” energy worthy of its own crystal ritual. Physically, it’s the moment the moon becomes dark to the visible eye here on earth. Energetically, it’s when the sun and the moon align—allowing the yang essence of the sun to mesh with the yin energy of the moon. Now’s your time to uncork any stagnant energy and breathe balance back into your intentions.

The New Moon’s Transformational Energy

Month to month, the moon moves through various phases. It waxes (grows bigger in appearance) to a full moon and then wanes (gets smaller in appearance) to a new moon. The new moon arrives just once a month, or on about a 29.5-day cycle to be more exact, and represents the beginning of that lunar cycle. 

In farming traditions, the new moon is key for understanding when the soil is most fertile. Many farmers plant seeds at this time as water in the ground is pulled up by the lunar gravity, helping nourish the new life. To us, the new moon presents an abundant opportunity to relish in new beginnings.

Whether you realized it or not, you may have already gravitated toward creating new habits or regimens, starting new projects, or embracing life changes around the same time as the new moon. Many people subconsciously align with this transformational energy naturally. With the power of your crystals beside you, you can propel these transformations even further during your new moon ritual. 


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Here’s how to harvest the spiritual energy of the new moon and plant the seeds to grow your greatest, most urgent desires.

Set Your Intentions 

It’s time to take back control of the energy that has been blocked last month. While you may typically have a mantra to lift your spirits every day or meditation sessions on an ad-hoc basis, the new moon is your time to dream big. No intention is too grandiose for the new moon’s vitality. Take this time to focus on the big picture dream and set up complementary intentions to help achieve your larger goal. Manifesting these smaller items on your list creates a steady flow of chi throughout the month.

Create a Crystal Grid or Moon Altar

Any safe space to meditate and journal in front of during the ceremony will do. It’s okay if you only have a single crystal to assist you in this ritual, following these guidelines to invoke your intentions into your favorite healing tool is still easily achievable. 

There are a variety of ritualizing methods to enhance the power of your crystals; however, the most common methods for a new moon include a crystal grid or a moon altar. 

Choose a crystal grid to match your intention: spiritual growth, new love, business, whatever fresh energy you want to attract. You can also opt for a universal crystal grid to harness the harmony of the moon with your intentions. A universal grid will act as a gateway to new beginnings, helping you plant those seeds of life. 

A moon altar, however, can send the frequency of intentions skyrocketing. It’s the perfect place to house your sacred objects – photos, mala beads, candles, and of course, crystals. 

If possible, leave the crystals out in the moonlight for three days prior to the new moon, or for at least 24 hours. If you only have time to set up during the new moon and then leave them out afterward, do so. Whatever time and space you have are suitable and sustainable – everyone will have their own approach.

Choose Your Crystals

As mentioned above, you’re free to select the crystals most precious to you and likely to invoke the energy to match your new moon vision. However, there are some tried and true crystals meant for energy cleansing, new opportunities, and fresh takes on life. 

Clear quartz: This dazzlingly pure crystal has a supreme ability to hold onto the thoughts you send into it; the ideal tool for manifesting big objectives with the new moon. It’s also the stone-talisman of the 1st day of the lunar cycle, that is, the new moon.

Labradorite: A transformation stone, this gem is the ideal addition for resolutions and tapping into the magic of the new moon. Bask in its unique beauty and let it be a reminder of protection, tension-release, and your ability to reinvent yourself.

Moonstone: A great addition to both a new moon or full moon ritual, it’ll help you connect to the lunar and feminine energies. A shimmering splendor to behold, it has been known to enhance intuition, stabilize mood, and attract good fortune.

Black obsidian: Created when molten rock from a volcanic eruption cools, this gemstone stands amongst the most powerful chakra healers and protective stones. Use it to ground yourself, cultivate a strong sense of self and inner resilience, and deflect negative energy.

Selenite: Stone of the moon goddess, selenite gemstones help you wash away any stagnant or negative energies that may have built up since your last month’s ceremony. This transparent crystal supports your energetic field and lets you connect at a higher frequency with your spirits. 

To mimic the balanced yin and yang energy provided by the moon aligned with the sun in the sky, try to pick crystals with both transparent and opaque hues. Transparent stones provide the masculine yang energy and opaque crystals supply the feminine yin energy. The harmonious energy will add a divine balance to your ritual.

Cleanse the Energy

Whether you’re indoors at your favorite sacred space or outdoors with the fading sliver of light upon you, cleanse your environment using a sage smudge stick or Palo Santo. It’s important to cleanse away any energy you don’t need so you have every chance at a fresh start when the new moon falls. This is also a wonderful time to do a chakra healing to cleanse and balance your physical body’s energy, too.

If you're using stones during your new moon rituals, make sure to cleanse your crystals with Selenite to have pure energy around you.

Write Down or Say Your Intentions Aloud

The first step in your new moon momentum is to declare your intentions. Whether you’ve chosen a grid, an altar or you’re holding your favorite crystal in your hand, you can begin by taking a few centering breaths. Diffuse your favorite essential oils or light a candle, too.

new moon journaling

Once centered, open your journal and write down your goals. What do you want the new lunar cycle to bring you? How does her feminine energy inspire and how does the dark side of the moon mystify you? How do you want to renew yourself and revitalize past intentions? Your list can be as long or as short as feels right.

Some people choose to send their desires off into the world by tying the list to a balloon and releasing it. Some choose to burn the list. Others choose to revisit it throughout the month whenever an intention has been achieved—a chance to show gratitude and rededicate your intentions to your crystals. Whatever you do with the written list is up to you.  And remember, if you chose a candle, let it burn completely to solidify your intentions. 

Your crystals are now charged with those transformational intentions, breathing in new life and vigor for the lunar cycle to come.

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