How to Meditate with Chakra Stones

How to Meditate with Chakra Stones

Meditation is a great way to improve mental, physical, and emotional strength. It’s known to ease stress and increase clarity by creating a quiet, peaceful, and calmer mental state. Meditating with chakra-healing crystals adds another dimension to this. It brings your energy centers into complete and utter harmony.


What are the chakras?

Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel. Picture a swirling vortex of energy where consciousness and matter meet within the body. This is a chakra. 

We have seven main chakras and the energy that resides in these centers is vital to your life force. It forms a path from the base of the spine all the way up through the neck to the crown of the head. It’s the natural route that your energy takes through the body. Chakra-healing crystals are the most suited for breathing life into these energy hubs.

Chakra-healing crystals

You can immediately tell which chakra a crystal will stimulate based on the crystal’s color. Each chakra is a different color and its corresponding healing crystal will resonate with that. So if you want to unblock one of your chakras, this is an easy-to-remember tip for future reference. There are a few minor exceptions to the rule but we’ll get to them below.

Here are each of the seven chakras, their colors, and a few examples of stones that could work for each one:

  1. Base Chakra - Red
    Crystal Color: red or black
    Recommended Crystals: Red Jasper, Black Obsidian, Garnet
  2. Sacral Chakra - Orange
    Crystal Color: orange
    Recommended Crystals: Carnelian, Sunstone, Orange Calcite
  3. Solar Plexus Chakra - Yellow
    Crystal Color: yellow
    Recommended Crystals: Citrine, Tiger’s Eye, Amber
  4. Heart Chakra - Green
    Crystal Color: green or pink
    Recommended Crystals: Aventurine, Malachite, Rose Quartz
  5. Throat Chakra - Blue
    Crystal Color: blue
    Recommended Crystals: Turquoise, Blue Lace Agate, Aquamarine
  6. Third Eye Chakra - Indigo
    Crystal Color: indigo
    Recommended Crystals: Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Celestite
  7. Crown Chakra - Violet
    Crystal Color: violet or white or clear
    Recommended Crystals: Amethyst, Labradorite, Selenite

There are a few different ways you can select the right crystal for you. You can read books and blogs (like you’re doing right now!), you can go to a crystal shop and feel them intuitively to see which one calls out to you, or you can use a dowsing pendulum. 

It’s important to remember that crystals you have an immediate negative feeling towards could be the best ones for you. Philip Permutt, the author of Crystal Chakra Healing, notes that everyone has emotions they’ve suppressed subconsciously. He goes on to say that “you’ve avoided awaking this repressed emotion for so long that you probably don’t even know you’re doing it or what the issue was in the first place. Now it’s buried deep in your subconscious—and the crystals that you don’t like are going to bring it to the surface.”


chakra stones for meditation

If the chakra-healing crystal is doing its job, it will begin to stir things inside you that may feel uncomfortable. This feeling of discomfort is how you know the crystal’s power is working. Don’t immediately dismiss it in favor of a prettier stone, and don’t try to suppress the discomfort either. Meditate into it.

The process of chakra healing can often be a bit rough—you may even be brought to tears—but rest assured that these sensations are temporary and completely natural in order to heal. Just as physiotherapy after a torn muscle can be uncomfortable since it’s a necessary process to strengthen the muscle and regain elasticity. 

Never forget to cleanse your crystals regularly. This applies even more so for meditation stones because they absorb your energy while you meditate. You can use running water, moonlight, sunlight, sound, incense, breath, light, reiki, or even other crystals to purify your chakra-healing stones. Try to do it at least once per month so they keep their sparkle and their energy remains fresh.

How to meditate with chakra stones

The easiest way to use chakra-healing crystals for meditation is to simply be mindful around them. You could do any of the following to activate their chakra-healing benefits:

  • Wear them in jewelry - Crystal jewelry is fairly commonplace. Even in antiquity, people harnessed the benefits of crystals by wearing them in necklaces or rings. Remember, crystals don’t rest. They work 24/7. Choose your favorite meditation stones to wear and stay mindful. Regularly bring your attention to the stone throughout the day to get the maximum benefit.

  • Place them on your desk - This works great for in-home offices or at work. Some great crystals help to unblock the higher chakras and they can give you immense mental clarity or a much-needed creativity boost.

  • Hold Them - Even simpler, just keep them in your pocket. You can pull them out and hold them from time to time, feeling for their energy and being present with the stone.

chakra stones meditation

The most important thing to remember if you follow one of these tactics is to be mindful. They only work as a meditation stone—that is, to cool you down and clear your mind—if you remain present and aware of their energy. 

Chakra Stone Body Placement Technique

If you want to learn more about how to meditate with chakra stones in a specific practice, then there is a method relating to chakra stone body placement that could work wonders for you. All you need is a chakra stone for each chakra that you want to work on. Whether you focus on one or all seven, it makes no difference.

Lie down on your back and get comfortable. The first step of chakra stone body placement is to assign each crystal to its corresponding chakra. Once each stone is in place, simply relax into your position. 


meditation with chakra stones

Focus on the base chakra and visualize its red light. Spend time experiencing the sensations of each chakra before moving up to the one above it. See if you can feel where the crystal’s energy melts into your own. Watch the colors change as you get higher and higher and feel energetically lighter and lighter. If you’re only focusing on one chakra, then there’s less of a need to move up, but it’s still advised so that your energy has free passage throughout the body. Once you reach the crown, thank your crystals before changing positions. 

Doing this practice regularly can help you master your inner energies. This is not a one-time meditation method. Add it to your routine if you want to see long term effects. And don’t forget to cleanse your crystals after each use!

Chakra-Healing Specific Symptoms

Alternatively, you can use chakra-healing crystals in meditation to soothe specific symptoms of blocked chakras. For example, if you suffer from headaches, then take a stone like amethyst and place it on the area of discomfort. Hold it against the skin or hair if necessary. This works all over the body and can be used with a wide range of ailments from sore throats to digestive problems. Just select the corresponding crystal to the afflicted chakra and hold it to the sore area. Be mindful and meditate into the pain.

Crystal Elixir Meditations

You can also implement chakra-healing crystals into your usual meditation practice. Do whatever you would ordinarily do, however, before you start, make and drink a crystal elixir. This allows the crystal’s energy to work from inside your body. You could also use a crystal water bottle if you don’t want to make one from scratch.

If you do choose to make one, always remember to cleanse your crystal before you start. You don’t want to ingest negative energy from your stone. Also, ensure that your chosen crystal is compatible with water and is safe to drink. Some crystals are toxic and others can degrade in water. Research your crystals beforehand!

When it comes to meditation, there are a lot of different ways to achieve the calmness of your mind and overall chakra balance. You can always turn to different chakra sets, and find the one that best works for you. With practice, you can open your chakras and reach the next stage of self-mastery.

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