Meditation & Crystals: The Ultimate Guide

Meditation & Crystals: The Ultimate Guide

The mind plays a critical role in not just your well-being and emotional state but also the health of your entire body. We know meditation has been adored as a de-stress and focus tool for centuries (earliest known records of meditation date back to around 1500 years BCE), but a recent study by Harvard scientists actually found that simply clearing your mind for 15 minutes each day alters the genes that regulate inflammation, circadian rhythms and glucose metabolism (blood pressure). 

And while you can clear your mind using a variety of methods such as mindful eating, exercise, yoga, and more, meditation remains a forever favorite. Some, in fact, like inviting crystals to that special mindfulness time. That’s because crystals can elevate your intuition, connect you on your spiritual path, and deepen your meditative state.

Meditating with Crystals: A Note

Learning how to meditate with crystals is one of the simplest and most effective ways to really build an intuitive relationship with them. Having said that, it’s important to remember that opening yourself to the frequency of a crystal during meditation is a fantastic tool; however, it is just that—a tool. 

"The crystals are all trying to get us to listen better to ourselves," astrologer Nura Rachelle of metaphysical crystal shop Thee Ancients told Bustle. "We so often think that it is the crystals themselves that are imparting a type of wisdom, insight, or answer. But instead, the crystals are giving us permission to access our own akashic records, to access our own higher self-information."

Crystals are the tool to open your mind and heart to the inner soul and innate awareness of self that is often hard to reach in a chaotic, noisy environment. That being said, there is no wrong or right way to meditate with crystals. As long as you are connecting with yourself in a moment of quiet, training your awareness, attention, and compassion, you are growing your higher spirit. 


How to Meditate with Crystals

No matter which style of meditation or crystal you choose (recommendations to follow), the first thing you will want to do is cleanse your crystals. Any time you add new crystals to your collection, cleansing is the first step. Even if you have had them for some time, cleansing from time to time, before meditation can ensure you carry the right energy into your practice. Here are a few ways to cleanse the crystals. 

With salt: A beginner-friendly option, cleansing with salt is a magical tincture. Fill a shallow bowl with sea salt and place the crystal inside, partially burying it in the salt. Leave it overnight or a few hours at least. 

With the moonlight: Quick and cost-free, cleansing with moonlight is a serene solution. As the moon rises, place your crystals outdoors and let them bathe in the moon’s rays all night (or at least a few hours). 

smudging crystals

With a smudging tool: A must-have for any witchy toolbox, smudging tools are perfect for clearing bad energy around. Light fire to a Palo santo or sage stick and allow the smoke to circle around each crystal and à voila!


Best Crystals for Meditation

Whether you are new to the crystal game or you’re an admirer who’s now ready to elevate your connection with the dazzling beauties, you know that different crystals possess different energies. While a few stones are one-size-fits-all, such as clear quartz, other stones are better suited to intentions ignited by meditation.

If you’re a beginner, feel free to begin with clear quartz. This versatile master-healer resonates with all the chakras in the body and can bring focus and serene peace to your meditation session. It also amplifies the energy of the crystals around, so you can continue to include it when you’re ready to add more crystals to the party.

Other beginner-friendly crystals for meditation and beloved classics include amethyst, known as nature’s tranquilizer, and aquamarine with its pure and cleansing properties. You may also want to pick up selenite which is a must-have to any crystal collection as it naturally cleanses any energy field as well as other crystals. 

amethyst meditation crystal

Alternatively, you can choose your crystals intuitively. If you’re not used to listening to your intuition (something meditation can help fix!), then this practice may be a bit difficult at first but it can be done. Skip the research and set your intention with yourself. Then head to a crystal shop (or browse online if you can’t enter a physical store). Pay attention to any crystal that catches your eye, sparks a sensation when you hold it in your hand, or is reminiscent of a certain memory. Let the gems guide you. 

 A Crystal Meditation Technique

There are a few ways to connect with the energy of the crystals while you meditate. 

Step 1: For beginners (and experts alike!), simply hold them in your hands. Holding them allows you to develop a tangible connection with them. Many people prefer small tumbled stones, also called palm stones, as they are smooth and comfortable in the hands. You may feel a tingling sensation or warm energy beginning in your palm. For this method, you’ll want to start with your receptive hand or non-dominant hand. Feel free to swap hands and move the stone about until you find what feels right.

meditation crystals use

Step 2: Once you’ve begun connecting with certain stones and feeling their vibrations, you can try placing the crystals on your chakras. Chakras are energy centers of the body, represented by a symbol, color, and energy system (you can read about the seven chakras here). You can align your intention with a chakra related to what, or where, you wish to heal. For example, if you want to heal or open your heart to receive love, you’d want to work with your heart chakra (center of your chest) during meditation. You may choose rose quartz, a soft healing and nurturing stone, to amplify this intention. For full chakra alignment and body healing, you can place a stone on each chakra while lying down.

Step 3: If lying down or the crystals touching your body disrupts your meditation, try a crystal grid that matches your intention. Whether you’re ready to attract new love, new business, or heavenly harmony, a crystal grid will surround you with bright energy to help plant those seeds.

A Brief Guided Crystal Meditation

Once you’ve set up your crystals in a quiet, safe space, you can begin your guided crystal meditation. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing, letting your body roll into relaxation from head to toe. Once your body has melted into that euphoric state, begin visualizing the energy of the crystals turning into a bright orb and begin connecting with it—breathing in the light and allowing the beloved energy to flow through your body. 

Then visualize your intentions—your stones are listening. If you like to repeat a mantra or affirmation during meditation, now’s the time to incorporate it. Try to sit with your crystals for at least 10 minutes (without setting an alarm, listen to your body instead). When finished, allow yourself a few deep breaths to bask in the moment. Complete the grounding process by slowly awakening your senses, moving your head, fingers, and toes, wiggling back into a state of awareness. Let that ray of positivity follow you until your next opportunity!

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