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Physical and Mental Effects the New Moon Has on You

While we may understand how to connect with the moon for new moon rituals, creating moon water, or with your favorite crystals, there is so much more to understand. Such as, what happens to your body and psyche on a new moon?

From moon rituals to moon phases to moonlight, this feminine planet is always a hot topic. It’s mysterious and romantic yet powerful and all-knowing. The moon has always been associated with intuition, feminine energy, inner psyche, patience, and wisdom. So while we may understand how to connect with the moon for new moon rituals, creating moon water, or with your favorite crystals, there is so much more to understand. Such as, what happens to your body and psyche on a new moon?

After all, we know the moon controls the tides of the ocean. The full moon has long been believed to have a significant response on mental health, with some studies even linking the full moon energy to psychiatric emergencies. In fact, the term “lunacy” dates all the way back to the 16th century and refers to intermittent madness relating to the phases of the moon!

New Moon Effects on Your Mood

Because we, as humans, are made up of around 60% water, it’s not so far-fetched to imagine the moon having some control over our bodies and mood. When the water element within us rises and ebbs, so, too, do our emotions. With heightened water elements during a full moon, we can begin to experience heavily flowing thoughts and thus, more worry and fear. A full moon can bring everything to the surface. On the other hand, a new moon causes us to be more reflective and calm.

new moon crystals

Your mood during the lunar phase is also very much connected to the amount of light in the night sky. Historically, a full moon was an opportunity to participate in outdoor activities after nightfall as the large moon provided tons of light. The moonlight, even to this day, stimulates us to go outside and be active! The new moon, however, is when the moon is not visible in the night sky. This means, historically, it was a time to stay indoors. To this day, it evokes a reflective feeling; a time to retreat to our homes for a relaxing evening of meditation and broadening our intuition. 

What this means for sensitive empaths:

While most may gravitate toward cozying up indoors during a full moon and journaling our thoughts, others may have a hard time managing their mood. The new moon energy has a way of making us quite sensitive. During this time, you may find yourself more short-fused than normal, or easier to upset. You may feel unsettled, rattled, or bothered at the smallest things. The mischievous moon is heightening your already high levels of awareness. 

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New Moon Effects on Restlessness

In addition to a restless mind, it can also affect your sleep. In the journal Current Biology, they found that sleep can be affected by phases of the moon. Their study showed that participants had disrupted sleep and didn’t reach as deep of sleep during a full moon phase. While they didn’t conclude as to why that is, the deduction is that our biological rhythms are linked to the lunar phases. So if their sleep could be disrupted by the full moon, it only makes sense we could be affected by the new moon as well. But would it be restless sleep, like with the full moon, or better sleep?

new moon sleep crystals

As noted earlier, people tend to feel low energy during a new moon. That may make you feel tired but, on the other hand, the emotional uprising during this lunar phase may feel your mind with racing thoughts, also leading you to unfulfilled sleep and sensations of restlessness. Your best bet during both lunar phases: embrace the chaos!


New Moon Effects on a Woman’s Body

It’s no secret that the women’s menstrual cycle has been referred to as a “moon cycle” and that the phases of the moon are synchronized with a woman’s cycle. One revolution around the earth takes the moon 27 days, 7 hours, and 43 minutes to complete. One moon phase cycle is 29.5 days. A woman’s menstrual cycle averages 28 days. It has been believed that women bleed with the new moon and “sync” up with it when in nature, but it has not been proven.

On any body:

In addition to female aches and pains that accompany that “time of the month,” and on top of the restlessness and racing thoughts that many experience with a new moon, there are also physical aches. Many people experience unexplained pains and fatigue. You may also see that old health complaints circle back to you around this time. This recurring pain and discomfort can be your physical body’s way of purging itself from the pain once and for all. It can also be your soul’s way of getting you to focus on this issue, to create a plan to alleviate the mind and soul from these dormant issues that haven’t been completely healed. Of course, as is always the case with physical pain, you’ll want to see a doctor if you’re worried about your physical health. 

How to Embrace the Lunar Energy

Remember that the new moon is a symbol of renovation, new beginnings, and fresh chances. And while starting new things is always difficult, the sheer act forces you to look inward and invest your energy in holistic health. The new moon, in all her chaos, is asking for growth. If you find yourself dealing with sudden thoughts and newfound awareness, know that the lunar phase is preparing you for a purge. Clear your energy of everything that is not serving you and set intentions based around your most authentic self. There is no growth without shedding your old skin. 

new moon

Darkness is Temporary

Remember that though all this, the darkness of the night will fade and the light of the moon will return. The effects of a new moon can indeed be tiresome but it’s a bright opportunity to listen to your body and use that as a guide to setting your new moon intentions. Banish the old ways to the past and ask the lunar energy to bring you new life. 

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