What is Wicca? A Detailed Guide

What is Wicca? A Detailed Guide

There are many guides to Wicca for beginners but with so much contrasting information, it can quickly put people off. We’ll take a brief look at the different types of Wicca, how to become a Wiccan, and which Wiccan stones and crystals are useful. But firstly, let’s tackle that pesky Wiccan definition.


What is Wicca?

Wicca is a difficult term to pin down. The official Wiccan definition states that it is a form of pagan religion influenced by pre-Christian beliefs. Wiccans believe in the existence of supernatural powers such as magick, they respect nature and its deities, and they celebrate seasonal or life cycles ritualistically. 


But this is only half the story. Depending on who you ask, the Wiccan definition changes. Not all Wiccans will identify as pagans, and certainly not all pagans will identify as Wiccans. Wicca is an extremely dynamic religion. There aren’t many statements that all Wiccans would agree on, but this is a good thing. Wiccans likely feel at one in nature and associate its beauty with the divine. 


Most Wiccans would agree that their practices stem from ancient shamanistic beliefs, but Wicca was only established in England in the mid 20th century. Gerald Gardner is often hailed as the founder of Wicca, and one of the prominent types of Wicca is named after him: Gardnerian.


Wiccans can and do practice magick—the “k” distinguishing it from party trick stage magic—but not all of them do or will. Magick far predates Wicca, but all Wiccans would agree that nobody should be harmed in the practice of it. It would completely interrupt the state of harmony between Wiccans and all other things in nature.


How to become a Wiccan

Those learning Wicca for beginners often want to know how to become a Wiccan. The answer is very simple. Wicca is a decentralized religion so there is no governing body or temples to use or even a holy book to read. You are free to worship where and how you want, so long as you commit to using your beliefs for positive means.


Here are some of the things you can do if you want to know how to practice Wicca:

Practice magick - Use crystals, candles, and herbs to help you harness natural energy. Many Wiccans also practice magick with affirmations, mantras, or even by contacting deities and requesting assistance.


wicca affirmations


Join a coven - Meet other Wiccans and practice your craft together. Participate in rituals with others and find support in like-minded individuals.

Study and specialize - If you want to learn how to become a Wiccan, then reading about your chosen style is a great place to start. There are different types of Wicca that we’ll cover in a moment. You will most likely fall into one of the categories already.

Embrace the Wiccan ethics - This last step is the most crucial. It is one of the only rules that all Wiccans follow. Harm nobody, and embrace nature.


Types of Wicca

There are various types of Wiccan witches. Some are more flexible than others. Check out the different types of Wicca below.


Gardnerian covens are very secretive and can be difficult to reach out to. They participate in highly elaborate rituals, sometimes even nude.


A traditional witch studies their local folklore and ancestral history. They honor the old ways of their personal cultural background.


Alexandrian witches are extremely traditional and like to stick to the book. Initiation is usually organized around a high priestess.


Dianic covens are for females only. They are a feminist group that worships the divine goddess.


This is an offshoot of Gardner’s original practice, designed for American culture. They use herbs to induce divination. 


This is one of the more common types of Wicca. It focuses on spiritual healing and herbs and is more eclectic and malleable than some of the others.


wicca herbs



A more recent addition to the various types of Wicca, Norse witches dedicate their craft to the ancient pantheon of Scandinavia.

Celtic and Druid 

Often more shamanistic in their approach, Celtic and Druid witches work with deities from Irish, Welsh, Gaulish or Cornish mythologies.


A solitary witch practices alone rather than in a coven. They self-educate themselves on the craft and don’t need to be initiated into any one type.


Wicca Stones and Crystals

It’s common for practitioners of Wicca to use crystals in their practice. Wiccan stones for healing depend entirely on the practice. There are no crystals that are innately better for Wiccans in general because Wicca is so diverse.


Crystals are minerals that have a strong connection to the earth, having formed millions of years ago. They are said to inherently know the secrets of nature and can serve as a conduit for magickal energies. It’s important to see crystals as your friend or partner, rather than just an inanimate rock that you want to use for your own ends. 


wicca crystals


If you want to know how to use Wicca stones and crystals, then there are several ways:

Healing - The most commonly used crystals are Wiccan stones for healing. They are specifically utilized to create healing energy. Clear quartz, rose quartz and selenite are the top choices here.

Good luck charms - Having a totem or talisman for fortune can bring about a positive turn of events. Tiger’s eye, pyrite, and citrine all make brilliant stones for luck.

Protection - One of the best ways to use Wicca stones and crystals is for protecting your—or your surroundings’—energy. Black tourmaline, black obsidian, or hematite are all fantastic gemstones for protection.

Meditation - Some crystals create the perfect environment for relaxing and taking meditations that step deeper. Amethyst, clear quartz, and labradorite are the best crystals for this.

Scrying - Crystals also have powers to induce psychic properties in the user. Just think of the stereotypical witch with a crystal ball. Black obsidian’s energy is perfect for scrying mirrors, and clear quartz is ideal for crystal balls.

Dreams and sleep - Some crystals specialize in reducing nightmares, and others help you drift off easily. Amethyst is the best crystal for countering insomnia

Wear in jewelry - To keep Wiccan stones for healing close, wear them in jewelry and feel their energy constantly at work throughout the day.


It’s important to remember that before you use crystals, you should always cleanse and charge them. Cleansing crystals doesn’t take too long and you can even purify multiple at once. Check out methods on how to cleanse crystals here.


Learning how to charge crystals for Wicca is a different technique. You can build a relationship with the crystal, connecting with it on a deeper level, and communicating your intention so that the crystal knows exactly what it is you want it to do. To completely program it, you’ll want to spend some time thinking about your intention for the crystal coherently and concisely. You don’t want to send the crystal mixed messages. Be direct and meditate upon it while surrounded by the stone’s energy. As your relationship with the crystal grows, it will understand you more easily, and programming your crystals will become second nature.

Hopefully, the amount of contrasting information available about Wicca for beginners didn’t scare you off. If you feel drawn to any of the different types of Wicca, then push yourself to practice. You know the basics of how to practice Wicca by now. All that’s left is to take the first step. Good luck!

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