Crystals For Good Luck

The 5 Most Powerful Stones For Good Luck In 2023

Tiger’s Eye, Malachite, Aventurine, Garnet, and Agate are known to be crystals for attracting wealth, success, and luck while also providing protection. These good luck crystals have been known for ages for bringing prosperity in life. They can help balance your chakras, ease your emotions, and bring the clarity that’s missing.

When nothing seems to go right, crystals and gemstones can surprisingly bring the good luck you have been waiting for. 

Crystals for good luck provide positive energy, determination for success, willpower, and confidence.

Keep reading to learn about the best stones for luck and how to use their power in 2023.

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What Are Crystals For Luck?

A luck stone attracts your desires, wealth, opportunities, health, protection, and success even in relationships. 

The idea of lucky gemstones has existed for a long time. People believe that different stones have different energy signatures, which energize your intention and allow manifestation.

Simply wearing or having good luck stones in your room will bring good luck and prosperity.

Let's dive into our selection of crystals for good luck.

Best Crystals For Luck And Success

Our top crystals for good luck and success are Tiger’s Eye and Aventurine. Let’s explore how these stones for luck can attract abundance, opportunities, wealth, and success in your endeavors.

1. Tiger’s Eye

A beautiful good luck stone with a marbled appearance, Tiger’s Eye is one of the most well-known stones for luck across the world. Its red, orange, and brown colors, together with black stripes, give it a cat-like appearance. The mesmerizing stone brings positive energy and opens opportunities.

Physical properties of Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is formed when an element, usually Crocidolite, located in Quartz crystal, overpowers the other. This overpowering nature of the stone is one of the reasons why this good luck stone is so powerful.

The good luck crystal is also known for its chatoyancy – the optical effect showcased when the light reflects off a stone just in the way light reflects off the eye of a tiger.

Many of these stones for luck are also cabochon-cut, which means they are not faceted. Instead, they are polished and tumbled. Most importantly, the stone is rarely found in its rough form. It is primarily an opaque stone.

Tigers eye metaphysical properties

Like a Tiger, this crystal for good luck possesses courage, strength, power, and ambition. The durability of this luck stone showcases a profound inner strength, together with a sense of willpower and strong determination.

The stones for luck are also known for stimulating integrity and helping you make more sound decisions. They provide the clarity and confidence you require to make decisions.

Meditation with Tiger's Eye bracelets also ensures a greater sense of prosperity, harmony, and grace. They are also excellent stones for protection, bringing winning energy, and warding off bad luck.

Ancient cultures and those from the stone age also relied heavily on these crystals for good luck to bring them victory in battles. People in early Sri Lanka were known for carrying stones for luck, power, and abundance.

Roman soldiers also had this lucky gemstone embedded into their breastplates for attracting luck and attaining personal success. It also helped them accumulate bravery before entering the battlefield.

In lore and legends, it is reported that ancient Egyptians believed the good luck stone to have deity-like powers. The stones for luck had the capacities of all-knowing and all-seeing, ensuring good fortune and a positive future.

Today, this stone of good luck is known for its grounding and protective energy. You can place the Tiger’s Eye stone in your doorway or important rooms to attract good luck. 

Inspired by feng shui methods, you can also put these stones for luck in your children’s bedrooms to boost their self-confidence and bravery.

Tiger's Eye rings also stimulate the solar plexus and root chakras – both of which are foundational in keeping you grounded and providing clarity to make lucky decisions.

You can combine Tiger’s Eye with Hematite for protection from negative energy and attracting good luck.

2. Aventurine

Known for prosperity and confidence, Aventurine comes from the Italian word called Aventure, which means chance. In other words, Aventurine hints at the wealth and fortune that it can bring for you.

Aventurine comes from areas with high forms of natural energy, including the Amazon jungle, India, Brazil, and Chile. 

For centuries, the stone has been known as the “Stone of the Amazons.” It was believed to be the stone that protected the Amazon Warrior Queens by providing fierce power.

There are different types of Aventurine

Green Aventurine is known for bringing wealth and good fortune. It's the money stone. It regulates energy, provides clarity, and soothes the soul.

Blue Aventurine helps with spiritual guidance and connects the heart with the mind. It provides a connection to the third eye chakra and throat chakra. In this way, it helps in making calculated decisions and heals the mind.

On the other hand, Red Aventurine is known for its magical action. The stones for luck increase your inner prana flow (your life force) to manifest things.

Physical healing properties of Aventurine

Green Aventurine is a great stone for soothing the mind and the soul. It can also re-energize your body. It lowers blood pressure and protects your body from burnout. The stone works magically for the nervous system, too, while regulating the thymus gland.

Since the stone is connected to the heart chakra, it boosts wellbeing and ensures improved blood circulation. It also works well for those with prolonged illness, as it eases the heart.

Metaphysical healing properties of Aventurine

Aventurine is your go-to crystal when it comes to emotional and mental healing. It provides clarity in life while bringing out your strong leadership properties. The stones for luck also provide an extra sense of confidence to fight off any obstacles coming on your way. But nurturing action and leadership does not compromise on compassion. 

On the other hand, since it connects the heart, solar plexus, throat, and third eye chakras, it clears negative energy and strengthens your entire body.

In this way, you are ready to embrace any changes that might come your way without losing a sense of direction.

You can wear Green Aventurine together with Malachite in these earrings for attracting wealth.

Let’s now look at powerful crystals for good luck and protection.

Best Crystals For Good Luck And Protection

Our favorite crystals for good luck and protection are Garnet, Malachite, and Agate. Let’s dive deeper into the properties of these lucky crystals.

1. Garnet

With a dark red luster and a look similar to the pomegranate, Garnet is known for stirring the soul. Believed to be the only light on the Ark of Noah, this stone is found both in biblical texts and lores of Ancient Greece.

Garnet is known as the stone of power and courage. The stones for luck have been a talisman for travelers seeking good fortune. The crystals for good luck also provide a solid connection to the root, heart, and solar plexus chakras.

Physical properties of Garnet

Garnet is known for providing self-confidence and sincerity in life. Those facing issues with physical intimacy and low libido can turn towards this stone. This stone also helps in flushing out body toxins and strengthening blood circulation.

If you want to strengthen your metabolism, you can meditate with a Garnet stone and get the much-needed nutrients for your body.

Metaphysical properties of Garnet

Garnet is a powerful stone, especially for those looking for protection from negative energies in their life. It flushes out negative vibratory energies from your energy field, keeps the body safe and steady, and removes self-doubt or jealousy.

Garnet is also known for uplifting emotions with its warmth and richness as one of the luckiest crystals. You can wear Garnet bracelets to feel nurtured and supported. Since ancient times, it has been a lucky charm and a fantastic talisman for all those who want to find directions while traveling worldwide. It further ensures you are self-confident and have a positive approach towards life. It’s just the right mindset for attracting abundance.

On the other hand, Garnet is the best stone for connecting with your root chakra.

Through the grounding force from the root chakra, it makes you feel safe and secure. Garnet rings can also connect you with your authentic well-being. On the other hand, working with the sacral chakra brings creativity to your life.

2. Malachite

Malachite is a green copper carbonate, which took its name from the Greek word “Malakos,” meaning soft.

Malachite is known as the heart opener, which explains why it got a gentle title. It is one of the well-known good luck crystals often used to seek good fortune by world leaders.

Physical properties of Malachite

Malachite comes from the monolithic crystal system. It’s recognized for its silky luster and rich shade of green. The green shade and a rich azurite mixture make the Malachite a powerful stone.

Early civilizations mined this lucky merchant's stone to bring fortune. The Egyptians mined this lucky stone from the mines of Suez as far back as 4000 BC for rituals. 

From grinding the pigment to using the gem as it is, Egyptians would adorn themselves with these stones as good luck charms.

Healing properties of Malachite

Malachite is a powerful healing and lucky stone that protects against negative energy. It not only transmutes negative energy but also provides a connection to the heart.

Malachite rings are known for keeping the blood pressure down while providing calmness and clarity to the mind. It also works well for the bones, healing the torn muscles, broken bones, and joints.

Malachite has strong feminine energy, which can help during menstrual cramps and labor pain. This is why many people also call it the Midwife Stone.

This crystal for good luck can also help you emotionally. It protects the body against pounding heart, sweats, and phobia. It diminishes fear and is also known for being a great companion during travel. Especially if you fear traveling on airplanes or experience travel sickness, a Malachite stone can help you.

When it comes to its emotional powers, Malachite has immense power of protection. It flushes away toxic emotions and clears energy blockages. It also offers wisdom and courage to say no when you have to.

Malachite is all about giving you the ability to embrace change and take a stand for yourself. It gives you the courage to move forward in your life, have strong faith in yourself, and make calculated decisions with ease.

Since it is a heart chakra stone, just like many other lights and dark green stones, it shows the full spectrum of love and encourages positive relationships. Malachite dispels negative thoughts. 

But it doesn’t stop at the heart chakra.

The stones for luck also work across other chakras, giving you the harmony that you require. They strengthen the chakras so that you can get more clarity in your life. The crystals for good luck also work with the third eye chakra to give you wisdom and connect you with your most profound intuition.

You can wear Malachite bracelets to use the law of attraction to manifest abundance.

3. Agate

Agate is known for healing and grounding. From the class of Chalcedony, Agate has a beautiful range of colors and banding. It was first discovered in Sicily’s Achates rivers by the famous Greek Philosopher, Theophrastus.

Since then, this stone has been considered a priceless discovery. Agate stones for luck are known for warding off negative energy, calming storms, bringing victories in wars, and even healing snakebites.

There are many kinds of Agate stones:

Blue Lace Agate is one common type of this stone. It is known for its soothing and empathetic characteristics.

Moss Agate is also quite popular, as it helps reconnect with nature and heal the heart. Dendritic Agate, on the other hand, encourages good luck and welcomes abundance.

Choose Agate rings for aligning with the universe to manifest your desires.

Physical properties of Agate

A wide variety of the Agate stone can bring a lot of physical energy to the wearer. It is known for its strengthening capabilities, as it boosts metabolism and ensures every inch of the body is regulated with energy.

Agate's healing energy can also help with digestion problems and other stomach-related issues. It is also an excellent healing medicine for the nervous system and metabolism. 

On the other hand, the Agate stone helps deal with sleep-related problems.

Metaphysical properties of Agate

If you are looking for protection and security in your life, then Agate bracelets are your go-to jewels for luck. Agate has a significant influence on the chakras and attracts abundance.

For example, Blue Lace Agate is excellent for healing the throat chakra and ensuring your mind is well-rested. On the other hand, Moss Agate works with the heart chakra and opens the heart.

Botswana Agate is known for its rich and earthly characteristics. It helps in calming the mind and providing a better approach towards problem-solving. 

Black Agate can sweep away stormy energy fields, attract positive vibrations, and calm the mind in challenging times. Agate stones for luck also work well in clearing negative energy and toxins from the body.

Attract Abundance With Stones For Luck

If you are emotionally unwell or feel that something is missing, you may need a jolt of good luck. The truth is that nature has a lot to offer in terms of wellbeing. 

Every crystal has something unique that can amplify your luck, improve your love life and business relationships, ensure career success, promote luck, and bring clarity to your life.

We have a complete crystals guide if you're looking for crystals and their meanings with pictures, as well as their properties and what they're best used for.

So whether you are seeking fortune in your life, want to attract luck, attain positive vibes, or feel that the stress is mounting, it’s time to get stones for good luck and meditate. There is the lucky merchant’s stone (Malachite), Tiger’s Eye, Aventurine, Garnet, or Agate ready to open your heart and attract love and abundance.

You only need to choose your stones for luck, meditate with them, or simply carry crystals for luck. You can also keep the good luck crystals in your home and office in feng shui practice.

Many people keep crystals for good luck in rooms where critical decision-making processes occur to bring luck and attain clarity. Others adorn themselves with the crystals for good luck. 

Stones for luck can bring success, attract wealth, and help identify hidden talents. Do you still want more than good luck?

Check our article on stones for protection.

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