For a Dash of Good Luck, Turn to These 10 Crystals

For a Dash of Good Luck, Turn to These 10 Crystals

As much as we’d like to believe luck is a matter of chance, there is a lot more that goes into those “lucky” feelings. It’s not all rainbows, four-leaf clovers, and Felix Felices juice (Harry Potter fans?). Luck can be found everywhere you go inside your heart and your lucky crystals.

Stones of luck tend to have strong, steady vibrations that sync up with the abundant energy of Mother Nature. When you tap into that healing energy, a world of opportunity opens up! The balance between your intentions and earth’s jewelry can be your anchor into a grounded life filled with internal and external successes.

There are plenty of crystals for good luck and prosperity but much of the magic comes from within you. When your mind is clear, you believe in a world of unearthed possibilities. When you’re filled with positive vibrations that illustrate bright confidence, more people and opportunities are attracted to you. Do you see the pattern? The good news, though: There’s plenty of this type of luck to go around! So, first, choose a type of “luck” you’d like to attract and find a crystal to help you accomplish it!

10 crystals to summon a life of luck and success

Tiger’s Eye

Known as a good luck stone, this golden brown beauty is number one on our list. The reason? It brings a wealth of success to your career trajectory and helps you manifest abundance. This dark-colored crystal transforms dreams into reality — and who doesn’t need luck for that? Tiger’s Eye is the best crystal for those seeking luck in their career, business, side hustle, or hobbies. This natural stone works to reinforce your willpower so you can invest more energy into the tasks needed to see your projects come to life. Keep it in your office, near your project, or around your wrist for a boost of grit and motivation and of course, luck. 


tiger's eye wealth bracelet


Known as the stone of opportunity and good fortune, it’s no surprise Aventurine comes in at number two. This green gem has been used as a good luck talisman for thousands of years! One of the oldest and wisest of the stones, Aventurine is a tool for healing the heart, mind, and spirit. When you have a strong connection and steady harmony within yourself, you can achieve anything. It’s a cherished stone for connecting with the Heart and Solar Plexus chakra. It is said to bring more luck to Libra and Virgo signs and an extra dose of fortune to the sign of Taurus. Place the stone in your left pocket before an important event such as an interview, date, or exam. 


 Often called Fool’s gold, it is intended for anyone but fools. The little nugget is great for attracting abundance into your life and has long been used as a powerful tool for wealth. This firecracker of a gem works to ignite passion back into your soul and inspire you to achieve your biggest dreams. Turn to Pyrite for striking exotic business deals.



A spiritual healer, Amethyst is great for bringing spiritual luck into your path. This purple crystal works with the Crown Chakra and Third Eye Chakra to align your intuition with a high consciousness. With such foresight, it’s hard not to create your own luck! Amethyst will help you clear your mind and open your inner spirit. Let this dazzling beauty bring luck into your relationship with yourself and bless you with better sleep, less stress, and an overall sense of well-being — all things conducive to a successful life.


Rose Quartz

Let this rosy beauty bring luck to your love life. Rose Quartz is a lucky charm for attracting unconditional love and wellness to the Heart Chakra. It can heal all kinds of matters of the heart. And when your heart is whole and healthy, it is open to new opportunities and adventures! Known as the Stone of Love, it works for all things: self-love, romance, familial relationships, compassion for strangers, forgiveness, and acceptance. Let this versatile healer invite gentle energy into your realm so you are more open to receiving luck when it comes your way. 


rose quartz

Smoky Quartz

A general good luck stone, turn to Smoky Quartz to attract positivity and all things prosperous. The smoke-colored stone washes away negative vibrations that block luck and love from entering your path. Once that is cleared, you’re left with abundance and wealth coming your way. It also works on the mind, releasing painful memories. This helps clear the way for a positive outlook on the future. 


Known as the Merchant’s Lucky Stone, Citrine makes it somewhere in the middle of our list but is still wildly powerful at attracting good fortune. This bright-colored stone is said to utilize the power of the sun to invite abundance into your life. Use it for manifesting all things good and for promoting success in your ventures. Its wonderful color boosts positivity, to boot! 


This green stone attracts money, as many green stones do. Turn to Malachite as a crystal of luck and prosperity. What this interesting stone does is it provokes a newfound sense of courage in your heart, helping you take leaps forward in your career or other areas in life. Many people use this courage to achieve fame and fortune. Whatever you do, move wisely. Malachite can also attract negative energy and can be considered a bad luck crystal if not used with the right intention and purest of heart. 


malachite courage bracelet


Known as a stone of courage, it is still a wonderful tool for attracting success.  Amazonite helps you envision luck and hope which can help you manifest even your wildest dreams. Let this peaceful stone clear energy blockages that hold you back and replace that with a sense of courage. Amazonite, named after a roaring river, brings good fortune and balance to all who wear it. 


Known as a money stone, Peridot works more for success than it does luck. Consider it your good luck charm for increasing wealth, alongside Tiger’s Eye! Peridot can help you make the right choices and fill your life with joy and confidence. This wonderful combination can lead you to luck, step by step. 


Find Your Own Lucky Charm

Whether you need the confidence to achieve luck, the sense of clarity to see fortune coming, or the openness to accept prosperity, luck sure can represent a wealth of feelings and needs! Choose a crystal of good luck that resonates with your intentions and needs and let its healing energy guide you. And while health and happiness are considered the richest luck in the world, we could all use an extra boost from time to time!

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