Modern Witch: The Rise of Female Energy

Modern Witch: The Rise of Female Energy

Witches have a bad rap. Long yellow fingernails, enchanting cauldrons, and strange pointed top hats. Yeah, not a very pretty picture. Yet come every October and suddenly the season of the witch is in vogue. This tells us that while, historically, witchcraft has been misunderstood and, therefore, ridiculed, it remains deeply and undeniably fascinating.

Modern witch aesthetics in film and pop culture has had a bit of an upgrade in recent decades. Whether it was from the 90s gothic chic in The Craft or the mysterious girl-next-door vibe from Sabrina: The Teenage Witch, witchcraft looked more accessible but still left us performing “light as a feather, stiff as a board” at the latest sleepover with no luck — leaving witchcraft still quite unattainable and misrepresented.

Views of Modern Witchcraft in 2020

Lucky for magick fans and crystal devotees, witchcraft has entered the zeitgeist once more. While, for those most devoted, it never left, we can’t deny its resurgence in modern society alongside astrology and “all things woo,” as states The New Yorker. They note these magickal additions are “currently enjoying a broad cultural acceptance that hasn’t been seen since the nineteen-seventies.” And with trendy retailers like Urban Outfitters and Etsy showing uptake in crystal stock and magazines like Allure and Vogue discussing all things witchy, the whole world has taken notice.

So what does this witchy resurrection look like nowadays? Well, it’s less about the broomsticks and drapey lace fashion and more about the internal — via self-care, mindfulness, connection to nature, and the Divine Feminine (the part of ourselves connected to empathy, intuition, and creation and community). To put it simply: fewer cauldrons and more crystals —  lots more crystals. 


modern witch amethyst

Embedded in the “self-care” culture, more and more people are discovering the positive effects of the rituals and practices and leaving the out-dated ideation that witchcraft surrounds the supernatural via modes of manipulation, harm, and worship of evil. 

Modern Witch Lifestyle

So how do you spot a modern-day witch then, if not simply casting spells a la carte? Let me ask you this: have you found yourself rearranging your room to “improve the energy” in the space? Have you practiced mindfulness during everyday chores and delved into meditation that connects you with your Higher Self? Have you filled a bathtub with soothing salts and lit some candles that just seem to lift your spirits and lighten your mood? Then you have taken part in a very modern-day witch lifestyle. 

It’s all about harnessing the power of the natural world, ridding toxic energy from your aura, and developing a connection with your own psyche to find peace and harmony in your life. It’s that simple.


modern witch spells

And what about the magick, you say? That’s a bit more difficult to define. Their form of magick, spelled with a “k” to differentiate between performance magic, could be crystal healing, tarot cards, astrology, and more. And as there are many types of witches, there are many types of magick. 

Modern Witches are About the Divine Feminine

One thing all witches have in common? They are a symbol of feminine energy. Historically, witches were seen as radical in a way. They were women who tried to reclaim power from the overtly masculine-centric world. Maybe they were unwed women or perhaps they were ladies who found success in life; people who have amassed land or money. Either way, they were a threat to that day and age and, subsequently, and to their detriment, were punished for it. Nowadays, you may see these women being called “feminists.”


modern witch moon crystals

And so the same sentiment of harnessing female energy has lived on throughout the ages. Reclaiming power we are all born with but letting it shine through via intuition, spiritual healing, sexuality, building community, and cleansing energy remain the basis of the modern witch lifestyle. 

But They Are Still Inclusive

By this point you may wonder, “can men be witches, too?” Indeed they can. Whether you are male, trans, nonbinary — whichever way you identify  — you can be a witch. Indeed, women have historically been the face of witchcraft — think covens — it all ties back to the fact that that is the gender which had always been silenced. We can see, as more identities find the light, the more inclusive witchcraft can be. Regardless, magick has no gender and can be enjoyed by all.  

Witchcraft Stones & Crystal Meanings

Witches, especially of the modern-day variety, turn to a variety of crystals to enhance their craft. It’s a harmonious treat and method of connecting with Mother Nature holistically. Crystal work is also quite a non-threatening introduction to witchcraft. 

For new witches, turn to Clear Quartz, a dazzling crystal filled with clarity and light. It’s a Master Healer and ideal for those who love meditation and raising their vibrations.

For the empowered women, turn to Rose Quartz. It’s filled with peace, light, and nourishing love — a gorgeous specimen for the self-care aficionados


modern witch rose quartz

For the more advanced healers, there are too many crystals to choose from — each with their own intention-enhancing properties. Choosing one that speaks to you is half the fun! But for something quite fitting — there’s Black Kyanite. Called the “witches broom” due to its peculiar shape (like a witches broom!), it sweeps negative energy away.

No matter what you choose, it is vital to first, and regularly, clean the energy from the crystals. This will be your first duty as a witch (if you aren’t devoted to it already!).

Introduce a Little Bit of Magick Into Your Life

At the end of the day, witchcraft comes down to your personal intention — little daily reminders of your goals, needs, and setting the next path in the grand scheme of your holistic journey. It’s about mindfulness — staying and appreciating the present moment — and connecting with nature on a deeper, more intuitive level. It’s connecting to something bigger than you through meditation, visualization, rituals, you name it. It’s your own sacred, transformative practice.

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