Throat Chakra Stones: 15 Best Crystals For The Throat Chakra

Throat Chakra Stones: 15 Best Crystals For The Throat Chakra

Express your authentic self and celebrate everything that makes you the person you truly are with these 15 crystals for healing the throat chakra.

But first: what is the throat chakra?

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About The Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is the fifth chakra of the seven main chakras. It’s also known as the blue chakra or the vishuddha. It’s located in your neck area. 

The energy of your throat chakra radiates from your throat area all the way down to your upper chest. It interacts a lot with its neighboring chakras, the third eye chakra (forehead) and the heart chakra (middle chest area).

By keeping your throat chakra stones close to your heart chakra healing crystals, you boost their power and amplify their energies. They’ll help you achieve emotional balance as a result of open communication and brave self-expression. Your throat chakra stone will also rid you of negative energy and negative thought patterns.

Third eye chakra stones stimulate energy flow from your crown chakra all the way through to your root chakra. But all of that energy and insight you gain from the Above needs to find its natural form of expression within yourself and within your life. 

Your throat chakra is the energetic center where your knowledge, thoughts, ideas, feelings, beliefs, and everything that is truly specific to you becomes part of your reality. It also packs great manifestation power – read our article about manifestation crystals to learn how you can enhance this effect even more.

Top 15 Crystals For Throat Chakra Healing

The typical throat chakra stones are blue, but your throat chakra also responds well to crystals that work well with a blue stone, like purple, green, white, and even pink crystals.

Blue healing stones support your overall energetic healing process and energy flow. By supporting your throat chakra, these healing crystals help you find the way towards improving numerous aspects of your life.

We’ll go through 15 of the most powerful stones for throat chakra healing. Follow your intuition when choosing your healing stones. And don’t be afraid to combine more of them. You can never have too many beautiful blue crystals, after all.

You can also use essential oils to boost the power of these blue stones for your throat chakra. Try dabbing a bit of Frankincense or Chamomile essential oil on your throat area if you’re anxious about a meeting or interaction.

1. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a great stone for public speaking. It promotes open and honest communication. With the help of Lapis Lazuli, you’ll find your way towards that raise or promotion you’ve always wanted.

Lapis Lazuli helps you build and maintain strong social connections. This beautiful stone supports creative ideas. When you’re wearing Lapis Lazuli, you’ll come up with ingenious ways to put your ideas into practice.

These throat chakra stones boost your charisma and help you make a great first impression. Consider wearing Lapis Lazuli during negotiations and you’ll get what you set out to.

2. Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite helps you manifest happiness. It’s a powerful blue stone that supports clarity of mind and expression. It raises the vibes of your throat chakra.

Blue Apatite supports your independence and drive. With its help, you can overcome emotional exhaustion and pessimism. Blue Apatite helps you lift your own spirits and those of people around you.

Improve your life and the world around you with the help of Blue Apatite. Try the Brighter Future Bracelet and you’ll make your way towards your happiness.

3. Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite is a blue stone that helps you balance your subtle energies. It activates the seven chakras and encourages a healthy energy flow.

Blue Kyanite dissolves physical, mental, and spiritual blockages. It enhances your psychic gifts and opens you up to higher levels of communication. You’ll find a serene and tranquil center inside your heart and amplify that energy, manifesting it all around.

Use Blue Kyanite together with other powerful blue throat chakra stones like Lapis Lazuli or Blue Lace Agate. You’ll experience the benefits of a successful spiritual journey fully expressed in your day-to-day reality.

4. Blue Sodalite

The Blue Sodalite stone assists with achieving balance in all areas of your life. As a blue stone, it works very well with your throat chakra energy.

Sodalite is a powerful crystal that supports clear judgment and logic. It can bridge the gap between your feelings and thoughts. The Blue Sodalite stone merges rationality and spirituality. It helps you speak your truth without holding back because you’re worried about what others might say.

Try the Sodalite essential oil roller bottle from the Crystal Energies - Essential Oil Roller Bottle Set. If you’re on a quest to achieve emotional inner balance and inner peace, the Sodalite throat chakra stones will be very helpful.

5. Blue Chalcedony

Blue Chalcedony has a nurturing vibe. It cancels out negativity and pessimism.

Blue Chalcedony supports mental flexibility and improves your listening and communication skills. It’s particularly helpful if you’re going through therapy because it improves your perception of self and your ability to formulate ideas.

An unbalanced throat chakra can also lead to physical symptoms. You’re likely to experience issues with your vocal cords or a sore throat. You might struggle with a raspy voice despite not having a cold or any upper chest medical issues. 

Blue Chalcedony helps heal your throat chakra and restore balance. These blue chakra stones promote harmony and peace.

6. Amethyst

Amethyst supports clear communication. It’s one of the best crystals for opening throat chakra energetic exchanges with the Above.

Amethyst is particularly powerful for people who work as psychics, mediums, and those who rely on their ability to impart information or wisdom. When you wear Amethyst, you’re on a constant journey of self-discovery and powerful self-expression.

Try the Amethyst Visualization Ring if you want to manifest something. You’ll always find the right words to say and the best way to say them when wearing these throat chakra stones.

7. Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite has powerful healing properties for social anxiety. It helps you overcome communication issues and prevents you from sending mixed messages.

Blue Calcite is great for overcoming writer’s block and creativity blockages. It supports impactful and inspired self-expression. It can be a powerful blue stone if you work in marketing. Blue Calcite helps promotional pursuits achieve their goals.

Its soothing vibes make Blue Calcite an excellent blue stone ally for a Labradorite or the Blue Topaz throat chakra stones.

8. Labradorite

Labradorite is a powerful stone for spiritual-level transformations. It helps you navigate away from murky depths and towards calmer, shallower waters.

Your throat chakra is very active in energy exchanges. Labradorite supports well-balanced energetic exchanges. When things get out of balance, Labradorite bracelets acts as a shield from low vibes.

Wear the Rings of New Beginnings and you’ll keep things in balance. You’ll have the power to start over. Build a bright new future, if you choose to, or keep your projects going with the revitalizing energy of new beginnings.

9. Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate encourages a better flow of energy through your throat chakra. It repels negative thoughts and energies.

With the help of Blue Lace Agate, you’ll perceive the hidden layers in any situation. The subtle nuances of everyday interactions won’t escape you. Supported by this clarity, you’ll find a way to shine under any circumstances.

A blocked throat chakra will mean issues with self-expression. You’ll run into difficulty expressing your thoughts or ideas, even if they’re brilliant. When part of negotiations or social interactions, you might find it difficult to voice your hopes, dreams, or concerns. Your speech might not be that persuasive. Blue Lace Agate unblocks your throat chakra. 

10. Selenite

Generally, blue stones are best for your throat chakra, but consider getting a clear or white one as well. Your throat chakra is one the most exposed to the energy of others. It’s important to protect it and constantly cleanse it.

While a blue stone is great for healing, a white or clear stone is the best choice for cleansing. And Selenite crystal is one of the most powerful cleansing stones in existence.

Wear a Selenite throat chakra stones necklace. It will keep your throat, third eye, and heart chakra safe from negativity. By adding Selenite Bracelets, you’ll extend the protective vibe all the way to your root chakra.

11. Blue Topaz

Natural Blue Topaz is one of the rarer blue stones. Treated Blue Topaz stones are more common. They can range from light to dark blue hues, while the natural ones are typically light blue.

Blue Topaz is an excellent energetic activator. Use these wonderful blue crystals to open throat chakra energetic channels. Whether it’s your activation or an energy upgrade, Blue Topaz will make it a smooth and harmonious process.

Blue Topaz also balances your throat chakra. A balanced throat chakra is going to mean great ability to communicate. You’ll find it easy to come up with the right words at the right time. Your charisma will shine through every sentence. 

Ideas and solutions you come up with will find the best audience so they can impress. You’ll be persuasive and confident.

12. Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a powerful energetic amplifier and cleanser. It transmutes negative energies into positive vibes. Clear Quartz works best with the crown chakra, supporting mental clarity and your ability to focus.

There are many benefits to adding Clear Quartz to your throat chakra stones. It clears energetic blockages and filters out any negative vibes from your social interactions.

Clear Quartz also protects your throat from malevolent energies. Since your throat chakra is very active in all social and personal interactions, it’s also one of the most exposed to energetic attacks and negative influences.

Clear Quartz is going to keep you safe. Wear the Anti-Stress Ring and your energy will remain clear.

13. Opal

The mysterious and fascinating Opal is a great stone for throat chakra optimization. It attracts healing light into your blue chakra. That can help you overcome anxieties relating to socializing, and difficulties regarding speech.

Opal is an excellent meditation stone. If you’re hoping to improve your energy flow through your throat chakra, it’s an excellent choice. 

Place an Opal on your throat area while you meditate. You’ll feel a sense of warmth and well-being radiating through your entire body.

14. Aquamarine

Aquamarines are some of the oldest stones used as throat chakra healing crystals. Aquamarine has a wonderfully calming effect on your throat chakra and entire aura. That makes Aquamarine a great blue stone for healing and supporting any recovery process.

You’ll shine like the star you were always meant to be with the help of Aquamarine. That’s a direct result of a positive flow of energy through your throat chakra. An open throat chakra means a brilliant ability to build and maintain connections as a free expression of who you are or who you want to become.

Wear the Aquamarine Soothing Ring and you’ll be as cool and collected as the mesmerizing seas.

15. Tourmaline

Tourmaline stones are excellent protectors. As we’ve already discussed, your throat chakra is one of the most energetically active and thereby exposed chakras. The more protection you give it, the better.

You can use Blue Tourmaline for your throat chakra, but any Tourmaline crystal will have protective powers. Consider using a Black Tourmaline, in fact. It repels negative energies, thoughts, and malevolent energies.

Get Your Throat Chakra Stones And Crystals Today!

Start your journey of crystal healing with throat chakra stones. Take the first step towards fully expressing who you are.

Overcome energy blockages relating to public speaking and social interactions with the help of a healing blue stone. Your unique energy is a blessing for yourself and the rest of the world. With the help of these beautiful blue vishuddha chakra stones, you’ll allow your brilliance to finally shine.

You can improve the effects these healing crystals have on your throat chakra. Use them together with crystals for success and manifestation and you’ll finally lead the life you’ve always wanted to. 

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