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Pink Crystals: 27 Beautiful Pink Crystals For Emotional Balance

Milky pink to translucent salmon and even peachy red, pink crystals are amazing emotional healers and supporters. Whether you’re going through a tough time, you’re stressed out, or trying to manifest the love of your life, pink crystals are the perfect helpers.

We’re going to see how these powerful crystals can help and support you. Then we’ll talk about 27 powerful pink crystals that can enrich your life and support in leading a harmonious and well-balanced existence.

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Pink Crystals Meaning

Pink crystals are delicate and graceful stones. They are a symbol of the divine feminine energy of Venus and Aphrodite.

Light pink crystals talk about purity and grace. They can be a powerful symbol for young and chaste love. Part of the reason why pink crystals make for lovely engagement ring crystals is the fact that they stand for high vibe unconditional love.

Pink crystals connect with your heart and your feelings. They represent heartfelt connections, affection, love, romance, and emotional growth. The dark pink crystals can also be a symbol of passionate love and fertility.

Some pink crystal names like Opal and Tourmaline bring to mind the month of October. The pink birthstone for September is Sapphire. Pink Diamonds are the April birthstones, while Pink Emeralds, also known as Morganites, are the birthstones of May. You can get a Pink Amethyst as a February birthstone, a Pink Topaz for November, and a Pink Garnet for January.

Divine counterparts, twin flames, and soulmates are all part of the meaning of pink crystals. They talk about your soul contracts and the ability of soul-to-soul connection to transcend space and time.

Pink semi-precious stones set in White Gold are often used as engagement rings.

Pink Crystals For Love: Unlocking The Heart Chakra 

Pink-colored crystals harmonize with the energy of love. They connect to your heart chakra and activate the energy of divine love in your soul. 

Pink crystals are wonderful options for wedding rings. Not only do they cleanse your heart chakra, but they optimize your emotional energy as well. When you’re wearing pink crystals, your ability to heal and grow on an emotional level will be supported and amplified. You’ll get over tensions and reconcile after arguments with much more ease.

Pink crystals make for amazing helpers when it comes to couple’s therapy. They connect to the heart chakras of both partners and help them overcome whatever issues they’re each dealing with individually and as a couple. They are also a great help for the therapist when it comes to being inspired to say the best words so the client will make emotional progress.

And if you’re having issues connecting on an emotional level with someone, pink crystals will help you get over that barrier that’s holding you back. That’s why pink crystals are great additions to living rooms and kitchens, which tend to be the hubs of homes.

Because pink stones don’t just help with the energy of romance. They also support heart-felt connections that include family ties and friendships. Pink crystals are wonderful gifts for that reason: they improve all emotional aspects of your life.

Pink Healing Stone Benefits

Most pink crystals are great for crystal healing, especially when it comes to emotional wounds. Whether it's a painful breakup, the loss of your partner, or some childhood issues you need to overcome, pink jewelry will help your process of emotional healing.

Perhaps one of the most popular pink precious crystals for emotional healing is Rose Quartz. But many other pink crystals help you in a similar manner. Choose the pink variety of crystal you like best and enjoy the healing vibes of the gorgeous shades of pink.

Crystals in pastel pinks can be better suited to help you achieve a sense of emotional equilibrium and well-being. They help you heal insecurities and overcome self-doubt. These paler shades of pink clear negative energies so they help you recharge your emotional batteries with high vibes.

Dark pink stones and crystals of the more vivid color ranges support overcoming love-based wounds. If you're trying to manifest divine love, you need to be healed at your heart chakra level. Your pink stone will help you with that.

27 Pink Crystals For Emotional Balance

Now that you know that pink crystals help you with emotional healing and upgrade your heart chakra, let's see what pink crystals you can choose from.

1. Pink Diamond

diamond pink crystals

Natural pink-colored Diamonds are some of the rarest and thereby most expensive pink crystals. They’re a symbol of high status and luxury. Synthetic crystals or lab-made Pink Diamonds are much cheaper than natural Pink Diamonds. The largest known Pink Diamond is called the Pink Star or Steinmetz Pink. It was rated in color as the Fancy Vivid Pink and weighed almost 60 carats.

There’s controversy around why Pink Diamonds are in fact pink. The pink color isn’t related to any of the chemical components of these Diamonds. It’s presumed that it has to do with the pressure the Diamonds go under while they’re forming. Pink Diamonds are a symbol of endurance in the face of adversity.

Because of the rarity and value, Pink Diamonds make for high-end engagement ring options. Pink Diamonds symbolize a durable union in the face of all adversity.

You can gain similar benefits from the Self-Empowerment Jewelry Set. It strengthens your confidence in your own devices and empowers you to be your true self. That way, you'll manifest your soul tribe and durable, steady bonds.

2. Pink Pearl

pink pearl

Naturally pink Pearls are formed inside Freshwater pearl mussels. The Pink Pearl crystals can be found in various hues of rose with gold or beige undertones.

The only naturally pink Pearls are the cultured Freshwater pearls. You can find other types of pearls dyed to be pink, which are more accessible. The more valuable dyed Pink Pearls are those that look as natural as possible.

Pink Pearls radiate the energy of divine unconditional love and graceful beauty.

Use the power of Pearl by wearing the Spiritual Evolution Anklet. You'll integrate the beauty and grace of the divine into your everyday life.

3. Pink Sapphire

Pink Sapphires are part of the Corundum family of minerals and the rarest ones.

A Pink Sapphire contains Iron, Titanium, Magnesium, Copper, and Chromium, which give Pink Sapphires its pink color. Pink Sapphire is available in many shades that range from light pink to hot pink.

Pink Sapphires symbolize good fortune, the ability to power through any hardships, and high vibe love and compassion. That’s part of the reason why these pink crystals are used for engagement rings, aside from their beautiful colors.

This pink crystal ring speaks about a love that passes the test of time. Pink Sapphire is a good alternative to Pink Diamond.

4. Pink Opal

opal pink crystal

Natural Pink Opal is a pink-colored crystal from the common Opal family. Pink Opals often contain Palygorskite and Chalcedony. Pink Opal is usually opaque and has the “fire” light play or opalescence effect of Precious Opal.

Pink Opals are healing crystals that relieve stress, anxiety, insomnia, and help overcome heart-related disorders. It is also a highly affordable crystal for jewelry.

Wear the Self-Control Pendant to attract balance and blessings into your life. You'll face difficult times with confidence in your own devices.

5. Pink Moonstone

pink moonstone

Pink Moonstone is also known as Pink Flake Feldspar or Red Moonstone. Color and shades range from beige to peach and even red. Pink Moonstone has white and translucent veins that are caused by hematite inclusions. It has all the power of regular Moonstone, but a stronger divine feminine energy due to the delicate pink color.

Pink Moonstone enhances psychic insight and spiritual awareness. These pink crystals help heal emotional wounds through spiritual growth and development, encouraging unconditional love bonds in all areas of your life.

You can gain similar benefits from wearing the Lunar Ring of Power. This beautiful crystal supports your feminine energy and intuitive power.

6. Pink Topaz

pink topaz crystal

Pink Topaz is the rarest variety of Topaz. The Pink Topaz crystal can only be found in the Brazilian town of Ouro Preto.

From ancient times, Pink Topaz has been considered an excellent protective crystal because this pink crystal keeps the owner safe from all kinds of harm and injuries.

Pink Topaz is associated with unconditional love, happiness, wealth, and prosperity. The stone's brilliance makes it a good alternative to Pink Sapphire.

With the help of the Prosperity Bracelet, you’ll make the most of the energy of abundance. You'll lead a prosperous and fulfilling life.

7. Pink Spinel

pink spinel crystal

Spinel has in its chemical composition Magnesium Aluminum Oxide, which means it’s close to Ruby and Sapphire. Spinel can be found in a variety of colors, but Red Spinel and Pink Spinel are the most significant from a commercial point of view.

Pink Spinel can usually be found as small octahedron-shaped crystals that are usually present in a twinned formation. That’s part of the reason why Pink Spinel is one of the best crystals for twin flames.

The most valuable and rare Pink Spinels are saturated pink, fuchsia, and pink-red hues. You can also find lighter color Pink Spinels, with purple or lilac hues. The best Pink Spinels come from Tanzania and Myanmar. Lighter Pink Spinel jewelry often features Spinels from Vietnam, Sri Lanka, or Tajikistan.

8. Pink Emerald

pink emerald crystal

Technically, there’s no such thing as Pink Emerald since Emerald is defined by its rich green color. The so-called Pink Emeralds are in fact Morganite or Rose Beryl. Morganite is part of the Beryl family. Even though Beryl is a minor crystal, Morganite is definitely a big deal when it comes to pink crystals.

Morganite was discovered in 1984. This rare crystal can be found in Thailand, Brazil, Africa, and the USA. The color of Morganite isn’t usually overly saturated. This durable crystal often looks washed out, a pastel pink more than a vivid color.

Morganite brings compassion and optimism to those who wear it. The Ancient Romans thought that crystals in the Beryl family were aphrodisiacs.

Wear the Tiger's Eye Passion Bracelet to get similar benefits to those of the Morganite pink stones.

9. Pink Zircon

pink zircon crystal

Natural Pink Zircon, also called Rose Zircon, is rare. It’s more likely you’ll find pink crystal jewelry with cubic Zirconia instead, which is man-made. Pink Zircons are natural pink crystals commonly found in the crystal gravels of Southeast Asia: Myanmar, Thailand, and Sri Lanka.

Rather than a true pink, the color of Pink Zircon is often more salmon or orange-pink.

Pink Zircon can open a closed heart. These pink crystals introduce the vibes of forgiveness and kindness.

10. Rose Quartz

rose quartz pink crystals

Rose Quartz is one of the most popular pink crystals. It’s also called Hyaline Quartz. Rose Quartz comes in a pale pink coloring. It has a beautiful vitreous luster.

Rose Quartz represents gentleness, calmness, femininity, compassion, and love. Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love that restores trust and harmony in relationships. Rose Quartz also encourages unconditional love and emotional healing.

The Soulmate Rose Quartz Bracelet activates your soulmate energy. Call in your divine counterpart with the help of Rose Quartz.

11. Strawberry Quartz

Strawberry Quartz is silicate and has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale. It’s a less saturated and paler form of Red Aventurine It’s a fairly rare type of crystal that contains red and reddish-pink shade inclusions and trace minerals that look like strawberry seeds.

The Strawberry Quartz Love Bracelet boosts your confidence and spurs on your self-love vibes.

12. Pink Aventurine

Pink Aventurine is a pink crystal that presents as translucent to opaque. Pink Aventurine has shiny speckles of Mica inclusions. Pink and Red Aventurines get their colors from Hematite and Goethite inclusions. It’s also known as Gold Dust Quartz after its sparkling shine.

Pink Aventurine symbolizes happiness, prosperity, and compassion. These pink crystals help us face tough situations and act for the highest good. They encourage great wisdom and remind us how lucky we truly are to have a human experience.

The Balanced Life Jewelry Set supports spiritual alignment and balance.

13. Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline is a variety of Tourmaline that appears in pale light pink to bright hot pink colors. It comes in raw, transparent, and opaque forms and is commonly found together with Quartz and other Tourmaline colors.

Pink tourmaline is the perfect crystal for counselors and healers due to the fact that it supports better listening and understanding skills. It encourages an influx of love, joy, and happiness to fill your life.

The Happiness Bracelet brings in similar high vibes. You'll enjoy a boost of zest for life and emotional fulfillment.

14. Rhodonite

Rhodonite is silicate manganese that measures 5 or 6 on the Mohs hardness scale. It’s named based on the Greek word “rhodon”, which means rose-red. Rhodonite can be even a dark red.

Pink Rhodonite is a pink crystal that helps maintain well-balanced energy levels and supports you in fulfilling your potential. If you use it together with a Rose Quartz, it will boost the healing power of this powerful crystal.

15. Pink Fluorite

Pink Fluorite is part of the Halide family. Its crystalline Cluster form comes in colors ranging from light pink to magenta.

Pink Fluorite radiates gentle angelic energy and encourages self-love and appreciation. This pink crystal helps to cleanse your heart chakra and your emotional connections of any unwanted influences. It helps heal wounds of the heart and overcome conflicts.

Use the Fluorite Heart of Peace to heal wounds with this soothing energy. It will clear emotional blockages and heal heart-centered relationships.

16. Pink Apatite

Pink Apatite crystal clusters support creativity and improve your intellect. It helps you release frustration and confusion and reduces irritability, helping you awaken your authentic spiritual inner self.

Get the benefits of Apatite with the Apatite Heart of Positivity. Optimism and high vibes will fill your soul and your view on life will become more positive.

17. Pink Rhodochrosite

Pink Rhodochrosite is a pink carbonate with Manganese swirls. That means it has white or gray bands that run across the surface. It’s believed to bring abundance and fulfillment into your life. 

Pink Rhodochrosite enriches your life and helps you resolve issues related to your past.

You can also harmonize with the energies of fulfillment and emotional abundance with the help of the Self-Cleansing Crystal Pens.

18. Pink Calcite

Pink Calcite is a Calcium Carbonate mineral that crystallizes in large mass formations. Under UV light it emits a radiant pink hue and flaunts its fluorescent beauty.

Pink Calcite upgrades the heart chakra and inspires deep love, compassion, and forgiveness.

19. Pink Chalcedony

Pink Chalcedony is an opaque silica mineral that is present in cryptocrystalline formations. This member of the Quartz family ranges in color from light dull pink to bright shades of pink and even light reds.

Pink Chalcedony heals emotional trauma. It helps you overcome painful events from the past. With the help of Pink Chalcedony, you’ll be able to stop making the same mistakes over and over again.

Use the Rose Quartz Healing Crystal Set to learn from mistakes.

20. Pink Agate

Pink Agate is a Quartz mineral that has banded streaks or a layered presentation. Pink Agate has fossilized inclusions and colorful flecks in its bands.

Pink Agate is a powerful calming and soothing stone. It counteracts fear and encourages personal strength, positive energy, and courage, boosting your self-confidence.

Wear the Calm Nature Bracelet Set and get similar benefits to those offered by Pink Agate.

21. Pink Jasper

The name of Jasper crystals comes from the Latin word ‘iaspidem’ which means a spotted or speckled stone.

It has inclusions of minerals, ash, and sediment in the structure of the crystal, which give it a speckled appearance.

The Pink Jasper stone has powerful transformative energy which encourages empowerment.

Boost your transformative powers with the Dragon’s Heart Transformation Pendant.

22. Pink Coral

Coral is formed by living organisms as part of the Coral reef. It’s composed of calcium carbonate. The color of Coral varies from the most popular red hues to pale pink or salmon.

Pink Coral is a crystal of the sea. It protects innocence and children. Pink Coral is also a crystal that brings good fortune to its wearer. These pink crystals lead people to success.

Try the Golden Success Bracelet to make the most of the good luck coming your way.

23. Kunzite

Kunzite is naturally pale pink in color with a glassy presentation. Kunzite has a flat presentation with vertical striations.

Kunzite is associated with love and devotion.

Keep the Pyramid Of Devotion close by to introduce similar vibes into your life. You'll achieve a deeper level of connection.

24. Pink Amethyst

We’re used to Amethyst presenting as a beautiful purple crystal. But there is, in fact, a pink version of Amethyst as well. Pink Amethyst has Hematite inclusions in its crystalline formation.

Pink Amethyst is a recent discovery from Patagonia, Argentina. The color can range from pale lilac-pink to deep peachy pink.

Use the Amethyst Love Heart Cluster to get the benefits of spiritual love. This beautiful crystal will help you connect emotionally on a higher level.

25. Pink Garnet

Pink Garnet or Rhodolite Garnet is named after the word for “Rose Stone” in Greek. It’s also called Raspberry Garnet because it has pink and purple undertones.

Pink Garnets are part of the Star Garnet family. That means it has a pattern that looks like stars on the surface of the crystal under a light source, which is called Asterism. It’s a result of the Rutile inclusions of Titanium Dioxide.

Garnet is a powerful stone for passion and healing connections. Pink Garnet heals emotional wounds in the couple and brings unconditional love into the connection.

With the Natural Garnet Healing Bracelet you’ll see passion rise and enthusiasm grow.

26. Star Ruby

Ruby is a pink-red to blood-red colored crystal variety of the mineral Corundum (Aluminum Oxide). The name Ruby comes from the Latin word for red, ruber. The color of Ruby is due to Chromium.

Star Rubies present intersecting needle-like inclusions of Rutile that cause the appearance of a starburst. A Ruby is considered a Star Ruby if there’s a three-point or six-point asterism or a star that is included in the stone.

If the dominant color of the Ruby is not red but rather pink, then it’s a Star Pink Sapphire rather than a Ruby. The two crystals have the same composition and are defined by the dominant color, which for Rubies is red.

Star Rubies reveal your life purpose and bring you luck and abundance. They are believed to be crystals of wealth.

The Pi Yao Wealth Bracelet brings you similar benefits. It combines the power of the powerful Pi Yao Chinese symbol with the grounding and abundant vibes of beautiful crystals.

27. Pink Halite

Halite is the natural form of salt. It’s a common mineral that has been studied in depth. One of its varieties is Pink Halite. Pink Halite is a type of Halite that was tainted by algae species of bacteria which gives its pink color.

Pink Halite is a crystal that brings its wearer clarity, peace, and self-love. It clarifies thoughts, lifts confusion, reveals deception, and rids you of doubts.

Wear the Mental Clarity Bracelet to see clearly where your life is headed. You'll have a deeper understanding of your role in the grander scheme of things and of your divine purpose.

Which Other Healing Crystals Work Well With Pink Crystals?

Rose crystals bridge the gap between the crown chakra, heart chakra, sacral chakra, and root chakra stones.

Since pinks are a mix of white and red, they combine the energy of the higher realms and conscious awareness with the rooting and well-grounded energy of the earth and Mother Gaia. You can say that crystals of a rosy color work well with all the chakras and, as a result, with a variety of other crystals and healing crystals.

White crystals interact first and foremost with the crown chakra. When interacting with white crystals, rose crystals bring in grounding emotional vibes and harmony.

Purple crystals augment psychic insight and emotional awareness. When combined with pink crystals, they have an even more compassionate and empathic interaction with other people’s energies.

When it comes to the blue crystals that are naturally in tune with your throat chakra, the rose crystals support them with healing and charming energy.

The strong suit of rose crystals is how they work with the green crystals that connect to your heart chakra. They intensify the emotional bond with Mother Gaia and all of her creations. They encourage authentic expressions of your feelings and true self. In turn, these result in durable and sincere relationships with people and the world around them.

The solar plexus chakra and the yellow crystals that work well with it benefit from the emotional equilibrium of rose crystals. With a steady sense of self and a sensitive perception of the world around you, you’ll have a greater sense of personal power. Your ability to manifest will also be improved.

The sacral chakra benefits from the energy of rose crystals too. Rose crystals augment creativity and authentic imaginative manifestations of your desires. Your fertility will also be improved by combining orange and rose crystals.

Red, brown, and black crystals work best with your root chakra. Rose crystals support a more spiritually uplifting and compassionate connection to Mother Gaia. They support authentic grounding energies and ease the way towards successful manifestations.

Get Your Pink Crystals Today!

Get your pink crystal jewelry pieces right now. Begin your journey of healing your emotional body. Overcome childhood wounds and emotional imbalances from past lives. Integrate your shadow and light self and achieve an energetic divine union. That’s how you’ll live in the frequency of authentic unconditional love.

If you’d like to make the most of your pink crystals, use them together with other crystals for love and happiness.

Activate and heal your heart chakra. With the help of rose crystals, you’ll navigate energetic upgrades with more ease. Your entire aura will radiate with health, vitality, and self-love. You’ll attract the frequency of abundance and fulfillment.

Wear a pink stone necklace to improve your charisma. It will bring high vibes into all of your interactions. Add some pink stone earrings and your crown chakra will activate the high vibes of soulmates and divine counterparts. The pink stones for rings will bring the vibe of unconditional love and self-love into your lower chakras, grounding you in self-confidence and joy.

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