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The Fresh Start Bracelet
Transformation • Love • Support
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Everybody reaches that time in their life when they need to make big changes. If you want to achieve the life of your dreams, sacrifice is essential. The Fresh Start Bracelet supports you on the journey to making a positive change.As you can tell from its sheer beauty, Malachite is the primary stone in this bracelet. It’s a crystal famed for enhancing the quality and speed of manifestations, strengthening intentions, and promoting positive changes. Aligning the chakras streamlines your energy and empowers you to make large life adjustments with relative ease. This makes Malachite’s chakra-balancing benefits the icing on the spiritual transformation cake.Labradorite also promotes new beginnings. The mystical stone unlocks the inner power of perseverance. It pushes you to keep going, even when you feel like you want to just give up. Follow your gut. Labradorite is an intuition-boosting gem that enables you to always have a sense of direction and purpose. Treat it as a spiritual compass for reassurance that you’re on the right path.Enter the next stage of your life with confidence.Affirmation: Use mantras that dissolve the fear associated with change, such as “I am confident and capable of achieving everything I want in the next stage of my life.”Product details: Item type: bracelet Material: Malachite, Labradorite Color: green, silver, transparent Band type: elastic Dimensions:  Bead size: 0.16 in (4 mm) Bracelet length: 5.91 - 6.3 in (15 - 16 cm) Weight: 0.5 oz (15 g) As the bracelet is made from natural stones, the colors may vary slightly from stone to stone, making each one utterly unique.

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