Love Crystals: Top 20 Best Crystals For Love And Happiness

Love Crystals: Top 20 Best Crystals For Love And Happiness

Crystals for love can be very helpful on your path of growth and development. They're great whether you're suffering from a broken heart or you're on the path towards attracting love  to light up the twin flame.

These beautiful crystals have powerful healing properties. They'll help you achieve emotional balance and bring joy and happiness into your love life.

Let's see which are the best crystals for love and happiness.

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Love Crystals And Their Meanings

Crystals for love and healing stones that work with your heart chakra talk about achieving a state of fulfillment and happiness.

A great crystal for love doesn't just address romance, though. It's also a great stone for self-awareness and self-love. It balances emotions within your own heart and between yourself and your partner.

A powerful love stone encourages loving energy inside your heart chakra. It heals old wounds and brings peace. Your love stone will also stimulate your sacral chakra, the seat of fertility and creation. But the rest of your chakras also play significant roles in your self-love, love life, and relationships.

What crystal color is for love?

The most obvious crystals for love are pink and red. But blue, green, purple, orange, and yellow crystals are also great for love and happiness.

Each of these crystals works with a particular chakra first and foremost. But they also support your entire energetic body and improve your life.

You can use the crystals for love we're talking about today as part of a crystal grid. The combined power of the crystals and sacred geometry will activate the vibe of true happiness and emotional fulfillment.

What Is The Best Crystal For Love?

It's hard to decide on the best option when it comes to love crystals and stones. In some cases, you need healing crystals. In others, you need crystals for new love. And sometimes you want a crystal that amplifies the love you already have in your life.

We'll talk more in-depth about crystals for new love and healing emotional wounds. But maybe you already have the love you wanted and you want to amplify or celebrate it. In that case, there are two powerful options: Clear Quartz (to amplify and support growth) and Diamond (to celebrate and secure love). That's one of the reasons why these two crystals for love make for great engagement ring options.

1. Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz crystals for lovers have the power to amplify the love you already have. It cleanses the energies of both partners and raises the vibes of your bond, deepening it.

If you're wondering what crystal is for love that's just now blossoming, Clear Quartz is a great option. It encourages honest connections and clarifies intentions. When you wear this crystal, you'll find it easier to communicate clearly.

It also helps to keep anxiety and nervous energy at bay. That helps reduce some of the awkward factors of those first dates.

2. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is perhaps one of the most popular crystals for self-love and healing. It's one of the most powerful crystals for romantic love, too. It supports healing, growth, and develops emotional connections at the same time.

Rose Quartz is one of the most powerful stones when it comes to healing emotional trauma. It will help you release the negative energy of past loves.

Use the Spiritual GPS - Guardian Car Crystal Kit to activate and attract towards you your divine counterpart's energy. True happiness is just one step away when you wear these crystals for love.

3. Strawberry Quartz

When it comes to crystals of love, Strawberry Quartz is a great alternative to Rose Quartz. It encourages emotional healing and attracts love your way.

Strawberry Quartz has amazing healing properties. It empowers unconditional self-love. Beautiful souls will be attracted to the high vibe of this crystal.

Wear the Strawberry Quartz Love Bracelet to encourage mindfulness and gratitude. If you combine the Strawberry Quartz and Rose Quartz crystals for love, you'll achieve a powerful emotional transformation.

4. Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is a special stone that can attract abundance and pure love. It resonates with the heart chakra. Green Aventurine activates the energy of unconditional love and improves emotional connections.

It has magical properties of healing self-doubt. With the help of Green Aventurine, you'll build a confident self-image. That's going to help you step boldly into a new relationship or heal your current one.

Green Aventurine can often be found as part of chakra healing sets like the The Divination Crystal Grid Set. They are powerful allies for your crystals for love.

5. Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline crystals cover a wide range of colors, from a light pink all the way to dark reds. All of them are connected to the emotional body and the heart chakra. It’s one of the best pink love crystals around.

Pink Tourmaline encourages deep emotional connection. It can be a connection to your authentic self or to a romantic partner. Pink Tourmaline gemstone jewelry encourages compassion and gentleness. It boosts positive thinking and a kind-hearted but well-balanced attitude. 

Wear the The Energy-Boosting Necklace and you'll enjoy a sense of emotional equilibrium and optimism.

6. Rhodonite

Rhodonite is a great stone for encouraging compassion. It balances emotions and supports you in overcoming negative thoughts.

Rhodonite is an amazing stone when you're on a journey of emotional recovery and healing. You'll find it easier to overcome old wounds and release those negative experiences. If your partner is dealing with such issues, wearing Rhodonite will help you be your most supportive and understanding version.

It's one of the best crystal options for releasing pent-up frustrations. As a result, these crystals for love support new and existing bonds, strengthening them.

Wear the Change & Transformation Bracelet Pack of 4 and the heart-healing Rhodonite will support you in becoming the best emotionally-balanced self you can be.

7. Morganite

Morganite is a stone of unconditional love and divinely guided connections. It diminishes the impact of negative influences on your relationships.

Morganite can activate healing and expand the emotional potential of your heart chakra. It expands your emotional world and allows you to build connections based on a much deeper level of understanding.

Morganite invites the energy of nurturing and care into your relations, romantic and friendship-based. It helps romantic relationships grow deeper and more intimate. It encourages positive thoughts and communication. As a result, it supports your positive self-image and consolidates your self-worth. You can read more about Morganite in our crystal guide.

Morganite speaks about vitality. These crystals for love can make your emotional bond more passionate and intensify your positive feelings.

8. Fluorite

Fluorite is a powerful stone for releasing tension and overcoming unresolved trauma. Its soothing energy keeps you calm and focused so you don't become overwhelmed.

Green Fluorite is an excellent stone for healing inner child issues. With its help, you can purify negative energies and bring peace into your soul. Green Fluorite connects to your heart chakra and cleanses the negative energy there. That helps you to grow on a personal and spiritual level.

Purple Fluorite is one of the more spiritual crystals for true love. It encourages a calm and level-headed attitude during trying times. Whether you're navigating self-love issues or matters of the heart, it reduces stress and mental agitation. The Purple Fluorite crystals for love help you achieve and maintain a serene state of mind.

Put the Fluorite Hearts of Peace in your bedroom and they'll support your relationships and process of personal development.

9. Abalone Shell

Abalone Shells are connected to the water element. The water element is very connected to the yin or feminine energy healing. Abalone symbolizes the world of creativity, intuition, healing energy, and feelings.

Abalone Shells are amazing crystals for love and luck. Their energy is focused on attracting love and nourishing the heart and soul.

These crystals for love and peace will create a soothing atmosphere in your personal space. Get the Abalone Jewelry Protection Set to keep your relationship and yourself shielded from any negativity.

10. Amethyst

When it comes to which crystals attract love of a higher vibe, Amethyst is at the top of the list.

Amethyst is one of the highest vibe crystals for love in a physical and spiritual sense. It can help you maximize your spiritual power and be your emotional best self. It awakens the ancient wisdom from deep within with a gentle energy.

However stressful your connection or situation might be, Amethyst will help you calm down. With a clear head and the wise support of Amethyst, you'll find the best solutions to any issue in your relationship.

This crystal brings you closer to the universal truth of unconditional love. Amethyst supports stronger visualizations, crystalizes your intention, and sharpens your focus. As a result, it's one of the best crystals for manifesting love.

Claim your right to emotional bliss with the Tree of Life Tranquility Set.

11. Red Tiger's Eye

Certain crystals for love support a good relationship by turning up the heat. Red Tiger's Eye is one of those powerful gemstones.

Red Tiger’s Eye stimulates stamina and enthusiasm. It lights up or rekindles the spark between you and your partner, stimulating your libido. If you or your partner are facing issues in your sex life, it supports resolving them calmly but effectively.

Tiger's Eye activates and grounds the root chakra, improving your fertility and helping you express your passion freely.

Ignite fiery passion and overcome your inhibitions with the help of the Tiger's Eye Passion Bracelet.

12. Red Jasper

Red Jaspers are some of the best crystals for love. The color of Red Jasper resonates with the sacral chakra and root chakra. It improves your vitality and livens up your aura.

Red Jasper activates the Kundalini energy. It can remove energetic blockages in your base chakra. As a result, Red Jasper balances your sexual and reproductive energies. It activates your creativity and self-expression. Red Jasper boosts your personal power and improves your motivation.

It's a great stone for solving problems and coming up with inspired approaches to situations you run into. As part of the Prosperity Magnet Bracelet Pack of 4, it enhances emotional endurance.

13. Red Agate

When it comes to love stones and crystals, Red Agate is a symbol of raw passion. It resonates with the root chakra.

It ignites passion in new connections and reignites it in an existing relationship. If your day-to-day life is stressful and overly demanding, Red Agate creates a protective barrier that keeps your love safe.

Red Agate promotes the vibes of peace and unconditional love. It helps you restore the balance in your spirit by harmonizing your Yin and Yang energies. Red Agate crystals for love activate the frequency of twin flames.

Align your mind, body, and soul with the help of the Harmony Bracelet.

14. Carnelian

Carnelian is a stone of motivation and endurance. Carnelian and Red Agate, both great gemstones for love, resonate with fire energy. But while Red Agate is more of a red stone, Carnelian is closer to orange. It resonates with the sacral chakra.

Carnelian stimulates creativity and artistic expression. It can boost your power and stamina and improve motivation.

Carnelian can improve your confidence. It supports you in sharing your true self with the world. You'll be creative when you communicate and become more and more charming. It's a great stone for journalists, musicians, and writers.

Wear the Awaken True Self Necklace Set, and it will optimize your energetic body and improve your love life.

15. Ruby

The rich red Ruby resonates with your sacral chakra and root chakra. It opens up your heart to the energies of true and deep love. When wearing Ruby, you'll feel an improvement in your self-confidence, excitement levels, and energetic resources.

This popular crystal helps you manifest your divine counterpart, soulmate, or twin flame.

Your world will open up to brighter horizons with the help of these crystals for love. Ruby helps you keep your energy focused on building a bright future.

16. Garnet

Garnets are powerful love crystals. They support you when it comes to attracting love and a good relationship into your life. If there's stagnant energy in your chakras, particularly in your root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras, Garnet mobilizes it. It boosts your personal power and confidence.

Garnet invites more prosperity into your life. These crystals for love protect and clear your energy field while stimulating your creativity and zest for life.

With the Universal Love Bracelet & Ring Set, the love energy in your life will be greatly amplified.

17. Apatite

Apatite is a powerful tool when it comes to crystals used for love. It generates energies that are soothing and positivity-enhancing. Apatite restores inner peace after you've suffered from a broken heart.

It's often used as a stone to encourage spiritual growth. Apatite can help you release stress and negative mindsets that prevent you from being happy in love.

The Apatite Heart of Positivity eases away tension, reduces frustrations, and alleviates negative feelings like anger or annoyance. The resulting positive vibes give you the optimism you need to build a brighter future.

Negativity will become a thing of the past with the help of the Apatite love healing crystals.

18. Aquamarine

Aquamarine helps you be more perseverant and compassionate. Its gentle energy allows you to become more responsible and tolerant. It encourages taking on serious commitments in your love life.

Aquamarine helps you relax. It encourages speaking your truth clearly. It's a powerful love crystal because it supports the emotional healing of relationships where there's negative energy between the partners.

The Guardian Angel Lamp of Protection - Aquamarine Tree helps people who are in love to live in harmony and reduces arguments between them.

19. Turquoise

If you’re trying to attract new relationships and love into your life, Turquoise is an excellent stone for it. It will brighten up your energy and restore trust in your own charm.

Having a good mood, you’ll become more confident and unleash your seductive powers. Accepting yourself is the first true step towards having an authentic connection with someone else. Once you love and embrace who you truly are, you'll magnetize towards you your soul tribe and romantic counterparts.

Turquoise is also a protection stone. Wear the New Beginnings - Anklet Trio of Renewal and the positive healing powers of these crystals for love will protect you from negative energies.

20. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli reveals your inner truth and encourages the release of repressed feelings. It will support you in building connections to people you find interesting.

If you struggle with starting a new relationship, Lapis Lazuli helps you build bridges so you can get closer to others. It supports you being honest with your crushes and finding out what brings you together without unnecessary conflict. With the help of the Lapis Lazuli crystals for love, you'll build a safe space for your relationship to grow.

This crystal will protect you from negative energies. The wisdom encouraged by this stone allows you to become better at problem-solving when it comes to your connections. You'll be able to explore yourself deeper and practice self-love. That, in turn, will improve all of your authentic connections.

Wear the Manifestation Magnet Pack of 4 and your love stories will become stories of successful connections and happiness.

How Often Should You Cleanse Your Crystals For Love?

Cleansing your crystals for love is an important part of using them. We've talked before about different ways you can cleanse your crystals.

Even the most powerful crystals need regular cleansing. Though they have impressive healing abilities, these crystals for love can only do their best work if they're properly cared for.

Consider using Selenite to cleanse crystals as a go-to method to have pure energy coming from your stones. If you wear them every day, then keep the Selenite tower in your bedroom.

That way, your crystals will be cleansed every night while you sleep. And your own energy will be cleansed every night too. Using a constant cleansing method like this will support the high vibes of your connections too. It's an all-around win.

Get Your Crystals For Unconditional Love!

Activate the energy of authentic self-love and true love in your heart chakra. Get your crystals for love and start your journey of emotional and relational healing. Enrich your life with these beautiful crystals for love and fulfillment.

Once you connect with your truth, your relationships will be a reflection of your soul's vibe. Help that vibe shine by using the right crystals for you. The right people will gravitate towards you. Your emotional body will be strong and vibrant and your charm will shine like never before. You will finally feel you're flowing with the universal energies of love and happiness.

Make the most of the crystal meanings of the powerful gemstones we talked about. Use them together with crystals for healing and cleansing. Keep your healing crystal close at all times. It will improve all aspects of your life, not just the emotional ones.

Stay up to date with our crystal guides and Conscious store updates. Sign up for the newsletter and enjoy your rewards!

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