Complete List of Semi-Precious Gemstones

Complete List of Semi-Precious Gemstones

Don't let the name fool you: semi-precious gemstones are anything but second-rate. These dazzling gems—from the hypnotic Alexandrite to the captivating Peridot—boast an array of properties that are nothing short of enchanting. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece or something more understated, genuine semi-precious gemstones add more than just a touch of elegance to any look.

Compared to their more costly "cousins", precious gemstones, semi-precious gems are typically easier to source and come with a variety of price points. Though most are more affordable than Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds, or Sapphires, some semi-precious gemstones, such as Tanzanite, can be more valuable per carat.

Where to begin?

Here’s a semi-precious gemstones list to help kickstart your journey into the exciting world of semi-precious gemstones!

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List of Semi-Precious Gemstones


One of the rarest and most expensive semi-precious gemstones, Alexandrite (a part of the Chrysoberyl family) is known for its remarkable ability to change color depending on the light source. Chartreuse green from one angle, deep purple from another, and red under incandescent light, you can only marvel at the splendor of this gemstone.

Lapis Lazuli

The depths of Lapis Lazuli’s azure blue are truly mesmerizing. A combination of various minerals, this semi-precious gemstone consists primarily of Lazurite, with trace amounts of Calcite, Sodalite, and Pyrite for added sparkle.

Believed to open and activate our Throat chakra, Lapis Lazuli is an excellent option for creative expression and communication.


Agate is an example of a semi-precious gemstone that comes in a variety of colors and patterns. This type of Quartz features intricate swirls, circles, and bands as it forms in voids within sedimentary rocks. No matter your favorite color palette, you’re sure to find Agate that speaks to your personality.

Despite its lively array of hues, Agate works best as a stabilizing force, grounding our energies and helping us stay centered in the present moment.


The purple variety of Quartz, Amethyst is a semi-precious gemstone that embodies both enchantment and healing. Thought to help dissolve negative emotions, Amethyst helps us access higher states of consciousness and open up our Third Eye chakra.

Amethyst's distinct shade of purple is particularly stunning when set in silver or gold—a standout piece for any jewelry collection.


If you’re a lover of the ocean, let Aquamarine be the semi-precious gemstone that transports you to its blissful depths. This variety of Beryl is renowned for its serene blue and turquoise hues, which can range from light pastel shades to deep teal.

Aquamarine’s tranquil energy is said to ease our fear of the unknown, propelling us toward new possibilities.


Garnet refers to a family of silicate minerals that come in several species that share the same general physical attributes, differing only in chemical composition. The most common species is Pyrope, which displays a range of shades from deep red to pink.

Though Garnet was first known as the gemstone of the warrior, it has since earned its place as the gemstone of love and devotion too—a timeless symbol of lasting relationships.


From its mysterious milky sheen to its ethereal shimmer, Moonstone has long been associated with the divine feminine. Far from a simple stone, Moonstone’s captivating iridescence was said to be the light of the goddess within.

Whether you use it as a talisman for protection or simply admire its beauty, Moonstone is an enchanting gemstone that has been coveted since ancient times.


Though some Opal specimens are considered in some quarters as "precious" the vast majority of Opals are semi-precious.

This gem is distinguished by its internal play of color. Also referred to as "opalescence", this feature of Opal is due to its unique internal structure, which diffracts light and creates the most remarkable rainbow of colors.

Opal's iridescence is thought to bring out the best in an individual and symbolize hope, innocence, and purity.


Pearls are the only semi-precious gemstone that doesn’t come from a mineral source. Instead, these precious gems form within mollusks as their response to an irritant such as a tiny piece of sand or marine debris.

Pearl is renowned for their classic beauty and symbolizes wisdom acquired through experience. They’re also the gemstone of innocence and protection, believed to provide a shield against negative energies.


When it comes to semi-precious gemstones, Peridot stands out for its unmistakable olive-green hue. This variety of Olivine can range from light yellowish green to dark olive, with the most valuable hues falling in between.

Collectors value Peridot for its calming, soothing energy, which helps you stay in your power. It’s also the perfect semi-precious gemstone to invite in abundance and positive energies.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is one of the most beloved semi-precious gemstones, thanks to its rosy hue and calming energy. This variety of Quartz gets its pink color from trace amounts of Manganese, Titanium, and Iron—chemicals that influence the crystal’s ability to take on a reddish hue.

Rose Quartz’s gentle energy is believed to open your heart and heal emotional wounds.


A relatively common but still exquisite semi-precious gemstone, Spinel is known for its brilliant flashes of color. This semi-precious gemstone can be found in a range of colors such as pink, purple, red, and even blue.

Spinel is said to help its wearer align with their true purpose and bring out their inner strength. It’s also the perfect gemstone to infuse your spirit with courage, confidence, and optimism.


Also known as Blue Zoisite, Tanzanite is a fairly recent addition to the semi-precious gemstone family. This unique gem was discovered in 1967 and, to date, has been found only in Tanzania and Kenya.

Tanzanite is renowned for its extraordinary ability to change color depending on the angle of view. From deep blues and violets to subtle yellows and reds, Tanzanite’s spectrum of colors never fails to captivate.


One of our personal favorite semi-precious gemstones is Turquoise. This delicate yet bold gemstone has been treasured since ancient times. Its distinctive sky blue color with hints of green reminds us of the placid waters and bright sky of hot summer days.

Turquoise is believed to spur its wearer’s creative spirit, nurturing a sunny outlook on life. It also helps to bring clarity and inner peace, allowing you to stay focused on what matters most.


With so many colors to choose from, Tourmaline is the ultimate semi-precious gemstone for every occasion. Whether it’s pink, green, blue, or even multi-colored, Tourmaline's adaptability is unparalleled.

Its vibrant energy helps to keep its wearer centered and balanced, allowing them to tackle any obstacle head-on. It also has the power to restore joy and enthusiasm for life, helping you make each day count.


Is there a semi-precious gemstone more iconic than Jade? This stone is treasured for its deep shades of green, but it can also be found in almost any other color.

Jade can be one of two silicate minerals: either Nephrite or Jadeite. Both of these gemstones are highly valued for their protective qualities and ability to bring harmony and balance into our lives. They’re also believed to invite good luck and fortune.


When you think of semi-precious gemstones like Onyx, black is the first color that comes to mind. But this versatile gemstone can also be found in other colors such as white, gray, and red.

Onyx is said to be the stone of inner strength and resilience, helping you push through any challenge or obstacle with focus and determination. It also has the power to fend off negative energies and protect its wearer’s energy field.


Unless you're a hard-core gemstone fanatic, you may not have heard of Kyanite. This predominantly blue gemstone also comes in other colors such as white, grey, pink, orange, or black, and can be zoned with different shades growing side by side.

Extremely rare, Kyanite is believed to possess strong healing properties and aid in emotional balance. It can also draw out negative thoughts and energies, transforming them into positive ones.


Everyone dreams of precious gemstones, but semi-precious gems are just as beautiful and powerful, while generally being more affordable. There's no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing a semi-precious gemstone that speaks to you. Whether it’s Spinel, Tanzanite, Turquoise, Tourmaline, Jade, Onyx, or Kyanite—all of these gems are genuine catalysts of beauty, energy, and wellness!

So if you’re looking to honor your spirit and tap into the power of semi-precious gemstones, now you know where to start. Let the healing and power of semi-precious gemstones take your personal journey to new heights!

But if you didn't find the one that truly resonated with your spirit on a deep level, check out the full list of gemstones to explore the meanings of all the gems out there and find the right one for you!

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