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Black Onyx: Ultimate Guide To Meaning, Benefits, Uses, and Value

Have you ever considered adding Black Onyx to your crystal and stone collection? If so, you might have come across some interesting information. The history of the Black Onyx tells a tale of mystery and power that traditional lore has accepted as both beneficial and dangerous.

While Black Onyx is now widely accepted as one of the most important stones to have in your meditative and spiritual practices, it remains an incredibly powerful stone that should be used with positive affirmations, specific intentions, and care. 

Ready to deep dive into the world of protection, self-preservation, and achievement that Black Onyx can offer? Read on. 

Origin of Black Onyx

The exact discovery and date of Black Onyx are unknown. We do know from various historical documents, including biblical manuscripts, that it has been used since ancient times, dating back to hundreds of years B.C. It was still in use in ancient Rome and Greece during the first century.

Ancient Roman warriors wore Onyx on their breastplates into battle, as it was thought that the Onyx stone would bring achievement and victory. At the same time, ancient Chinese and Arabic cultures avoided the stone because it was associated with bad dreams, misfortunate, and negative energy.  In Africa, it was thought that negative spirits haunted the Black Onyx.

Black onyx

Regardless of the ancient cultural uses of Black Onyx, the exact formation of Onyx is the subject of much debate. 

Greek mythology holds that the goddess Venus was sleeping by the Indus River. While asleep, Eros (Cupid) clipped her fingernails with his arrow. The clippings fell into the Indus River and sank. The Fates then created Black Onyx from her fingernails because it was thought that no part of the goddess should be wasted, even her fingernail clippings. 

This may explain by Black Onyx is sometimes referred to as the fingernail stone. In addition to the folklore, Onyx sometimes forms with thin, white, marbled striations, which look similar to the white tips of fingernails. 

Scientifically speaking, the formation of Black Onyx occurs when water silica gels and solidifies, usually at low temperatures. This makes the properties of Black Onyx different from many of your other crystals and stones. 

Physical Properties of Black Onyx

Black Onyx isn’t a true crystal or a stone. It is a variation of chalcedony, which is a type of microcrystalline quartz. Quartz stones are commonly referred to as gemstones because they have some of the same qualities as both crystals and stones.

Black Onyx can often take on a marbled appearance, even if white lines are not present in the stone. Black Onyx has a glass-like surface but is not entirely reflective, nor is it translucent. It is similar to a block of ice in appearance. 

A hard gemstone, Black Onyx has a Mohs hardness rating of 6.5-7, which means it is a sturdy stone that can cut other stones if it has a sharp enough edge. Large deposits of Black Onyx can be found in South America, North America, Australia, parts of Africa, and Madagascar. 

Rarity of Black Onyx

Although deposits of Black Onyx can be found in numerous locations worldwide, the amount of Black Onyx in those locations is low compared to other crystals and quartz stones. As such, natural Black Onyx is considered very rare. 

If you are searching for a true Black Onyx stone, be aware that much of what is available commercially is not true Black Onyx, but rather agate stone that has been stained to resemble it. 

Agate is also a form of chalcedony and a beautiful and useful stone. To form Black Onyx from agate, the stone is stained and treated with a combination of sugar and sulphuric acid. It’s also important to note that agate staining dates back to early Egyptian times. 

Value of Black Onyx

Although Black Onyx is rare, it is not considered a precious gemstone. True, natural Black Onyx can range in price up to $500 per carat, depending on cut, clarity, and of course, the metal holding the stone. 

If you want to use Black Onyx in your daily routine, Black Onyx jewelry is usually very reasonably priced and effective in providing you all the benefits that Black Onyx offers. Wearing Black Onyx can help build confidence, ensure a cool head, and give you the upper hand in work and life. 

Metaphysical Properties of Black Onyx

The metaphysical element of Black Onyx is truly fascinating. Wearing it allows you to truly transform yourself into a more confident, self-assured person. Be careful; those among us who are already very self-assured and struggle to maintain healthy levels of pride and ego can be tempted to misuse this stone. 

Black Onyx is a protective gemstone that guards against negative energy. In fact, Black Onyx is the crystal for grief and loss. Unlike other stones and crystals that pull negativity from the aura, Black Onyx dissipates negativity. In essence, Black Onyx is a middleman that allows energy to flow between objects and people. This means it can disperse and distance negative energy without necessarily absorbing it itself. 

Stabilize Your Emotions

Black Onyx is also a grounding stone, which means it helps stabilize your spirit, center your energy, and control your emotions. If you feel emotionally unstable, Black Onyx can help bring you back into emotional homeostasis. 

If you often feel ruled by powerful negative emotions like anger, hatred, or resentment, Black Onyx can help you channel the energy expended on these emotions into positivity, creativity, and focus. Often worn by business personnel or kept in their offices, Black Onyx is said to help you:

  • Make better decisions;
  • Give you a cutting edge;
  • Keep you sharp, focused, and oblivious to distractions as you work; and
  • Deal with stress by dispelling it and sending it away from you. 

Feel like you struggle with unwanted temptation for activities or substances that aren’t healthy for your life? Black Onyx can help. By distancing the energy from the temptation or substance from you, you feel the vibration of it less and are therefore less attracted to it. 

Black Onyx helps create a solid foundation for future endeavors, so if you are planning a major financial, business, or life change, keeping Black Onyx nearby will help keep you grounded and provide the bedrock for your right decisions. 

Also referred to as a charm stone, Black Onyx boosts charisma, encourages self-confidence, strength, and charm. It is even thought to help boost attraction, which is why you’ll find it in many bedrooms! 

What Is the Meaning of Black Onyx?

The true meaning of the Black Onyx has been clouded in mystery due to legend and lore. However, it is now widely accepted that the meaning of Black Onyx is:

  • Protection;
  • Achievement; and
  • Correct use of will.

Black Onyx is protective against negativity and evil spirits. It has been used for centuries as a powerful talisman to ward off all kinds of evil encounters. Placing Black Onyx in your home or workplace can help dispel negativity of all kinds. During spiritual work, Black Onyx can help defend and protect you against the intrusion of evil spirits or negative shadows of your past. 

Black Onyx is a stone of achievement, but not because it will naturally bring you “good luck.” Black Onyx helps you master your will, driving your energy into correct usage, and channeling your energy (even if it stems from a negative emotion) rightly. 

Users who feel often led astray, gaslighted, or easily manipulated find strength in Black Onyx to stand their ground. Black Onyx helps you see the truest reflection of your true self, which can aid in building your confidence and express your true personality to others around you. 

Black Onyx seeks to help you channel all parts of your mental, physical, and spiritual being into your goals. 

If you’re seeking a higher level of total well-being on all planes, Black Onyx is the stone for you. 

Black Onyx and the Chakra Connection

Just like other earth stones, Black Onyx is a grounding stone and an earth element. It is deeply connected to your Root Chakra, which provides foundation and stability for the remainder of the Chakras located above it. 

Black Onyx helps balance and open the Root Chakra, which is located at the base of the spine and sacrum. Balancing your Root Chakra is important to the vitality and balance of all other Chakras, as this Chakra stabilizes you and connects you to the earth. 

Black onyx

You can practice balancing your Root Chakra with the use of Black Onyx by lying flat on your back and placing a Black Onyx stone on your pubic bone as you meditate. Balancing the Root Chakra not only helps keep other Chakras functioning properly, but it is also important in healing your body and mind. 

Healing Properties of Black Onyx

Because Black Onyx is such a powerful medium to channel energy, it’s an excellent choice for using in healing practices for physical, emotional, and mental healing. 

Physical Healing Properties of Black Onyx

Black Onyx’s connection to the Root Chakra helps it aid in alleviating symptoms of ailments related to an imbalanced Root Chakra. When the Root Chakra is not well balanced, you can experience: 

  • Fatigue, lethargy, sluggishness, and inability to focus;
  • Gastrointestinal issues including constipation and bloating; 
  • Bladder issues and problems with elimination;
  • Low back issues like pain, cramping, and tightness;
  • Issues with the lower extremities, ankles, and feet;
  • Menstruation issues;
  • Prostate issues; and
  • Swelling in the lower half of the body.

Many of these issues occur because the Root Chakra is either clouded with negative aural smog or simply closed. Black Onyx can be used to help alleviate these issues by placing it on the body during healing ceremonies and also by keeping it near to the body (as in the form of jewelry) until the body has been restored.

Emotional and Mental Healing Properties of Onyx

Black Onyx is a healer of emotional and mental issues that stem from negativity. Oftentimes we find ourselves dealing with emotions that are hard to feel, like anger and sadness. These emotions are not inherently negative themselves, but our normal inclination is to use them for harm, even if that harm is to ourselves (i.e., holding a resentment).  

Black Onyx does not seek to remove these emotions, but rather to channel them into a greater purpose. Instead of sending the emotions aside, Black Onyx helps you to see them, acknowledge them, accept them, and be present with them without feeling drained or burdened. 

Using Black Onyx in your daily meditative practices can help you realize your full potential, even during periods when you feel your energy is lowest and you are not mentally focused. Black Onyx cuts through mental fog, brings clarity, better intuition, and aids in accurate decision making. 

Black Onyx helps you avoid making decisions based on emotions or the need to exercise your will on others. It frees you from the burden of self and allows you to make decisions that are foundationally better and more beneficial to yourself and to others. 

Spiritual Healing Properties of Black Onyx

When we are clouded by strong emotions, our auras can feel closed off, like a pressure cooker ready to explode. It can seem like our spiritual practices aren’t helping alleviate our pain or bringing us closer to knowledge of our true selves.

Black Onyx helps gently break the seal on the pressure cooker of our souls, allowing the passage of energy and encouraging its flow. 

The use of Black Onyx is particularly important during clairvoyant sessions, exploring memories and/or shadows of the past, scrying, or otherwise attempting to contact the spiritual realm. 

Black Onyx allows protection from negative spirits, acting as a cloak around you that hides you from their negative energy. Black Onyx disperses their energy elsewhere so that it does not become a part of your aura. 

Uses of Black Onyx

Ready to grab hold of all the benefits Black Onyx has to offer? Here’s an easy guide to help you determine how to rightly use Black Onyx in your meditations and ceremonies, in your healing practices, and around your workplace and home. 

Meditation and Ceremonies With Black Onyx

Using Black Onyx in meditation and ceremonies is ideal because it helps promote mental focus and clarity. Even if your practice centers around another stone or crystal, having Black Onyx nearby as an accessory can help enhance your experience. 

Black Onyx is thought to help you reconcile issues in your past, so it is a great gemstone to hold while processing those emotions. It may also help you free yourself from feeling burdened by your emotions, sending the energy of your harshest emotions into the positive force of your practice to strengthen it. 

Black Onyx is a valuable stone for encouraging self-worth and value, which is why if you are particularly self-confident and assured, you should be careful with this stone. Misuse of Black Onyx can result in ego-mania, narcissism, selfishness, and unhealthy levels of rivalry with others. 

If you do, however, struggle with self-worth, the Black Onyx is for you. Black Onyx gives you confidence, strength, and trust in yourself that can help you live a better life and make better decisions. It can help you become more authentic and can give you the courage to be the truest form of yourself in all situations you face. 

You can use Black Onyx in your meditations and ceremonies like you would with your other stones and crystals. If using your Black Onyx as an accessory stone, you can simply place it to your side or have it present in the room. 

Black Onyx for Healers

Healers find Black Onyx especially beneficial in their practices. By incorporating the use of Black Onyx, they can better balance the Root Chakras of their clients, giving them a solid foundation for the remainder of their treatment. 

Healers may also use Black Onyx to protect themselves from the negative energy given off by their clients. Healers are extremely susceptible to clouded, smogged auras because of the intense level of work they do with their clients. Black Onyx can help disperse that energy so that it does not enter their aura, leaving them feeling drained and tired. 

Although Black Onyx is deeply connected to the Root Chakra, many healers use it to open and clear the Third Eye Chakra. Especially useful for clients who experience strong emotions, the Black Onyx placed on the Third Eye Chakra helps balance emotions, stabilize negativity, and better channel the will. 

Black Onyx in the Workplace and Home

Black Onyx has been used in homes for centuries, dating back to the early Egyptians. It is ever popular as a stone of protection and also decision making. Using it in the home and workplace to promote these attributes is a popular way to use the Black Onyx gemstone. 

In your place of work, Black Onyx can be used as a tool of advantage and precision. Black Onyx can help you keep mentally focused and level-headed. It can be extremely helpful to wear Black Onyx on the wrist when meeting new clients to protect against the flow of negative energy, if any, from them to you. 

Placing Black Onyx in your office can help you keep focused on your tasks, rightly divide your emotion from your business, and keep you sharp. Black Onyx gives you an upper hand and an advantage to your work that does not harm others but rather advances your own business and affairs. 

Because Black Onyx is thought to bring good fortune, placing it in the home is also advantageous. Here’s where Black Onyx is most beneficial in your home.

  • Entryway. Placing Black Onyx in your entryway can send negative energy that accompanies guests right back out the door. Black Onyx will dispel and disperse negative energy that attempts to cross the threshold of your home. 
  • Bedroom. Keeping Black Onyx in your bedroom has a dual purpose. Your bedroom is the place where you are most connected with yourself and is the room that is closest to your soul. Keeping a Black Onyx stone in the bedroom helps promote inner reflection and boosts your ability to see yourself rightly and without judgement. 

    The second reason for keeping Black Onyx in the bedroom is to increase attraction and passion. Because Black Onyx is a charm stone, keeping a Black Onyx stone under your bed or near it can help improve your love life. If it is a new relationship you are seeking, Black Onyx can help your attractive energy grow. 

You can also use Black Onyx in your home office or in areas where you are most likely to sit and make personal financial decisions. This will help keep positive energy flowing and give you better mental acuity. 

Black Onyx Jewelry

Using Black Onyx jewelry is one of the easiest and arguably most attractive ways to reap the benefits of this gemstone. From bracelets to rings and pendants, nothing is more attractive than the beautiful, glass-like surface of the Black Onyx stone set in precious metal. 

Black onyx

Keeping Black Onyx on your person helps defend you against negative energy, balance your emotions, and keep you grounded. It’s also beneficial to wear Black Onyx when you are distressed, dealing with a difficult situation, or feeling overwhelmed by your emotions. 

Cleansing and Recharging Black Onyx

Just like every crystal and stone you use in your spiritual practices, your Black Onyx stone will need to be cleansed from time to time. When cleansing your stone, it’s important to focus on a cleansing intention. We suggest the following intention: 

“Remove all energy which is not good, does not help the greater good, and does not serve me.”

Once you’ve stated your cleansing intention, you can begin cleansing. 

Flowing Water

An easy and efficient way to cleanse and recharge your Black Onyx is by using a jet of lukewarm water. The cleansing, restorative energy of flowing fresh water can remove negative energy build up from your Black Onyx. 

Place your Black Onyx in the water for approximately thirty seconds while holding your intention in place or reciting it aloud. Allow your Black Onyx stone to air dry. 

If you don’t have access to natural water sources, you can simply use a running tap. By placing your Black Onyx under the running tap, you allow the flow of water to pass over the Onyx and cleanse it. 

Sound Cleansing

Sound cleansing is a popular method of cleaning multiple crystals and stones at one time. Because the vibrations of the sound waves pass over larger areas, sound cleansing is appropriate for users who have a large collection of crystals and stones. 

Sound cleansing is also popular for more ceremonial cleansing. Using chants, tuning forks, music, sound bowls, bells, and chimes can help users who find it difficult to focus their thoughts and concentrate on a cleansing intention. 

To cleanse your Black Onyx with sound, keep your stone near to you while you use your sound instrument to create sound vibrations. The vibrations of the sound will cleanse and balance the vibrations of the Black Onyx, freeing it of negative buildup.

Charging with Quartz

Black onyx

You can cleanse your Black Onyx with Quartz—these two crystals empower each other and refresh them so that you’re ready to get back to regular use.  Place them together for two hours at least to get the full benefits of this. 

Cleansing Tips and Tricks

Although many crystals tolerate every type of cleansing method available, softer, more porous crystals can be damaged by exposure to water. 

Black Onyx is a hard, smooth stone that tolerates water well, so using water to cleanse your stone should not damage it. Almost any method of cleansing works exceptionally well for Black Onyx, but keep in mind there are a few caveats. 

  • Avoid direct sunlight. Dark stones, like Black Onyx, can fade when placed in direct sun. In addition to physical damage to the stone, the sun can drain your stone’s energy, leaving it in need of an even deeper cleansing. 
  • When cleansing Black Onyx found in jewelry, check the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure the precious metals in your jewelry can be cleansed with the method you’d like to use. Some metals cannot tolerate exposure to water. 

You can cleanse your Black Onyx as often as you’d like. If your stone is in a highly trafficked area (i.e., a busy office or shop), it will need to be cleansed more frequently. It’s also a good idea to cleanse your Black Onyx more frequently when you’re going through a difficult situation or trial. 

If you find yourself surrounded by negative energy, feeling drained, or without mental focus and clarity, it’s a good indication it’s time to cleanse your Black Onyx. 

The Takeaway

Black Onyx is a mysterious, dark stone that can be intimidating to some. However, despite the amount of legend and lore surrounding the stone, Black Onyx is a protective, healing stone with many benefits that can be used to help you thrive. 

The use of Black Onyx helps disperse and send away bad energy, protects you from negativity, and assists with removing smog from your aura. It’s a powerful stone that increases your self-confidence, helps you gain vision and acceptance of your true self, and increases your charisma. 

Black Onyx is powerful, channeling your emotions and energy into your goals and actions. It balances and stabilizes your emotions and helps you learn to use your will correctly. Black Onyx can help you become decisive and make judgements based on facts rather than emotion. 

Using Black Onyx in your spiritual, meditative, and healing practices is a great idea for helping boost your understanding of your innermost self, keep focused, and channel your energy into better directions. Used as a stand-alone stone or as a complement to your other stones and crystals, Black Onyx is a great addition to any collection. 

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