Healing Crystal Anklets

The 6 Best Healing Crystal Anklets You Should Be Wearing In 2023

If you want something to repel negative energy and promote peace and harmony, then you've come to the right place.

The Best Healing Anklets At A Glance

  1. The best anklet for anchoring you in the present moment: Obsidian Grounding Anklet
  2. The best anklet for positive energy and optimism: Tourmaline Anklet of Hope
  3. The best anklet for cultivating passion and self-belief: The Self-Confidence Anklet
  4. The best crystal healing anklet for EMF protection: The Energy Shield Anklet
  5. The best anklet for health, vigor and purity: The Good Health Anklet
  6. The best anklet for luck, love and prosperity: The Emotional Healing Anklet

The Best Anklets Of 2023

1. Obsidian Grounding Anklet

The best healing anklet for the root chakra
Rainbow Obsidian

The root chakra is of vital importance to both our physical and spiritual body. It's the chakra in which energy first arrives into your chakra system. That makes it crucial that you keep it protected and secure. In turn, it will do the same for your energy. The root chakra can be very well suited to the image of a bride, especially matched to the wedding dress. In this way, the bride who is getting married will be fully spiritually protected, and the jewels will only adorn her.

Genuine gemstones like Obsidian, or other red or black stones, are ideal for clearing energy blockages in the root chakra. Obsidian helps you remain mindful and present in every moment, ensuring you always have one foot in reality, no matter how far your mind wanders.

Rainbow Obsidian also helps to repel negative energy. It's one of the best natural stones for eliminating bad vibes of all kinds. When this power is specifically focused on your root chakra, it will open, cleanse and activate the base to help you feel safe and cozy. Wear it with bare feet to feel the natural earth underfoot.

2. Tourmaline Anklet of Hope

The most beautiful anklet for positive vibes

The Tourmaline crystal makes this healing ankle bracelet one of hope, optimism and positive energy. It's best worn on your left ankle if you want to change your personal mindset and remind you to be grateful for the small things. But if you want to share these good vibes with everyone else, then wear the anklet on your right ankle. A simple change in where you place the anklet can make a huge difference in crystal healing.

Made from one of the best healing crystals, you should wear this beautiful anklet if you're ever feeling low or lost. If something feels impossible to achieve but you have to attempt it anyway, then this is the crystal healing anklet for you.

3. The Self-Confidence Anklet

The best anklet for maintaining a can-do attitude
Garnet & Amethyst

An epic duo for confidence, passion and spiritual willpower, Garnet and Amethyst work together on this stunning anklet. As Garnet brings the fire, Amethyst brings the water, but instead of cancelling each other out, these two gemstones create perfect harmony between one another. Together, they invite you into their harmonic resonance.

One of the best ankle bracelets you can get for inspiring that gritty never-gonna-give-up attitude, the Self-Confidence Anklet is one of utmost importance for anyone with big dreams. It removes dark thoughts so that you can drive your attention towards improving yourself and your reality. A fantastic anklet for balance, wear these gemstones around your ankle to elevate your energy and enhance your style.

4. The Energy Shield Anklet

The best crystal anklet for energy protection
Smoky Quartz & Clear Quartz

While energy protection is critical, it really helps that there are anklets that are this jaw-droppingly beautiful. Wearing a crystal anklet that's fashionable and comfortable is important, just as much, if not more so, than its metaphysical properties. If you don't feel comfortable in the piece then its healing properties are worthless.

Smoky Quartz and Clear Quartz are both powerful gemstones. Upon first glance, especially after hearing their names, you might think that Smoky Quartz is just a dark version of Clear Quartz. This isn't quite true. While they are from the same family, Smoky Quartz's energy definitely vibrates on a different frequency. It's a stone of avid protection. It shields you from electromagnetic smog and helps you keep your energy calm and in balance. It reduces stress, anxiety and fears.

Clear Quartz on the other hand is the master healer. It boosts your immune system and promotes speedy recoveries from any illness or ailments you might be suffering from. It turbocharges your internal organs so that they work at optimum capacity. Clear Quartz is also known to charge all of the chakras, creating an energy highway within your spiritual body that helps you direct your will and manifest your desires.

5. The Good Health Anklet

The perfect anklet for health, vitality and well-being
Garnet & Tourmaline

The natural stones in this healing crystal anklet are powerful on their own, but when brought together, they give an entirely new meaning to the term: well-being. Both gemstones of immense vigor, Garnet in particular is a fiery red stone for health and vitality. It refreshes your energy and encourages a healthy blood flow. Its arduous energy doesn't just affect the physical body though, Garnet can also be used to enhance your desires and strengthen your resolve.

Tourmaline, on the other hand, is a chakra-aligning super stone that harmonizes your energy and helps you find your flow. When you're in the zone and everything seems to go your way, you're in a spiritual vibe that empowers you to manifest without even realizing it. Tourmaline pushes you into this zone more often, and provides a healthy mind, body and spirit, all working together in conjunction with your greater good.

The Good Health Anklet is a must-have piece for all those who seek longevity.

6. The Emotional Healing Anklet

Top tier crystal anklets for love, balance and peace
Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine & Amethyst

Our last choice is actually a bit of a cheat. That's because you have three options:

Rose Quartz

As the stone of love, also known as the heart stone, this beautiful healing gem raises your vibration and helps you find your true worth. It convinces you to forgive yourself and think positively. The key to attracting romance lies in self-love; how can anybody else love you if you don't love yourself? Rose Quartz resolves this by making it a non-issue. The more you wear the Rose Quartz Emotional Healing Anklet, the more self-love becomes second nature.

Green Aventurine

The crystal of luck, Aventurine, is known to support the chakras. It helps to free tension and liberate your energy so that you naturally harmonize with nature and the good vibes around you. It attracts positive circumstances into your life. Bring your mind, body and spirit into alignment and follow your gut. Green Aventurine encourages you to be confident and express unconditional love to everyone you meet.


A stone of sheer beauty, Amethyst is an anxiety-killer. This crystal healing anklet is ideal to wear if your intention is one of peace. Amethyst renews your connection with spirit and helps you find your inner calm. A stone of tranquility, Amethyst massages the throat and third eye chakras, helping you express yourself with succinct clarity to maintain peace among friends.

Each of these gorgeous crystal anklets is powerful in their own way. You can't go wrong with an Emotional Healing Anklet.

Which Of These Healing Crystals Will You Wear This Fall?

These are six mighty powerful anklets for spiritual, mental and physical rejuvenation. Whichever one you wear, it will have a dramatic impact on your spiritual well-being. If you want something a little more niche, you can find plenty more healing crystal anklets in our store.

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