Alexandrite: Meaning, Uses and Healing Powers of Alexandrite Stone

Alexandrite: Meaning, Uses and Healing Powers of Alexandrite Stone

We’re going to talk about the Alexandrite meaning and the healing properties and metaphysical properties of this beautiful and rare gemstone.

If you’d like to use your Alexandrite stone together with other crystals, we’ve got a few powerful suggestions for you to consider. Whether you choose to use your Alexandrite jewelry in your everyday life or on special occasions, you’ll always make an impression.

What Is Alexandrite?

Alexandrite is part of the Chrysoberyl family. You can find natural Alexandrite stones but also synthetic Alexandrite stones, which is a Beryllium Aluminum Oxide.

While the artificial lab-grown crystalline version of Alexandrite is also beautiful, it doesn’t have the same properties as the natural stone. Natural Alexandrite is among the rarest gemstones in the world.

Alexandrite may not have an ancient history, since it’s one of the more recent finds from the world of crystals, but the Alexandrite history is certainly interesting.

Alexandrite was first discovered in the Ural Mountains, in Russia. The name Alexandrite comes from the fact that it was discovered on the birthday of Russia’s Prince Alexander II. It’s said that Prince Alexander II wore an Alexandrite ring for good luck.

The colors of Alexandrite, red and green, are also official Imperial Russia’s Military colors. The Alexandrite gem became Russia’s national stone.

Alexandrite is also found in Sri Lanka, Brazil, and southern Tanzania. The original Russian Alexandrite stones are usually more vividly colored.

Alexandrite Properties


Alexandrite has some fascinating physical properties. One of them is its ability to change color, which is called pleochroism but has also been referred to as the “Alexandrite effect”.

Simply put, depending on the light shining on it, Alexandrite will seem to be purplish red, yellowish green, or even brownish green. It takes on a red shade when exposed to incandescent light. Other stones also display the pleochroism or color change effect, even if more discreetly like Peridot and Aquamarine. You can notice that better in Aquamarine pieces that feature beads, such as the Soothing Bracelet

The lore surrounding the discovery of Alexandrite speaks to its ability to change color. Supposedly it was discovered in an Emerald mine. Workers thought it was Emerald-green because in that light it seemed like it. But the brilliant green color changed once they brought it out of the mine.

Due to its ability to handle extreme temperatures, Alexandrite is used for lasers. You might have heard of Alexandrite lasers in the medical or esthetic context.

Alexandrite is also a tough stone. It ranks 8.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, which means there aren’t that many other crystals outranking it.

Alexandrite Stone Meaning

A lot of the Alexandrite meaning revolves around its properties.

The pleochroism or color change property has very powerful meanings in the spiritual world. The ability to go from red to green, which are complementary colors, gives Alexandrite the power to bring balance into your energy field and into your life. That makes it a key to success when it comes to crystal healing energy.

The ability of Alexandrite to reconcile opposing ends of the color spectrum brings up its ability to help you achieve emotional maturity. Since it’s also believed it brings good fortune, every goal you want to achieve could use the help of Alexandrite energy.

Its hardness makes Alexandrite a symbol of durability and strength. Because of that, you can find Alexandrite engagement rings, for instance. It symbolizes the intention set for that union to be harmonious, well-balanced, long-lasting, and strong in the face of adversity.

Alexandrite jewelry is also a traditional gift for the anniversary of 55 years of marriage.

Alexandrite Metaphysical Properties

When it comes to the metaphysical abilities of Alexandrite, there’s a lot to talk about.

With the help of Alexandrite, you can connect more easily to your higher self. You’ll gain clarity over intuitive viewpoints and gain psychic insight. Since change is one of the most powerful forces of life, Alexandrite packs a lot of spiritual power as a symbol of light-fueled change.

The crystal healing energy of Alexandrite has powerful high vibes. It will greatly boost any healing or ascension process.

Alexandrite has the power to boost your ability to alter the physical manifest world. It improves your ability to manifest by addressing more than one aspect of the process.

It heightens your creative abilities. That means you’re going to find new and creative ways to achieve your goals. Alexandrite is a powerful renewal stone. It will help you revise your strategy, adapt it, or come up with a new one. You’ll approach issues in innovative and unique ways. That’s bound to yield interesting results. Even more so since Alexandrite also emphasizes your strong will. Use it together with the Law Of Attraction Bracelet and you’ll achieve your goals much faster.

With the help of Alexandrite, you’ll find it easier to express yourself according to your authentic inner voice. Your personal magnetism will improve. And since inner energy changes surrounding vibrations, you’ll be the agent of change in your own life and in the lives of people around you.

Alexandrite Healing properties

What is Alexandrite good for?

If you’ve suffered from prolonged illness, Alexandrite helps you recover your physical health. It helps your circulatory system, which in turn helps you overcome physical ailments with more ease.

The high vibes of change can also help you overcome issues with reproductive organs. Whether they are age-related or just health-related issues, the high vibes of healing energies of change will get you back on your feet in no time.

Any stone massage involving Alexandrite is going to do wonders for your nervous system. You’ll release stress and set free any stuck energy. Your whole body will relax and unwind, from your calf muscles all the way up to your neck muscles.

Black Onyx and Malachite have similar powers of reducing stress and anxiety and the Anti-Anxiety Double Bracelet Set is a good example of that. Use it together with Alexandrite and you’ll experience powerful stress relief in no time.

Alexandrite is powerful when it comes to emotional healing. The effect of this June birthstone is that of building bridges between the old and the new you. It helps you connect to your inner child so you can heal emotional wounds and improve your self esteem.

Too much self discipline can become self-sabotaging. Alexandrite helps you draw a healthy line and stick to it.

Alexandrite Stones And The Chakras

As a result of its properties, Alexandrite connects to three different chakras.

The crown

It harmonizes with your crown chakra. Alexandrite boosts your psychic perception, helping you connect to your higher self. You’ll understand things better and become more open to the energies of the Universe.

The power to transform and transmute energies is also connected to the crown chakra. That makes Alexandrite a powerful crystal helper for any spiritual practices. Use Alexandrite together with your crystals for the crown chakra.

The heart

Alexandrite connects to your heart chakra through its green hues. It offers support and guidance when you’re dealing with emotional issues or matters of the heart. Alexandrite also supports healing and recovering from emotional trauma.

If you’re using other green crystals, Alexandrite will boost their healing powers. It will help transmute the lower vibes into higher ones. Dense feelings will transform into lightheartedness and joy.

If you’re trying to call in a divine counterpart, a soulmate or a twin flame, or simply attract true love, Alexandrite can help. It helps build solid and authentic emotional connections that can withstand the test of time.

The root

The red hues of Alexandrite help it connect to your root chakra. It balances and harmonizes your energy flow and helps you ground better. By bringing balance into your root, Alexandrite is a powerful ally for stones like Garnet and Obsidian.

Due to its connection to the earthy energy of Mother Gaia, Alexandrite is a powerful crystal for manifesting good luck, prosperity, wealth, and overall abundance.

Alexandrite stones and the Zodiac Signs

Alexandrite is a June birthstone and the best crystal for the sign of Gemini. You can use it together with your Gemini Bracelet and Crystals Set and it will boost the power of your Gemini crystals.

Gemini is well known for its ability to consider opposing views and extract useful meaning and information from all sides. Then, with its ability to discern and analyze, it will find a way to make the most of that information.

By wearing Alexandrite as a Gemini, you’ll be an even more astute diplomat and communicator. By wearing Alexandrite even if you don’t have any significant Gemini placements in your astrological chart, you channel those same Gemini traits.

Taking Care Of Your Alexandrite Gemstone

Cleansing and Charging Your Alexandrite Stone

Cleansing and charging your Alexandrite stone is best done with the help of light. Whether it’s natural light or artificial light, it will cleanse and charge your Alexandrite stone to its full capacity.

Due to its amazing powers, both sunlight and moonlight are great. You can either place your Alexandrite stones under direct sunlight and noon or under direct moonlight at Full Moon. One day should do it, but if you feel the need to do more, give it three days in all. You can alternate between sunlight and moonlight.

Another powerful light source can be something like the Selenite Cleansing Lamp. It will optimize the energy of your Alexandrite gemstone and cleanse it of all negative energies.

Remember to cleanse and charge your Alexandrite stones regularly. Try for at least once a month, or even weekly if you use or wear your Alexandrite gemstones on a daily basis.

Cleaning Alexandrite

If your Alexandrite stones have gotten dirty for some reason, it’s okay to clean them using some warm water. Like any other stones, if you include them in your everyday wear, your Alexandrite pieces will get dirty.

Get a soft toothbrush and use some mild dish soap to clean your crystal. Don’t use any harsh chemicals on it! That might affect its surface and integrity. Besides, it’s unlikely you’d need such heavy cleaning. If you think you might need it, try to repeat the dish soap and toothbrush routine a few times. That should get your crystal clean and ready to shine.

What Other Crystals Work Well With Your Alexandrite Stone?

Keeping in mind the properties of Alexandrite gemstones, it works very well with a few different types of crystals.

For one thing, due to its green hues and its ability to work with the heart chakra, it connects very well to green crystals such as:

  • Malachite
  • Green Aventurine
  • Jade

Due to its purple hues, it works very well with crystals such as:

  • Amethyst
  • Fluorite
  • Tourmaline

The connection between Alexandrite gems and the crown means it's naturally in tune with crystals like:

  • Clear Quartz
  • Moonstone
  • Selenite

And as a result of its red hues, it connects to root chakra crystals such as:

Because of its transformative powers, Alexandrite is an excellent crystal ally for Labradorite.

Based on the purpose of using your Alexandrite stone, you can use it together with either or all of these crystals in order to get better results in a shorter amount of time.

Get Your Alexandrite Stone Today!

Welcome balance and transformative energies into your life with the help of Alexandrite stones. Connect to the power of the Universe and the divine. Ground yourself better in the healing and nurturing energy of Mother Gaia. Alexandrite can help you with all of these things.

Whether you’re trying to heal emotional wounds, improve your psychic insight and spiritual ascension process, or connect with the Earth better, Alexandrite is an excellent option for you.

Use it on its own or choose to boost its powers by using it together with crystals for balance and focus.

There’s so much this beautiful stone has to offer. Open yourself up to receive the blessings of Alexandrite. Abundance, good luck, good health, creativity, spiritual progress, and fertility will come your way with the help of Alexandrite.

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