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Root Chakra Stones: What Are The 7 Best Root Chakra Crystals?

Amongst the main seven chakras is the root chakra, with its distinct functions. It is regarded as the first chakra and represented by the color red. The best root chakra crystals are Smoky Quartz, Hematite, Red Jasper, Garnet, Black Obsidian, Black Tourmaline, and Tiger’s Eye.
In this article:

The root chakra represents the foundation of life. The meaning of root chakra is safety and security.

When you balance your root chakra, you will feel more grounded and in control, but when blocked, it affects the functionality. Opening the root chakra restores its functions.

This guide teaches you how to balance the root chakra and the best root chakra crystals.

Let’s start with understanding the root chakra.

What Is The Meaning Of Root Chakra?

The root chakra is also named base chakra because all other chakra points dwell here. It is the center of your emotional and physical stability and connects you to earth energy. It’s an essential asset that grounds your spirit and ensures your survival on this earth.

In yoga, Kundalini awakening begins with activating the root chakra. The Kundalini serpent lies in your root chakra, and it holds all your masculine energy. The Sanskrit name for the root chakra or first chakra is Muladhara, mula meaning “root,” dhara meaning “support” or “base.” 

The root chakra has a deep meaning in your energy flow, and it serves as a point of growth. It connects you to the world and helps you find your place. It also enables you to develop your primary instincts and controls your relationship with the 'chi' or life force.

Where Is The Root Chakra Located On The Body?

The root chakra resides at the lower part of your spine on three main vertebrae, and it may extend to the tailbone. The root chakra starts from under your feet, up to your legs, and into the bottom of your spine.

It strengthens your grounding energy which spreads from the root chakra to your etheric and physical bodies.

What Is The Root Chakra Good For?

With a balanced root chakra, you radiate a firm and grounded energy. It gives you a sense of self-confidence which is evident in how you interact with the earth body. It connects you with your mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional energies.

The root chakra allows you to stay passionate with firm control over your emotions. When you’re feeling overwhelmed or displaced in life, it is most likely that you have an overactive root chakra. 

Balancing your root chakra keeps you calm and removes all kinds of anxiety. It also helps with depression and helps to build your enthusiasm for life. It allows you to maintain clarity even when you’re under pressure in a tense situation.

In addition, the base chakra stabilizes your emotional health and improves physical strength. It gives you a desire to eat well, exercise, and move your body around. It builds your physical energy by transferring restorative energy to the low points in your body.

How Do You Unblock The Root Chakra With Crystals?

The root chakra healing crystals share the same color traits as the root chakra. They often appear as deep red stones, earthy brown, or black hue tones and exude powerful volcanic energy. 

When root chakra grounding crystals contact your skin, they send strong vibrations throughout your physical body. They move the flow of energy to your aura and help to restore your grounding energy.

Sometimes you may experience an unbalanced root chakra that keeps you down and unmotivated. Blockages may occur after you've been disappointed, abandoned, or experienced some form of trauma. 

It causes a rising feeling of irritation, anxiety and contributes to low self-esteem. Such blockage can also affect your self-awareness and may leave you feeling detached from reality.

Luckily, you can balance the root chakra with several healing methods. There are several root chakra energy activities you can try, such as yoga or constant meditation. 

However, you can effectively unblock your base chakra with a root chakra crystal.

Where do you place crystals for the root chakra?

During root chakra meditation, you can place your stones and crystals for root chakra in your palms to send vibrations through your inner consciousness. You can also place your root chakra crystals as crystal balls in different spots around your home, in passages, cabinets, and your bathroom.

You can use your favorite root chakra healing crystals and crystal grid in several alternative ways. It mainly depends on the type of crystal and the purpose of use.

It helps to place root chakra stones in intimate parts of your home where you can draw strength from. You can also consult a meditation expert for some crystal healing tips.

Some people form their root chakra crystals into jewelry, such as charm bracelets or healing crystal anklets. You can wear your crystal around your neck with a custom-made necklace as well. 

If you want to tackle the chakra point directly, you can wear your root chakra crystal around your waist as a waist bead. It is not only stylish, but your root chakra will always remain balanced.

Let’s dive into our favorite root chakra stones and crystals.

7 Best Root Chakra Stones

While many healing stones are good for the root chakra, you need to choose a stone that resonates with you. Since crystals have different powers and energy forces, you must pay attention to the healing crystal that calls to you the most.

  1. Smoky Quartz

    Smoky Quartz is one of the primary root chakra healing stones. It is a silicon dioxide crystal of the Quartz family. It is a widely preferred type of Quartz as it can be cut and shaped into a gem very easily.

    The root chakra crystal appears in a wide range of colors and can go from a transparent glass-like form to an opaque brownish-gray color. It is a rare brown gemstone that is easy to use in practical applications. 

    In Scotland, it’s a symbolic national gem and is regarded as a sacred stone. In ancient China, they popularly used it to make snuff bottles (tobacco containers). The ancient Romans also made their intaglio seeds with the stone. Some other places, like Egypt, used gemstone to create exceptional jewelry.

    Apart from beauty, it also has a lot of mystical powers. It has healing properties and is a prevalent aid in balancing spiritual energies or emotional stability.

    Many people believe that it can assist in healing physical ailments. Since it's naturally irradiated, it sends healing energies through your physical body to help dissolve pain. 

    In healing the root chakra, Smoky Quartz seeps through your consciousness to correct all imbalances and give you a sense of calm.

    The crystal helps you focus on the present moments, which is good for the root chakra. Many root chakra traumas can pull you out of your body, but Smoky Quartz alters this and keeps you grounded.

    Smoky Quartz can also help you increase your intuition about challenges or problems you're facing and ways to deal with them. It enables you to deal with moments of fear and anxiety.

    The crystals for root chakra also dissolve emotional baggage and help you recover from childhood trauma or even karmic imprints. You can wear Smoky Quartz in an anklet or bracelet. You can also place the chakra healing crystals in your office corner or close to the front door of your home. 

  2. Hematite

    Hematite is a popular root chakra stone and often works as a protective cloak. It is one of the strongest gemstones with a deep metaphysical meaning.

    Most people with weak root chakras are drawn to the Hematite stone. It has a gleaming metallic appearance in both its raw or polished form. It has a strong blood-red pigment, but its color tone may vary from black to grey to silver.

    In ancient history, Hematite was called the iron rose. It has left many significant imprints ever since it was first discovered. The Hematite crystal has a rich iron content which keeps it connected to blood.

    In physical healing, Hematite helps treat certain blood-related illnesses such as blood clots or high blood pressure. It promotes healthy circulation and removes all forms of impurities in the mind, body, and soul.

    Hematite helps join your spirit, soul, and body together. It is one of the paramount crystals for root chakra healing. Its magnetic grounding energy reconnects your mind to your body and the earth.

    You can feel the base chakra crystal's power even by looking at it sitting in your office corner, front door, or an open corner in your home. You can also connect with it in a Hematite bracelet or amulet.

    A Hematite stone helps center your soul by pulling all negative energy away from your body and near your surroundings. The healing crystals for root chakra can also help with decision-making and clarity of mind. It's primarily valuable for handling stress or problematic issues that could displace your root chakra.

  3. Red Jasper

    Red Jasper is among the best root chakra stones. It has many deep meanings with a great historical heritage. In ancient history, the Red Jasper stone was associated with fertility and mother earth. Old legends claim that this stone could drive away wild animals and all evil spirits.

    The Red Jasper stone is mostly used as a lucky charm in modern times. This stone has lovely red coloring that comes in various tones. It ranges from bright red shades to a deep brownish-red and can also come in shades of green or yellow.

    Red Jasper is mainly tied to the lower chakras, most especially the root chakra. It also helps with spiritual cleansing and physical healing as well as emotional or mental wellness.

    In a more profound spiritual sense, Red Jasper serves as a pillar for the base chakra. It is a grounding stone and has strong protective instincts. It drives away negative energies and boosts your life-force energy. 

    Usually, when your root chakra is blocked, you may find it hard to express yourself confidently. But the root chakra stone helps you stand your ground and be more assertive. You can wear a Red Jasper crystal ball set, pendant, or bracelet to connect with the earth and increase confidence. You can also get a crystal ball set, which you can position on your home or office table. 

    A Red Jasper crystal is often applied in healing low or hypersexual interests and compatibility. It raises tantric power and balances sexual desires between couples. It also helps to stimulate your drive and builds courage with passion. It will keep your body at an average detox level with a healthy and positive mindset in sex.

  4. Garnet

    The Garnet crystal is one of the most common precious stones. It is a common zodiac birthstone, and it often symbolizes a cultural heritage for many people.

    Garnet is often regarded as the crystal of passion as it embodies all the energies and forces of fire. You can find the powerful qualities of the fire element in the Garnet crystal. It possesses the qualities of transformation and can convert one form of energy to another.

    The origins of Garnet can be traced as far back as old Latin history. The word Garnet is derived from the Latin word ‘granatum,' which means pomegranate.

    You can recognize the Garnet crystal anywhere by its smoldering red color. It is often called carbuncles (fire coals) to represent its smoking bright red hues.

    However, the Garnet crystals may also come in other shades apart from red, e.g., yellow, orange, green. Some rare Garnet crystals even appear in blue.

    The Garnet crystal has a significant impact on the root chakra, and it helps to remove blockages. The Garnet rings' healing crystals create vibrations and increase energy movements through your body to elevate your spirit.

    With a blocked root chakra, you may feel low in your spirit and lack any form of passion or creativity. With the Garnet stone, your aura will completely change as it moves the earth's energy flow into your root chakra. 

    The Red Garnet stone is most effective for base chakras as it focuses more on strengthening the life force.

    It also helps increase sexual passions in both men and women, especially people struggling with low libido. You can wear Garnet bracelets, rings, or necklaces to restore your sex drive. You can also position the stone in your bedroom, office space, or living room.

  5. Black Obsidian

    Obsidian is a mineral that forms from the rapid cooling of volcanic lava. This stone is known for its mystery and absorbing look.

    Black Obsidian has a substantial depth as a root chakra crystal. It is commonly used in interior decorations and the practice of feng shui.

    Obsidian comes in a wide range of colors, including the famous Blue Obsidian and Rainbow Obsidian. Black Obsidian possesses an intense, captivating beauty, and its glass-like structure makes it even more unique.

    The root chakra stone builds a spiritual connection and works as a protective stone. It also has cleansing abilities and helps you to develop a cosmic sense of life. It has prominent healing properties in spiritual cleansing and grounding.

    Amongst all the Obsidian variables, Black Obsidian is closely connected with base chakra healing. It has an intense connection to the earth's energy centers. It calls and pulls out all negative energy to the earth.

    In a time of grief and heartbreak, the root chakra is often imbalanced. But  what does Black Obsidian do? It helps to boost the base chakra by restoring your positive energy and self-confidence. You can wear a Black Obsidian bracelet, bracelet, anklet, or ring for self-reflection. Check out Top 15 Healing Crystals For Support During The Grieving Process. You can wear Tiger’s Eye bracelets or rings to boost your confidence, or you can position it in an open space in your home or office.

    The black stones also offer you the strength to let go of heartache and toxic connections. They carry immense power to send vibrations through the body, as well as your spirit and soul.

    Black Obsidian is also a grounding force that is represented in your base chakra. It pulls you to the center of consciousness and lets you communicate beyond astral planes.

  6. Black Tourmaline

    Black Tourmaline is mainly known for its power as a stone of protection against psychic attacks and as one of the root chakra stones. Many ancient civilizations placed the crystals for root chakra on their bodies and around their homes to ward off evil spirits and illnesses.

    Black Tourmaline helps in spiritually grounding energy. It absorbs all negative energy inside you and your surroundings to offer you strength and peace of mind.

    It also helps to build physical energy, especially for extra sensitive people. It is a perfect grounding tool as it has a deep connection with the root chakra.

    Black Tourmaline helps you connect with your earthly roots and centers you in your place on earth. It paves the way for crystal healing sessions and encourages your desires or passions in life.

    It enables you to speak your truth and be authentic. It also shields you from impurities and negative influences that block your root chakra. When your root chakra is settled, you can give yourself a break and practice more self-understanding.

    This root chakra crystal also helps in emotional healing and gives you a deeper reflection of life. It enables you to navigate your purpose and make positive life choices.

    You can use crystals for root chakra as jewelry such as an anklet, bracelet, earring, or ring. You can also light up a Natural Energy Lamp with Black Tourmaline in your home or office. 

  7. Tiger’s Eye

    Tiger’s Eye is a beautiful golden to brownish-red crystal with a deep sacred meaning. It has an appealing silky luster appearance with a very smooth feel.

    The stone is a powerful balancing crystal known for boosting inner strength and confidence. Traditionally, it was worn as a protective charm used to drive away evil.

    However, Tiger's Eye meaning is much deeper and more relevant today. It is connected with both the root chakra area and sacral chakra. It bears many healing properties and helps to balance your entire well-being all at once. It releases you from self-sabotage by helping you believe in yourself and your strength.

    Tiger's Eye forms your inner strength and pushes all negative energies away as it digs deep into the root chakra. When you sense that you have a blocked root chakra, it allows you to cut through self-doubt and restore your focus and motivation.

    The crystals for root chakra help you stay above the chaos and connect you with your core. If you hold on to Tiger's Eye crystals, you can push away roadblocks in your career or personal life.

    This powerful stone helps you form a stable foundation by securing your position on earth. Tiger’s Eye will raise your self-esteem as it settles overactive root chakras and energies.

    The healing crystal also helps to distribute steady energy, gentle energy, primal energy, and regenerative energy in the right portions to the proper places. You can wear a Tiger’s Eye bracelet or ring to boost your confidence, or you can position it in an open space in your home or office. 

What Frequency Helps With The Root Chakra?

The frequency that helps with the root or base chakra is 396Hz. The chakras are connected with their frequencies to balance the energy of the adrenal glands.

Alongside a crystal healing session, you can unblock your chakras with yoga or meditation. You can release more vibrational energy by combining various practices. It will also keep you in a constant state of well-being.

In yoga and root chakra meditation, several sounds and music are aligned with the seven main chakras. While these sounds are often relaxing and beautiful, they have a deeper spiritual meaning.

How Do I Ground My Root Chakra?

You can ground yourself and restore your root chakra balance in the following ways:

  • Walk barefoot in nature. For instance, you can walk barefoot around a park or in a small garden.
  • Try crystal healing or root chakra stones during meditation or yoga.
  • You can apply essential oils like Cedarwood, Myrrh, Cypress, Black Pepper, etc.
  • Practice certain yoga poses such as Airplane, Lotus or Warrior poses.
  • You can also eat more sage plants or root vegetables and drink tea with ginger spice.

Incorporate Crystals For Root Chakra In Your Life

If you've been feeling low lately, like you can't find your place in this world, your root chakra could be blocked. It's the first chakra and builds the foundation of life for every individual. It also helps you reach your full potential. 

Root chakra imbalances harm your mental and emotional well-being. Fortunately, it's very easy to correct root chakra imbalances, whether by meditation, yoga, or crystal healing. 

From the article above, you’ve learned the root chakra meaning, where the root chakra is located in the body, how to open root chakra, and how to use healing crystals for root chakra.

At Conscious Items, we offer you constant guides for spiritual healing. You can also purchase your chakra healing stones or crystals from our store to restore your physical and emotional strength. 

What’s the best crystal for me?

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