Cancer Birthstone: The Healing Properties Of Cancer Birthstones

Cancer Birthstone: The Healing Properties Of Cancer Birthstones

If you were born between June 21 and July 21, then you're a Cancer. An intuitive zodiac sign, Cancer has a natural inclination towards spirituality. For this reason, a Cancer can greatly benefit from using birthstones and healing crystals.

We'll talk about the specific Cancer birthstones and how you can benefit from wearing Cancer birthstone jewelry here, but if you’re looking for other crystals for Cancer, we have another article dedicated to those!

About the Cancer Zodiac Sign

The Cancer astrological sign is the fourth of the zodiac signs and the first water sign of the zodiac.

The ruling planet of the Cancer zodiac sign is the Moon. The lunar energy lends Cancer sign some pretty cool magical powers. The first of the water signs, Cancer is naturally inclined towards spiritual enlightenment. It has a psychic and receptive nature.

Some of the key personality traits of people born under the Cancer star sign are their fierce loyalty and love for all living things. Cancers feel safe in their own home, especially when surrounded by their loving family. They usually love children and are natural caretakers. Cancers thrive in the environment of family life.

The emotional well-being of Cancer people relies a lot on the connections in their lives. They can be easily hurt by those they love because they are so emotionally open. Because of that, their emotional stability might seem to be in danger during trying times. Cancer people are way tougher than they seem at first sight, though.

Some of the potentially negative traits of Cancer people can be codependency, difficulty regaining their emotional serenity after troubling times, and reluctance in the face of new beginnings.

What Is The Birthstone For Cancer?

As is the case with the rest of the zodiac signs, the zodiac sign of Cancer spans over two months. That means that there are two Cancer birthstones, one for each month: Pearl for June and Ruby for July.

The June Cancer Birthstone: Pearl

The June Cancer sign birthstone is the Pearl. Considering the watery origins of Pearls, these are perhaps some of the most water-representative stones. It makes perfect sense that they would be a Cancer birthstone.

Pearl has very powerful water energy. It's a stone that helps you harmonize with the inner peace of the deep waters. Pearl also represents the powerful connection that Cancer has with the subconsciousness and the higher self. It's the Divine Feminine birthstone for Cancer that resonates with the energy of the Moon.

Pearl is believed to bring good fortune and abundance to its wearer. If you wear crystal jewelry like the Law of Attraction Bracelet, which combines Pearl with Malachite, you'll achieve any expected result. With the help of the power of this June birthstone, Cancer can experience ultimate success.

Another amazing effect of this Cancer stone is that of raising the vibration of your energy and connecting you to your spiritual power. 

You can read more about the Pearl Cancer stone in our Pearl meaning guide.

Moonstone: the Cancer gemstone that works wonders with Pearl

Moonstone is the perfect companion for your Cancer birthstone (June), Pearl. Are you ready to dive deep into your inner universe? Explore the many wonders of your spiritual gifts with Moonstone bracelets.

Moonstone is a powerful gemstone believed to harness the Divine Feminine energy of the Moon. The moon energies Moonstone works with make it similar to Pearl. This Cancer gemstone boosts your confidence.

The Pearl and Moonstone combination helps you find your spiritual direction. By wearing the Pearl and Moonstone birthstone combination, you'll understand your life purpose.

Wear the Lunar Ring of Power when you're exploring who you truly are. The Moonstone ring will support your journey of self-awareness and self-acceptance. Moonstone rings will help you reach the right thoughts and decisions about your true life purpose.

Amethyst and Pearl: a powerful birthstone combination

Amethyst is a talismanic gemstone with powerful energy that will stimulate clairvoyance for Cancer. Used together with Pearl, this gemstone is great at offering psychic protection from negative energies.

Cancer people are naturally inclined towards being psychic and very in tune with the energies of everyone around them. They might find it difficult to navigate the process of receiving all of that energetic information.

Cancer deals with a lot of the energies of others, more so than other zodiac signs. As a result, Cancer people can benefit from as much crystal healing and support as they can get.

The Spiritual Evolution Anklet combines Amethyst with the Pearl birthstone for Cancer. When you're wearing this birthstone jewelry you'll navigate the process with more ease. while maintaining your balance and well-being.

Rutilated Quartz: a great crystal to use with Pearls and Moonstone

Rutilated Quartz will bring balance to the children of the Moon, Cancer people. This Cancer birthstone supports physical and spiritual health and well-being.

Worn together with Pearls or on its own, the 108 Quartz Healing Bracelet supports your energy field by offering stability. It will strengthen your immune system and improve your vitality levels.

This powerful bracelet is able to unlock your crown chakra. It empowers you as you access higher levels of consciousness. When used together with Pearl or Moonstone, it provides a steady energetic basis for your healing and ascending process.

Turquoise: the gentle Moon healer

Turquoise is an amazing healing stone with great, yet gentle effects.

The Positivity Bracelet promotes positive thinking. It fuels the frequency of happiness by gently counteracting depression, fear, pessimism, and lack of confidence.

Wear Turquoise together with the Pearl Cancer birthstone or the Moonstone birthstone for Cancer while you're meditating. You'll experience a much smoother transition towards the higher levels of consciousness.

The gentle vibes of this gemstone will help you harmonize with the frequency of universal, unconditional love.

The July Cancer Birthstone: Ruby

The July Cancer crystal birthstone, Ruby, is one of the most expensive but also most powerful crystals. Lucky stones, Ruby gemstones were believed to have impressive metaphysical properties ever since ancient times.

When wearing the Ruby July birthstone, Cancer can boost self-confidence and take decisive steps towards manifesting success, wealth, and happiness. The fiery energy of the Sun that the Ruby gemstones bring to the table will improve vitality and stimulate your inspiration, passion, and drive.

Because of the price of Ruby which might be prohibitive, you can get some similar benefits from other gemstones of fiery red color that resonate well with the Ruby Cancer birthstone.

Obsidian: a great grounding stone for Cancer

All of the emotional and spiritual insight that Cancer gets can become exhausting. The constant contact with other people's energy can affect your energy field, even if you're protected by your ruling planet, the Moon.

But precisely because Cancer is protected by the Moon, Obsidian is the perfect protection stone for you. The Rainbow Obsidian Protection Bracelet grants you protection from stray energies. It also stimulates your creativity when used together with Ruby.

You should consider always wearing your Ruby birthstones with some form of grounding stone. That way, all the energetic changes going on don't become overwhelming.

Emerald and Ruby: a rich Cancer birthstones combination

Emerald is a very valuable gemstone, similar to Ruby. Emerald has the power to bring good fortune your way. It also promotes inner harmony and has a range of powerful healing properties.

Emerald connects with the heart chakra. It heals emotional wounds and helps you regain inner peace. When used with Ruby, it gives Cancers a state of tranquility and emotional balance.

Since Emerald might be tougher to come by, you can try to use an alternative gemstone, like Malachite. The ‘Return to Nature’ Jewelry Set will offer people born under the sign of Cancer a state of emotional harmony. It will support the emotional connection to nature and to the whole world.

Alexandrite: the crystal healer that makes Ruby shine

Alexandrite is a natural soother and the perfect cancer birthstone companion. It's one of the most powerful healing crystals. Its calming and anti-inflammatory effects make it a perfect fit for crystal combos with Ruby, the July Cancer gemstone.

Read more about the meaning, uses and healing powers of Alexandrite Stone in our ultimate guide! 

When worn as part of a Cancer birthstone necklace, it soothes erratic emotions. Alexandrite also soothes physical symptoms of anxiety such as accelerated heartbeat or sweating.

You can get similar benefits from the Spiritual Balance Pendant, which when worn together with a Ruby Cancer birthstone ring will have amplified soothing powers.

What is the best Cancer birthstone color?

One of the best Cancer birthstone colors is the color white, like in Pearl and Moonstone. That's because Cancer is highly intuitive so this zodiac sign has a very active crown chakra.

Gray or silver healing crystals are also great Cancer gemstones because they connect to the ruling planet of Cancer, the Moon.

Another very powerful Cancer color is blue because it's the color that speaks to the water element. 

Earthy tones like brown and green work to balance Cancer birthstone energy, while black helps with grounding.

How Do You Activate A Cancer Birthstone, from start to finish?

When it comes to activating a Cancer birthstone, there are a few steps you should consider taking.

1. Use your intuition to choose your crystals

Begin this beautiful journey through the land of magic stones by tuning into your intuition. This is an essential step in choosing your stones. You want them to fit in well with your energetic field. They will manifest your intentions in the best way possible.

When choosing your Cancer stones, allow the stone itself to connect to your energy. Focus on how you feel when you're looking at the stone. Think about how it feels to hold the stone in the palm of your hand.

If you're not used to listening to your intuition, simply pay attention to what's going through your mind and heart.

Does it make you feel in any particular way? Or does it make you think of something? Does it evoke any sort of memory or bring to mind any of your hopes, dreams, or topics you'd like to work on?

2. Once you've made your choice, cleanse

Whether you chose the Cancer stone you want to work with from a store or you simply picked it up from your existing collection, it's time to cleanse. We talk about cleansing a lot because it's an essential part of using crystals for energy work.

If you've just bought these stones, you might want to do a more rigorous cleansing. Use multiple methods at once, like a Selenite Cleansing Lamp, a Fluorite Cleansing Stone, and burning some sage too.

If you've picked up your crystal from your existing collection, you're probably safe with using just one of these three cleansing options. But make sure to do a thorough cleansing process for your whole collection regularly.

3. Charge your Cancer stones

This stage of the process of activating your Cancer stones involves making the most of the Moon, the ruling planet of your star sign. The best time for it is the Full Moon. You get the most moonlight and lunar energy coming your way.

Place your Cancer stone under the direct moonlight. Let it bask in that lunar energy. By the time the sun comes up, your stone will be buzzing with energy and ready to go.

4. Your Cancer stone is ready for use!

At this point, your Cancer stone is ready to be put to good use. It's activated and connected to your energies. These gemstones are naturally attuned to the energies of your sign. They are full of wonderful energy and are ready to work with you.

All you have to do at this point is decide how you want to use your Cancer stone.

Heal With Cancer Birthstones!

Dare to step into your psychic power and heal your heart, inner child, and past life wounds. Overcome fear and self-limiting beliefs. Make progress towards fulfilling your life purpose by wearing Cancer crystal jewelry every day. And if you'd like to make the most of these gorgeous gemstones, use them together with crystals for protection and support.

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