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Guide to Pink Opal Meaning: How to Calm Your Emotions with Pink Opal

For those working on self-care for what must seem like ages with very little to no results, consider adding a Pink Opal gemstone to your collection. 

You likely know all about Opals being the birthstone of October, but there is much more to these crystals than meets the eye.

In this article, you'll learn all about Pink Opal; where the most beautiful stones are found, and what makes this gemstone ideal for stress relief, self-compassion, and overall well-being.

In this article:

What Is Pink Opal?

Opals are hydrated amorphous silica with typical water content between 6 and 10%. The water within the Opal is what gives it its unique play of color, which can range from electric blues and greens to the distinctive soft pink of the Pink Opal.

There are two kinds of Opal: common and precious. It's quite easy to tell the difference; precious Opals are iridescent, that is, there is a discernible play of color within the stone. Common Opals, on the other hand, display a more uniform coloration. But this doesn't mean they're any less stunning.

Case in point: the Pink Opal.

Classified as a common Opal, this striking gemstone has a lovely soft pink hue ranging from very pale to a deep rose. Treasured by various cultures throughout history, Opals can be found in Australia, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Honduras, and the United States.

But for the best quality natural Pink Opals, it's Peruvian Pink Opals that reign supreme. From a soft, teasing blush hue to a deep rose, these Opals from the Andes Mountains are truly unrivaled in both quality and color.

Pink Opal Meaning & Symbolism

The Pink Opal crystal's meaning revolves around protection, like all others in the Opal family. Its sprightly pink hue adds an undertone of love, hope, and rejuvenation—perfect for when you need a reminder that better days are ahead.

Unlike other pink stones, however, Pink Opal's ability to generate joyous, loving energies radiate inward rather than outward. Other pink stones are more suitable for sparking romance, but for those having a hard time learning to love themselves, Pink Opal is sure to be a patient, caring guide.

Ancient cultures valued this stone immensely.

In Greek mythology, Zeus' tears of joy after conquering the Titans were said to have turned into Opal when they struck the earth. The stone also appears in Arab, Roman, and Egyptian folklore, always with a similar meaning: hope, purity, and innocence. Then as now, Pink Opal's deceptively soft color conceals a stone of considerable strength.

Let us walk you through how this stone can make your life brighter!

Pink Opal and Its Healing Properties

pink opal healing properties

Though all Opals are considered beautiful healing stones, Pink Opal is especially beneficial for those struggling with emotionally-charged issues.

This gemstone helps to soothe emotions, ease anxiety, and promote self-love. For anyone who has trouble opening up and being vulnerable, Pink Opal is an excellent stone to help work through these blockages and emerge on the other side feeling lighter and more at peace.

Let's go over some of the most well-known ways healers and crystal lovers alike use Pink Opal to improve their day-to-day lives:

1. Free Yourself From Stress and Worry

Simmons and Ahsian noted this stone's ability to diffuse tension and offer emotional support. This is excellent news for anyone who tends to dwell on the negative or hold onto grudges and resentments.

Wearing a Pink Opal in a bracelet, necklace, or earring form will give you access to its gentle energy whenever you need it—giving you more than enough support to face the world calmly and gracefully.

2. Look Forward to Sweet Dreams

Deep emotional healing is great and all, but sometimes you just need a good night's sleep to feel human again—Pink Opal can help.

This gentle and soothing gemstone is ideal for those who have difficulty sleeping. Just tuck your stone under your pillow or keep it on your nightstand, and you should start to see improvements in the quality of your sleep. Combined with Amethyst, Pink Opal will melt your stress away and have you drifting off into sweet dreams in no time.

If you believe in past lives, you can also use Pink Opal during a dream state or regression to resolve unhealed emotions from your past. Try combining it with Black Kyanite to help with dream recall and generate new insights from them.

3. Find Relief Through Emotional Healing

Pink Opal's remarkable healing properties extend to emotional wounds.

Do you have childhood memories that continue to haunt you? Are you holding onto anger or resentment towards someone who has long since moved on? Is there a relationship you want to close the door on but can't seem to let go of?

Combined with journaling, meditation, or even professional help, Pink Opa can work wonders in helping you to process and release these negative emotions. You'll be amazed at how much lighter you feel once you've finally released what's been weighing you down for so long.

Pink Opal's effects can be stacked with other stones to address your specific goals. For those struggling to love and accept themselves, Rose Quartz is a perfect partner. If something in the past just won't let you go, try using Pink Opal with Rhodochrosite to get you on the fast track to emotional healing.

Use Pink Opal To Find Peace of Mind

Pink Opal can help you find balance and peace of mind. If you're struggling with stress, anxiety, or old emotions, this gentle gemstone can assist you in finding a more positive outlook. Trust your intuition when choosing which areas of your life to focus on first, and enjoy the process of self-care and healing. 

Metaphysical Properties of Pink Opal

Don't be fooled by its dainty coloration: Pink Opal is as much a powerhouse as any other in the realms beyond the physical.

The protection Pink Opal's metaphysical properties offer is twofold.

First, it deflects negativity of all kinds so that only pure, positive vibrations may enter your auric field. Second, because of its ability to cloak you in serenity, it allows you to work through difficult emotions without becoming overwhelmed.

Being able to slough off outside negativity is only half the battle. The other is won by working through our turbulent thoughts and feelings so that we may move forward with a lighter heart. And this is where Pink Opal truly shines.

The Benefits of Pink Opal

Just as each of us is unique, so too is our relationship with this powerful, multifaceted stone. Since we have already touched on its ability to alleviate stress, improve sleep, and promote emotional healing, let's focus more on its other gifts.

Its energies will guide you inward toward your authentic self so that you may grow in self-awareness and confidence. It also aids in developing psychic abilities, promoting astral travel, and providing protection during these journeys.

Of course, few of these will be of any use if you don't have a solid physical foundation to return to. Crystal healers swear by the properties of Pink Opal to aid in treating skin diseases and cataracts, as well as animal bites and stings. Having one nearby can also help those suffering from diabetes by steadying their blood sugar levels.

Pink Opal and Chakras

You likely won't be surprised to learn that Pink Opal's chakra effects focus mainly on our Heart chakra. Whether you're facing heartbreak, sadness, or some other emotional turmoil, this stone's capacity to activate, balance, and regenerate your Heart chakra will always be a great help.

But what exactly does that mean, and how can you put it to use? Let's take a closer look.

When our Heart chakra is blocked, we may find ourselves feeling closed off, resentful, or even cold towards others, preventing us from trusting others, or even ourselves.

At the other end of the spectrum is an overactive Heart chakra. You can see this in people who are overly emotional, needy, and unable to let go of past hurts.

Neither of these scenarios is ideal. Thankfully, Pink Opal is here to help us find the perfect balance.

A healthy Heart chakra means we have a balance of giving and receiving love. We feel confident in ourselves and our ability to give and receive love without any conditions.

Pink Opal and Zodiac

Although Pink Opal itself is not a birthstone, Opals in general are counted as the natural birthstone of those born in October. That means Libras and Scorpios are natural wielders of this stone's power.

This has not stopped people of other zodiac signs from tapping into the potent energies of Pink Opal in particular.

Due to its mollifying and introspective energies, this stone is a great fit for Cancers and Pisces—notably both water signs—though for very different reasons.

Cancers can lean on Pink Opal's protective energies when their metaphorical shell feels threatened or breached. This makes it much less likely that they give in to their natural defensive tendencies and instead respond in a way that's more productive or even beautiful.

Pisces, on the other hand, can bank on Pink Opal to find some much-needed perspective. Tending to overvalue external love and affection, those born under this sign can use Pink Opal to find the love they need from within. After all, the better you treat and understand yourself, the more appealing you'll be to others!

Meditation with Pink Opal

We are big proponents of Pink Opal's utility in meditation, especially for relative beginners.

Part of the reason for this is because it's not as in-your-face as some other crystals, like Clear Quartz. Pink Opal works more like a gentle friend, nudging you ever so slightly in the direction you need to go.

When we think of meditating with Pink Opal, we are reminded of lotus flowers floating serenely on a still pond. There is similar weightlessness to be found in meditating with this stone.

There's no specific technique you need to employ when meditating with Pink Opal. You can hold the stone in your hand, place it on your Third Eye or Heart chakra, or simply keep it close by.

Trust in your Pink Opal to reveal what you need to see—and let the rest go.

How to Cleanse and Charge Pink Opal

Your Pink Opal requires nothing more than a quick rinse under running water if you use it mainly as a decorative piece that radiates positivity in your home, workspace, or sacred space.

Holding your stone under running water for one to two minutes should be enough to rinse away a few days' worths of residual bad energies--perfect for busy professionals who have just enough time for a quick cleanse before running out the door in the morning.

For people who rely on Pink Opal for serious emotional and spiritual healing work, you want your stone at its full power pretty much all the time. That means cleansing it every few days, at most.

If you feel its energy is lacking for what you need, we recommend burying your stone in soil overnight. We like using a potted plant for this method. This gives the crystal plenty of time to rest and recharge while surrounded by the Earth's natural energies.

Crystal Pairings

The lenient but uncompromising way Pink Opal exhorts our hearts to bloom to its greatest potential gives plenty of space for other crystals to do their work. Make full use of this stone's versatile nature by testing different combinations to see what feels best for you.

To get you started on the right foot, take a gander at two pairings we keep coming back to:

Pink Opal and Pink Tourmaline

Those living with unresolved traumas know just how stubborn our emotional wounds can be. Months, even years later, long-suppressed emotions can come rushing back to the surface at a moment's notice. 

While both stones have their unique ways of tackling grief, they work in perfect harmony: as Pink Opal opens our hearts, Pink Tourmaline helps us keep our balance as we process any unearthed emotions.

Pink Opal and Lapis Lazuli

One of our go-to during big days at work or whenever we need to speak in public, Pink Opal and Lapis Lazuli is all the motivation you need to take on the world.

Lapis Lazuli brings confidence and eloquence, two qualities that are hard to come by when we're feeling tongue-tied and anxious. Combined with the emotional support of Pink Opal, this pairing is ideal for anyone who wants to make a good impression without sacrificing their authenticity—just what you need to be a superstar in that big meeting or during your next big presentation.

Final Thoughts

Pink Opal's delicate appearance belies the strength of the emotions it can help us process. When used with intention, this stone can help us confront the parts of ourselves we've been avoiding, opening our hearts to possibilities we never even considered!

Arguably the best stone for those needing emotional support and self-love, Pink Opal is a must-own for both beginners and seasoned crystal enthusiasts alike. Get one for yourself and see just how quickly this compassionate stone can change your life for the better.

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