The Wonders Of A Crystal Pyramid: History, Uses, &  Benefits

The Wonders Of A Crystal Pyramid: History, Uses, & Benefits

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People have been aware of the power of pyramids ever since Ancient Egypt. The power of pyramids combined with the healing power of crystals make for powerful spiritual and healing tools, and here’s why.

History Of The Pyramid Shape

The power of pyramids has been present on people's minds ever since Ancient Egypt.

The healing energy the pyramid creates and its power to boost positive energy made Egyptians build these mystical shaped structures in order to improve the good fortune and positive energy of their kingdoms. For them, the pyramid's apex was the Sun, the symbol of Divine Light which sent down its rays of blessings towards the earth realm.

The Ancient Egyptians definitely weren’t alone. Other ancient cultures also used the pyramid shape as a representation of the connection between the earthly realm (the base of the pyramid), and the divine (the apex of the pyramid). You can find ancient pyramids all over the globe: Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Sudan, Greece, Bosnia, China, Indonesia and more!

Among other crystal shapes, pyramids made of crystals are believed to have special spiritual and healing properties…

Pyramid Crystals: Metaphysical Properties

In sacred geometry, the crystal pyramids are a representation of the connection between the divine and humanity.

By giving anything the shape of a pyramid, you direct and amplify the energy and harmony of that element. Once you attain that focused energy, you can use it to improve your life, health, luck, and use the wealth crystals to attract abundance and money into your life.

Crystals in the shape of a pyramid have boosted powers. Because of the equilateral triangles ascending towards the apex point, all the energy is amplified and united into the crystal pyramid point.  The wide base grounds the energy, the sides amplify it, and the point directs it towards the goal you decide on.

How To Use A Crystal Pyramid?

Metaphysical Properties of Pyramid Crystals

Pyramid-shaped stones can be used in various ways. The crystal benefits are amplified through the pyramid crystal shape, boosting the effects of those crystals. You can use crystal pyramids by wearing them as jewelry or placing them around your home or workspace.

Crystal pyramid uses include the ability to:

  • protect yourself and/or your home
  • heal energy and to aid your therapy process
  • take your meditation practice to the next level and center yourself
  • balance your soul and enhance your spiritual growth
  • manifest your intention and boost your manifesting ability
  • improve your energy flow and optimize your chakras
  • make the world a better place

Pyramid-shaped crystals are very powerful tools, and it's only a matter of you choosing where you want to direct that power and which crystal pyramid energy you want to work with. Of course, you don't have to limit yourself to only one, the more, the merrier, as they say.

What Is A Pyramid Stone?

The pyramid stone or pyramid crystal is a crystal that's pyramid-shaped. It will focus the positive energies of that crystal towards your desired outcome, protect you and your space, and optimize the energy flow of the space it's placed in or the energy flow of the person wearing it.

You can find numerous options of pyramids made of crystals, from a Clear Quartz pyramid to an Amethyst pyramid or a Tiger's Eye pyramid, and everything in between. You might also find salt chakra pyramid lamps, for instance, which work similarly to other salt lamps such as the Rose Salt Night Light but focus on the chakras, cleansing them and the energies present in your space with boosted cleansing powers due to the power of the spiritual pyramid shape.

Based on what each crystal does, the pyramid crystals will bring you the benefits of crystal healing with the boosted powers of the pyramid healing powers.

Which Pyramid Is Best For Home?

It's a very good idea to have pyramid shapes around the house. If you grow plants at home, for instance, you might want to consider setting them in a pyramid shaped plant holder to optimize their growth.

Some of the best options for crystal pyramids for the home include healing pyramids, protection pyramids, and triangle candles with crystals inside.

  1. Clear Quartz

    Clear Quartz pyramid

    When it comes to boosting your home's positive energies and repelling negative energy, pyramids made of Clear Quartz are an amazing and beautiful option. If you've ever wondered what crystal attracts positive energies, then Clear Quartz is your answer. Though of course, it's not the only one, this gemstone is a very powerful positivity magnet.

    A Clear Quartz Pyramid will amplify your home's positive vibes and encourage harmony and well-being to permeate your space. Another amazing power of Clear Quartz is that it acts as a crystal charging pyramid too, cleansing and boosting the benefits from any other crystals and spiritual items in your home.

    Make sure you have at least one pyramid crystal charger in your home, even if you don't really have many other spiritual items because it will also act as an energetic charger and cleanser for you.

  2. Rose Quartz

    A Rose Quartz crystal pyramid is an amazing source of inner peace, emotional healing, and self-love. Although all crystal shapes of this Quartz have the beautiful harmonizing effect of high-vibe love, such as the Rose Quartz Love Apples, when in a pyramid shape its powers are very much so intensified.

    When you combine the healing properties of a Rose Quartz pyramid with other stones that have a crystal healer nature, you raise the vibe in your own energy and in the energy of your home.  That in turn optimizes all of your connections and interactions and promotes unconditional love in all aspects of your life.

  3. Black Obsidian

    black obsidian pyramid

    You can use a pyramid made of Clear Quartz or a Smoky Quartz pyramid combined with a crystal that absorbs negativity such as the Obsidian stone.

    A crystal that absorbs negative energy becomes very powerful when it's shaped into a pyramid. The Protection version of the Pyramids of Power is a black pyramid crystal that is going to ward off negativity and ensure your home is a safe and harmonious environment for yourself and your loved ones.

    You can also use a Black Tourmaline pyramid since the black crystal pyramid benefits are similar to Black Obsidian.

  4. Amethyst

    An Amethyst pyramid like the Pyramid of Devotion raises the vibe of your love-based connections and introduces a higher-level insight into your emotional ties. You'll encourage patience and confidence with the Amethyst pyramids' crystal shapes.

    Amethyst pyramids also improve your connection to your higher self and support you in attaining more wisdom in a shorter time span due to the amplified powers of these beautiful gemstones.

  5. Tiger's Eye

    Tiger's Eye pyramids are amazing when it comes to manifesting abundance, grounding your energy and root chakra, protecting your energy and your home, and widening your perspective on things.

    The Pyramid of Focus improves your determination and enhances your drive so you can manifest the desired outcome to whatever goals you set yourself.

  6. Pyramids Sets

    pyramids sets

    When it comes to crystal uses of this sacred shape, the Protected Home Pyramid Set is a powerful example of how you can combine the healing properties of different stones. You can get the most out of the gemstones that bring positive energy when combined with the gemstone pyramids' shapes.

Pyramids Energy Field And Color Therapy

The 7 crystals included in the Protected Home Set work to optimize the energies in your home, but at the same time, they can also work as chakra pyramids. The pyramids' healing qualities work with each chakra based on the color and gemstone meaning. The pyramid vibration energy amplifies the powers of each crystal to work with each chakra.

A green crystal pyramid works with your heart chakra, cleansing and healing it with the help of the crystal and the pyramid energies. A root chakra pyramid stone can be either black, brown, or red, and it will harmonize your root chakra with high vibe energies. The blue healing crystal pyramid is going to work with your throat chakra. A purple pyramid crystal for the third eye chakra will optimize your perception and spiritual understanding. The healing properties of pyramids that are made of yellow crystals will work with your solar plexus chakra, while orange ones will work with your sacral chakra.

For that reason, you can also work with color pyramid therapy for each of your chakras and for your overall well-being as well as that of your home.

Where Should Crystal Pyramids Be Placed At Home?

When it comes to where you need to use the pyramids' energies and where the best location is for each crystal pyramid, you need to consider the nature of the crystals involved. The crystal pyramid placement in-house should be based on the nature of your pyramid and the purpose you're using it for.

When it comes to pyramid manifestation, we're talking about making the most of the pyramid powers, so you might want to use a combination of fire and elements like metals along with your crystal pyramids. You could go for a metallic-inclusions pyramid gem such as Pyrite, which is excellent for manifesting success. If you can't find a Pyrite pyramid, place a pyramid made of Clear Quartz next to some Pyrite stones like the Success Stones Set, which will amplify the crystal powers and the benefits of the pyramid.

Consider placing pyramid candles with crystals inside somewhere close to the center of your home since the pyramidal effects of the fire element will amplify your creativity, abundance, and nurture your sense of curiosity and zest for life.

How Do You Meditate Using The Pyramid?

Meditating with the help of these beautiful crystal shapes can be a profoundly deep and healing experience. The benefits of pyramid meditation include helping you get closer to your light form by ascending spiritually and promoting a higher vibe type of life.

There are plenty of meditation pyramid benefits since crystal pyramids can support and guide your efforts towards achieving wisdom and a deeper level of understanding of the Universe and life within and around you.

When you meditate and focus on your pyramid, you can use the help of particular frequencies of sound in order to activate or cleanse a particular chakra or all of them. You can also cleanse your energetic body by meditating with the help of a cleanser crystal in a pyramid shape.

During Reiki energy healing sessions, you can use these crystal shapes in order to amplify the healing properties of the energy you're directing towards your goal or topic of concern.

Add Crystal Pyramids To Your Crystal Collection Today!

Whether you're just starting out your crystal healing journey or you've gained some experience already with all the energy benefits that a beautiful crystal healer vibe brings into your life, a crystal pyramid is an amazing beginning or next step in benefiting from this powerful healing energy.

If you want to make the most of the crystal pyramid benefits, choose the pyramid types of crystals that work best for you and use them together with crystals for success or with crystals for healing and cleansing.

Whether you're looking for clearing and repelling negative energy from your life and your home, clearing blockages from your body or your room, or benefiting from the healing pyramid crystals power, we've got you covered!

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