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May Birthstone Emerald: History, Meaning, Properties, and Uses

The month of May brings a unique kind of beauty, marked by the vibrant green hue of springtime foliage, radiant and alive.

The month of May brings a unique kind of beauty, marked by the vibrant green hue of springtime foliage, radiant and alive. This beautiful color is embodied in the birthstone for May, the magnificent Emerald.

Those who claim Emerald as the May birthstone are blessed with its powerful vibrations, linked to health, contentment and abundance. And just like the color green calls to mind the beauty of the natural world, Emerald is known to foster growth, prosperity, and fertility.

If you've been feeling stuck and desire a fresh start, there's no better gem to turn to than Emerald. Don't let its haughty reputation fool you—this stone is surprisingly warm and inviting, so don't be afraid to ask for its help!

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May birthstone meaning

The key to unpacking Emerald's power lies in its history. Emeralds have been highly valued since antiquity and were once considered to be gifts from the gods. They are associated with Venus, goddess of love and beauty—and it is believed that Emerald can bring forth unconditional love into one's life.

Emerald also radiates a calming energy that helps bring a sense of balance and harmony to chaotic times---combined with its ability to attract good luck, it's no wonder Emerald is a favorite among travelers. Say goodbye to stressful roadblocks and hello to newfound clarity with this beautiful gem!

Where Emerald is found

Colombia should be your go-to destination if you're in search of beautiful natural Emeralds.

While Emeralds are found around the world---particular gem hotspots like Brazil, India, South Africa, and Zambia---specimens from Colombia have a special quality that sets them apart from others.

Experts believe that it's the low iron content of Colombian Emeralds that gives them their unique hue: still strikingly green but with a tinge of blue that makes them even more precious.

Emerald variations and colors

Unlike many other precious gemstones, Emeralds tend to stay within the green spectrum, with slight hints of blue from time to time---particularly among Colombian specimens. If you're looking for a darker kind of green, you can't go wrong with Emerald from Zambia.

One important thing to remember about Emerald is that it is considered a Type 3 gemstone - meaning it typically contains inclusions as a result of its natural formation process. The fewer inclusions an Emerald has, the more valuable it is.

Emerald healing properties

The Emerald May birthstone is all about energy and inspiration. Wearing Emerald jewelry is said to support the mind, body and soul, bringing balance, clarity and peace to its wearer.

The gem's verdant hue is said to open the Heart chakra, enhancing feelings of love and compassion. Even the most difficult of days can be managed with the gentle embrace of Emerald's calming energy.

Refreshing, invigorating, and full of vitality, Emerald more than lives up to its reputation as a lucky stone for May-borns. Reap the rewards of its vibrant essence by sporting Emerald jewelry or carrying a precious stone in your pocket. With its spiritual guidance, you will be able to manifest your dreams into reality and welcome prosperity into every area of life.

May Alternative Birthstones

We love Emerald as the stone for May but we know that it's not for everyone. It's strong green hue can be a bit too bright or overwhelming for some---not to mention the hefty price tag top-grade specimens come with.

If Emerald as your birth month stone is out of reach, consider these alternatives:

Sapphire May birthstone

The May birthstone Sapphire is a beautiful alternative to Emerald. Perfectly suited for those who prefer cool colors, this blue stone is an excellent choice for cultivating inner peace.

Like the soft, lolling waves of the sea, Sapphire is said to offer its wearer a sense of tranquility and serenity. Not only is this stone effective for calming stressful thoughts, it's also believed to strengthen the mind and enhance one's capacity for wisdom.

Sapphire is a great choice if you like having several different May birthstone colors to choose from. With its range of shades from powder blue to deep navy, Sapphire is versatile enough to match any outfit or mood.

Agate May birthstone

Balance and restored harmony are two of the biggest benefits you get when you choose the May birthstone Agate.

Agate has a gentle, subtle energy that can help dissolve stress and tension while promoting self-confidence and courage. With its soothing energy, this iridescent stone serves as an excellent reminder to stay present and mindful in everything that you do.

Carnelian May birthstone

The May birthstone Carnelian works on many different levels. Of course, this fiery orange-red stone looks stunning when set in jewelry but that's not all it can do for you.

Carnelian jumpstarts your creativity---in more ways than one. Its fiery energy also uplifts your spirit, helping you to stay positive even when things aren't going your way. Passion, courage and an abundance of motivation are just a few traits Carnelian can help you unlock.

Common Questions About May Birthstones

How many birthstones does May have?

Four. Emerald is the main one, while Sapphire, Agate and Carnelian are considered alternative birthstones for the month.

What are the two birthstones for May?

Emerald is the one to remember but Sapphire is a close second. Both are widely celebrated as the birthstones for May.

What are May's semi-precious stones?

Carnelian and Agate are the two semi-precious gemstones associated with May. Both of these stones have a unique beauty that is perfect for those born in the fifth month.

Check out other semi-precious gemstones in our complete guide.

Final Takeaways

Emerald has a little something for all of us but those lucky enough to be born in May have just a bit more to be thankful for.

Prosperity, unconditional love, and growth in all areas of life are just a few of the gifts Emerald has to offer. Get ready to see the world with new eyes and open your heart to the vibrant energy of this gorgeous green stone. With its help, you may be able to manifest your dreams into reality and enjoy a life of happiness and abundance!

And if you'd rather keep things simple, May's alternative birthstones are excellent choices too. No matter what you ultimately decide, May's birthstones are sure to bring light and warmth into your life---so don't be afraid to take a leap and explore their potential!

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