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April Birthstone Diamond: History, Meaning, Properties, and Uses

If March heralds in the first signs of spring, then April carries them fully into bloom. With its warmer climates, days spent in the sun, and a Diamond as its birthstone, April is all about clarity, purity, and love.

If March heralds in the first signs of spring, then April carries them fully into bloom. With its warmer climates, days spent in the sun, and a Diamond as its birthstone, April is all about clarity, purity, and love.

And just as the Earth is coming alive around us during this time, so does Diamond’s shining brilliance—and with it, its many powerful properties.

We all know how beautiful Diamonds are, but what’s the deeper meaning behind them?

If you're an April baby who's always been drawn to Diamond but never knew why, here's everything you need to know about this nigh-indestructible gemstone, the April birthstone!

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April birthstone meaning

In teasing out the birthstone of April's meaning, we can look to Diamond's origins. As the hardest known mineral, Diamonds are formed deep in the Earth under high pressure and extreme temperatures. Every second of this long and arduous journey is necessary for carbon to become the shimmering pieces of unmistakable beauty that Diamonds are.

No wonder Diamonds are the ultimate sign of love and commitment!

Creative pursuits are also associated with this gemstone, as its bright energy can fuel imagination and ambition. If you've had a book, screenplay, painting, or any other kind of art sloshing around in your brain for ages but never dared to start, Diamond can be just the power source you need to finally bring it to fruition.

Where Diamond is found

In the past, India was where Diamonds were primarily sourced, but today they can be found in several places across the world.

Africa is a major hub for Diamond mining, with most of its rough gemstones coming from Botswana and South Africa. Australia and Canada are also significant suppliers of the precious gemstones, while Russia has been ramping up its Diamond output in recent years.

Diamond variations and colors

While colorless Diamonds take up the lion's share when it comes to popularity, there are several alternatives for collectors who prefer a bit more color in their jewels. Let's take a look at some of the more sought-after colors of natural Diamonds out there:

  • Brown Diamond - Marketed as Chocolate Diamonds, these range from light beige to deep cognac in hue. These gems used to be reserved mainly for industrial use, but in recent years they’ve become quite the fashion statement.
  • Orange Diamond - Orange Diamonds derive their distinctive hue from nitrogen atoms present during the stone’s formation. These gems come mostly from Africa.
  • Yellow Diamond - These gems are the result of trace amounts of nitrogen present during their formation, and they offer a warm and inviting contrast to traditional Diamonds. South Africa has the best specimens.
  • Green Diamond - Diamonds exposed to naturally occurring radiation can take on a green hue. Mining of these rare gems is centered mainly in South America and South Africa.
  • Blue Diamond - Blue Diamonds owe their color to boron atoms present when the stones were formed. The Hope Diamond and the Wittelsbach Diamond are two of the most famous examples.
  • Pink Diamond - If Diamonds are a girl's best friend, you can bet that Pink Diamonds are a girl's soulmate. These pink beauties are some of the rarest—and most expensive—Diamonds in the world. The Argyle mine in Australia is the chief producer.
  • Red Diamond - Did you know that Red Diamonds exist? We wouldn't blame you if you didn't—even diamond dealers have difficulty getting their hands on these rare gems. If you do manage to get one, prepare to shell out some serious cash!
  • Herkimer Diamond - Despite its name, Herkimer Diamonds are Quartz found in Herkimer County, New York. Used mainly to amplify other gemstones' energies, a these gems can also stand on their own as powerful tools to achieve clarity and peace. 

Diamond healing properties

The clarity of Diamonds is often associated with clarity of mind, and this gemstone is known to activate the Crown Chakra, leading us to higher states of consciousness.

Diamonds are reputed to help draw out hidden talents and abilities in the wearer, while also offering resilience and courage in times of hardship. Having just one Diamond in your jewelry collection can be enough to transmute negative energy and emotions into more positive ones.

April Alternative Birthstones

Let's be honest here.

Diamond as a birthstone isn't for everyone. Even the most die-hard of April babies probably don't have the budget to get a Diamond for every birthday. But that's okay, there are some April birthstone alternatives out there that will look just as stunning, and won't break the bank either.

Sapphire April birthstone

The April birthstone Sapphire is a great choice for those looking to expand their vision, both literally and figuratively. Ushering wisdom and insight, Sapphire works especially well as an aid for manifesting our dreams and desires.

And if you're looking for something a little closer to Diamond, then you can always opt for White Sapphire. Its clear and bright hue is reminiscent of the diamond, with its price tag being much friendlier.

Opal April birthstone

The April birthstone Opal works to amplify your positive energy and help you stay focused and organized. It's also said to bring luck, abundance, and good fortune to its wearer.

White Topaz April birthstone

Healing and stimulating, White Topaz is an April birthstone that will boost your confidence and encourage you to pursue your passions.

Turquoise April birthstone

When it comes to balancing your chakras, the April birthstone Turquoise shines bright. Because of this gem's ability to shore up your spirit and infuse your heart with an indomitable cheeriness, it is a great cure for the blues.

Wearing Turquoise jewelry means you can feel safe and secure anywhere you go—all you have to do is look down at your finger and you're sure to be reminded of the love and protection that comes with it!

Common Questions About April Birthstones

What are the two birthstones for April?

Diamond is the April birthstone most people think about but lots of April babies claim Sapphire as their birthstone too.

Why is the April Birthstone Diamond?

We think it has something to do with its clarity and sparkle, qualities that represent life goals and dreams. The month of April is a time for new beginnings, so Diamonds are perfect for representing that sentiment.

What is the lucky stone for April?

There's no real answer to this one but, for our money, we'd go with Diamonds. Not only are they the April birthstone, but their vibrant hues and sparkling facets are said to bring luck and abundance to their wearer.

Final Takeaways

The smell of April showers and the sight of sunshine fill this month with promise, so it's only fitting that its birthstone be just as radiant. Whether you choose Diamond, Sapphire, White Topaz, or Turquoise, each gem serves as a reminder to keep your heart open to new possibilities.

So go ahead and wear your April birthstone proudly—you never know what kind of luck and good fortune it might bring!

And if you're looking to really spoil yourself (or someone special) this April, then be sure to get one—just prepare to shell out some serious cash!

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