June Birthstone Pearl: History, Meaning, Properties, and Uses

June Birthstone Pearl: History, Meaning, Properties, and Uses

The summer solstice brings with it more than just the first rumblings of longer days and warmer weather. From the beginning of recorded human history, June has been celebrated as a month of lush abundance and beauty. No matter how old we get, there's always a childlike wonder and joy when the first blooms of summer arrive.

Forever associated with June is the Pearl birthstone, one of the few gems that require no cutting or polishing to reveal the full grandeur of its beauty. It's a luminescent stone that symbolizes purity, innocence, and faithfulness throughout time.

Let's learn more about Peal meaning and how you can make the most of the birthstone for the month of June!

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June birthstone meaning

Pearl's status as the stone for June rests on two key factors.

Consider how long it takes for Pearl to form. Deep within the depths of the ocean, oysters form and cultivate an inner layer of nacre to protect their soft bodies from grains of sand or foreign objects. It takes years for a Pearl to reach its full size and beauty, mirroring our own journeys in life and how it takes time to find our true selves.

And just as oysters keep the Pearls safe within them until they are ready to be revealed, so too do we protect and nurture our innermost dreams until they can take form. The Pearl birthstone is a reminder that taking the time to build up life's treasures will result in something of true beauty and grace.

Where Pearl is found

We've mentioned purity more than a few times. It's not a coincidence—Pearls can only be found in clean waters, where the quality of food and shelter is optimal for oysters to thrive, and therefore, producing vibrant Pearls.

So if you're hunting for the best Pearl specimens, you'll get to experience a real-life search for buried treasure as you explore some of the world's clearest and most pristine waters.

Freshwater Pearls come mainly from China. The country also produces the legendary Akoya cultured Pearl, though Japan has become synonymous with this type of Pearl due to its centuries-long cultivation practices.

South Sea cultured Pearls, as their name suggests, come from the luscious waters down south, primarily in Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. These are the largest types of cultured Pearls, with some specimens measuring over 20mm in diameter!

For the strikingly black Tahitian Pearl, you'll have to travel even further afield to French Polynesia.

Pearl variations and colors

Pearls are either natural or cultured. Natural Pearls are formed in nature without any human intervention, whereas cultured Pearls are created with the help of a pearl farmer.

The June birthstone's color ranges from white to black, but it can also come in a variety of shades in between.

There’s the classic white Pearl, which we all know. Then there's the black Tahitian Pearl, which has a mysterious aura and sophistication about them that isn't everyone's cup of tea, but for those who love them, they're a slam-dunk choice.

For a bit of fun and personality in your Pearl jewelry, opt for pink or brown Freshwater Pearls. These tend to be less expensive than other colors and make for beautiful statement pieces.

Pearl healing properties

Much like the sea itself, Pearls hold the promise of new beginnings and discovery.

It is thought to impart a sense of calmness and centering in its wearer, as well as strength in times of stress or adversity.

Pearls also help raise one's self-confidence and promote true integrity—qualities that can come in handy when we need to take stock and reevaluate our lives.

The Pearl birthstone is a perfect reminder that, with patience and faith, anything is possible. All we need to do is trust in the process and be open to changes for us to reach our highest potential.

Those who have trouble sleeping may also find that wearing a Pearl helps to soothe their minds and body, allowing them to drift off into peaceful slumber. A Pearl can also help to shield one from negative energy and influxes of unwanted emotions that keep us tossing and turning at night.

Wearing a simple Pearl necklace or having a piece of Pearl earrings close to your heart can be just what you need to start the day with renewed hope and positivity!

June Alternative Birthstones

Moonstone June birthstone

The alternate June birthstone Moonstone has a captivating play of light that's known as adularescence. In the finest specimens, you'll be able to see a blue and white sheen against a clear backdrop, just like the light of a full moon glimmering across a still lake.

Moonstone as a birthstone is associated with intuition, vitality, and fertility. That's why we recommend wearing it close to your heart for protection and spiritual guidance in times of uncertainty.

Alexandrite June birthstone

The alternate June birthstone Alexandrite is one of the rarest and most expensive gemstones in the world. Alexandrite as a birthstone works best for those who want to explore the etheric realms and unlock the mysteries of their inner self.

Common Questions About June Birthstones

What is the true birthstone for June?

Pearl is the true birthstone for June.

How many birthstones does June have?

Aside from Pearl, June has two alternate birthstones: Moonstone and Alexandrite.

Why does June have three birthstones?

The practical reason is that some birthstones are rarer or more expensive than others. Having several choices for each month gives people the option to choose a birthstone that fits within their budget or lifestyle, while still having something special and meaningful to represent their birth month.

Final Takeaways

Pearl is as classy and timeless as they come, with healing properties that make it a perfect choice for anyone born in June. For those who are looking for something flashier, there are two alternative gems—Moonstone and Alexandrite—with compelling properties of their own.

Ultimately, the type of birthstone you choose is entirely up to you; all that matters is that it resonates with you and allows you to express yourself!

Either way, make sure to embrace the unique gifts that come with each birthstone and all that it has to offer!

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