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How to Use Tiger's Eye to Attract Luck and Happiness in Your Life


How to Use Tiger's Eye to Attract Luck and Happiness in Your Life

How to Use Tiger's Eye to Attract Luck and Happiness in Your Life


Tiger's eye is one of those gemstones that’s impossible to miss when you see it. The warmth of its exquisite brown markings is stunning. Ancient societies throughout history have prized this stone not only for its beauty, but also for its energetic properties. 

In this guide, we’ll learn about tiger’s eye, how bygone civilizations benefited from its metaphysical properties, and how you can harness its magic in your life today.

What Is Tiger's Eye?

Tiger's eye (or tiger eye) is a quartz crystal with brown and amber colored striations. When the stone is cut and polished, it displays chatoyancy (cat’s eye effect) in the light. Tiger's eye cabochons, in particular, highlight this unique banding.

Geologically, tiger's eye crystals form when the quartz overtakes the crocidolite present in the mineral. Crocidolite is a bluish-gray and fibrous mineral, which is what contributes to tiger's eye’s striped and occasionally wavy appearance. Sometimes the crocidolite doesn’t break down completely, and the gemstone takes on the blue-gray coloring. The resulting stone is known as hawk’s eye.

Even though we usually think of tiger's eye appearing in its typical amber and chestnut shades, you can also find it in other color varieties. Tiger's eye can form with reddish or metallic grey hematite or with yellow limonite, which will influence its appearance.

Unlike some gemstones that have widespread deposits all over the world, most tiger's eye comes from South Africa. While the region’s mines produce enough tiger's eye to meet demand, you can find a handful of other deposits in Namibia, Australia, India, and Thailand. 

Tiger's Eye Throughout History 

Tiger's eye in Egyptian corridor

Tiger's eye has a rich history in various cultures and folklore. Ancient civilizations believed there was a connection to the healing properties of tiger's eye and wild tigers themselves. Aside from the physical similarities, people believed that the stone could channel the cunning prowess of a tiger, thus allowing the wearer to embody the animal’s strength and courage during challenging times. They also believed it imbued someone with clear sight or vision, and granted them a shield of protection. 

Ancient Egyptians used tiger's eye gemstones as the eyes in statues of their deities. They trusted it would allow their diety to keep a watchful eye over their worshippers. Egyptians also believed the stones endowed them with the protection of Ra (god of the sun) and Geb (god of land and cultivation).

Tiger’s eye was cherished by the Romans who used it for strength and protection in battle. Using tiger's eye as a protection stone didn’t die out with the Romans at the end of their empire. During the Middle Ages, people turned to tiger's eye to ward off negative energies and demonic spirits. Tiger's eye was credited with discerning which energies were harmful and which were beneficial.

Metaphysical Properties of Tiger's Eye

Gorgeous close-up of tiger's eye stones

When you’re looking for a healing crystal to help you stay focused, encourage feelings of confidence, and protect you from mishaps, a natural tiger eye stone can help. Here are a few ways you can use this beloved stone in your life. 

Cocoon Yourself in Its Protective Energies

If you’re looking for a protective healing crystal, a tiger eye stone is one of your best bets. Slip on a tiger eye bracelet to lend you the support you’re seeking. Whether you use tiger's eye daily or take it with you on an impromptu road trip, this powerful stone has your back.

Tiger’s eye doesn’t just protect you against physical harm and danger. It can work to keep your thoughts positive and more optimistic, too. If you feel like you’re slipping into a sea of negativity, tiger's eye can help you recapture a more sunny disposition. 

Don’t forget that you can always mix and match your gemstones for a more powerful energetic experience. Combine your tiger's eye healing crystal with other protective stones such as amethyst, black obsidian, carnelian, malachite, black agate, and lava stone for amplified protection. 

Improve Focus and Clarity of Mind

When your mind is scattered in a million different directions, and focusing on just one thing feels next to impossible, take a few minutes out of your day to center yourself with a tiger eye healing crystal. Try meditating with a tiger eye pyramid in your palm to calm your overactive mind. 

Using a tiger's eye crystal to improve your focus can open up your mind to creative solutions or give you a fresh perspective when you need it most. Consider picking up a tiger eye worry stone to hold as you meditate. 

You can combine your tiger's eye with black onyx or rose quartz to foster feelings of serenity while you empty your mind of distractions. An easy way to use other healing crystals with your tiger's eye is to wear a chakra bracelet with other supportive gemstone beads. 

Welcome Good Fortune Into Your Life

Tiger's eye bracelet

Maybe you’re interested in bringing in a little extra cash with a side project, or you have a new business you’d like to launch. If so, tiger's eye is a perfect choice when you’re looking for good luck to come your way. A tiger eye gemstone bracelet could usher in energy to cultivate abundance.

Tiger's eye is reported to reinforce your willpower. Wear a natural stone tiger's eye bracelet to give yourself the grit and motivation you need to bring something to fruition. If you can find green tiger eye gemstones, be sure to grab one. The color itself hints at the good fortune it can bring to your life, as well as the personal growth you experience stepping into a more determined version of yourself.

Bolster Your Self-Confidence 

Another area where tiger's eye stone excels is in its ability to boost your confidence. Tiger's eye is associated with your solar plexus chakra and can clear any sluggish energy or blockages in your third chakra. 

With a clear solar plexus, you can expect to feel more confident and secure in everything you do. Wearing blue tiger's eye stones frees you from self-doubt and makes it easier to take the next step with your goals.

Whenever you’d like an injection of confidence, the metaphysical properties of tiger's eye can help. On your next date night, wear a beaded bracelet with red tiger's eye, which is said to be fantastic for building confidence and giving the wearer a lust for life. Its vibrant color also stirs the energy of your root chakra, ensuring your energy center is balanced.

Tips for Choosing Your Tiger Eye Stones

Tiger's eye stone and minerals

When working with the healing properties of tiger's eye, always choose natural tiger eye stone over synthetically produced gemstones. That way, you know you’re getting all of the metaphysical gifts tiger's eye has to offer.

Take some time to think about how you'd like to use tiger's eye in your life. Depending on what areas you'd like to work on, consider combining your tiger's eye with other gemstones. You'll be enhancing the healing qualities of the stones themselves, and addressing multiple issues at the same time. 

Perhaps you're interested in cleansing your chakras. By combining tiger's eye with lapis lazuli in a handmade wrap bracelet, you can recalibrate the energy flowing through your solar plexus and throat chakras. Or, maybe you want to wear a sterling silver boho necklace with tiger's eye and black obsidian to support your lower triangle.

Remember, you can trust your intuition to guide you to the gemstones that resonate with your energy. Whether you stick to using tiger's eye by itself or with other healing crystals, you're still benefiting from its positive energetic field.

Use Tiger's Eye for Support and Protection in Your Life

From ancient Egyptian temples to Roman battlefields, civilizations throughout the centuries have explored and harnessed the metaphysical properties of tiger's eye.

Whether you want to feel more confident in your life, surround yourself with a veil of protection, or focus on bringing good luck into your space when you need it most, picking up a natural tiger's eye stone could be just the thing you need.

Tapping into the healing energies of this natural wonder is as easy as picking up a stretch bracelet made with tiger’s eye gemstone beads or keeping a polished stone in your pocket during the day. Don’t underestimate the impact that chakra stones can have in your life. Working with their metaphysical properties can help you harmonize your energy. 


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    Wow fab read full of history and information tigers eye is my favourite stone and has worked for me for years it was one of my very first stones I was attracted to , ..

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