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Black Opal Stone Meaning and The Spiritual Healing Properties

The Black Opal stone is one of the most fascinating gemstones. We've already talked about Opal, in general. Now we're going to focus on the power of the gorgeous Black Opal gemstones and their healing energies.

What Is Black Opal?

Opal contains small silica spheres that reflect the light in flashes of different colors. Black Opal, also known as Dark Opal, is an Opal variety that has a dark body tone.

It features the same reflective flashes of color as other precious Opal varieties. What makes it special is the darker base color. The base color can range from dark gray to dark green and even brown.

While very similar to that of other Opals, the Black Opal stone doesn't have the same chemical composition. The dark body tone is a result of the presence of Carbon and Iron Oxide elements. Researchers discovered that there are other elements in the composition that make the base color dark, like Pyrite and sulfides.

The defining aspect of the Black Opal stone is the play of color, meaning the reflective silica fragments within. If this isn’t present, then you’re dealing with common Opal.

Black Opal is one of the rarest forms of the Opal stone. That means it's also one of the most expensive. Black Opal can be found in Lightning Ridge, New South Wales (Australia). There are also Ethiopian Opals, including Black ones, which are less expensive than those from Australia.

Black Opal is often cut in teardrop shapes in order to maximize its value. When the Opal is too small to separate it from its rock base, it can be extracted as Boulder Opal. A Boulder Opal only has slivers of actual Opal within.

You can find synthetic Black Opal on the gemstones market too. It's a man-made version meant to look very similar to the natural Opal. Maybe you really like the look of Black Opal but don’t fancy the steep price. If that's the case, synthetic Black Opal might be a good option. But keep in mind that the synthetic one doesn't have the precious Opal healing properties.

It might be tough to differentiate between natural Black Opal and a synthetic version by looks alone, so make sure you're buying from a trusted source or get help from an expert before investing in a natural Black Opal stone.

A general rule of thumb for differentiating between natural and synthetic is their temperature. When you put them in your palm, stones feel cold while synthetics feel warmer.

Black Opal Stone Meaning

Black Opal Stone

Opal is generally seen as a symbol of uniqueness and individuality. That's because no two Opals look exactly the same. Each Black Opal gemstone is even more unique. That contributes to the Black Opal meaning of uniqueness and exceptional beauty.

In fact, due to its rarity and expensive nature, Black Opal is seen as a romantic symbol of "the one". What says "You're the one for me" better than Black Opal wedding rings? A Black Opal engagement ring carries the same message: "You're my one and only, my precious and one of a kind.”

Opal is also a powerful protection stone. It absorbs negative energies and can deflect low vibes from its wearer. Black Opal jewelry has the added benefit of also grounding your energy while protecting it. As a result, Black Opal means stability, endurance, and grace in the face of adversity. It supports manifesting your dreams, similar to the Manifestation Bracelet.

Black Opal is also used in the beauty industry for cosmetics and makeup. Part of the Black Opal meaning is that of unique, brilliant, and precious beauty.

Considering its price and rarity, Black Opal symbolizes mystery, luxury, and a glamorous lifestyle.

Black Opal Metaphysical Properties

Black Opal is a powerful stone. It wards off negative vibes and radiates healing energies.

The glittering reflections of light in a Black Opal stone help seers enter a trance and channel information with more ease. As a result, it's a powerful stone for prediction.

Black Opal stones enhance psychic gifts. With the help of these gemstones, you'll have a safe journey while you're practicing lucid dreaming. It's also a trusted guide and spiritual protector while you're astral traveling.

If you keep Black Opal by your bed, you are more likely to have prophetic dreams and visions.

Black Opal is wonderful when it comes to spiritual healing, much like the 108 Quartz Healing Bracelet. It filters out lower vibes and helps your energetic body recalibrate and find harmony. Due to its harmonious vibes, it also supports emotional healing. It's particularly helpful when you're dealing with inner child wounds. With the help of Black Opal, you'll find the way forward and overcome emotional trauma.

It absorbs negative energy and transforms it into positive vibes. As a result, Black Opal helps the wearer release worries, resentments, and self-sabotaging patterns and behaviors.

Black Opal can bring you good luck. It attracts good vibes and positive energies. That means that Black Opal improves your mood, makes you more optimistic, and also brings opportunities your way.

All the gemstones can be helpful during meditation. But Black Opal gemstones are particularly powerful allies for your meditation practice. They help you reach a deeper level of conscious awareness.

What Are The Black Opal Healing Properties?

Black Opal

Black Opal is a great healing stone. When you're working on overcoming self-doubt, Black Opal supports you every step of the way. It's a great helper when you're going through therapy or recovering from any physical injury. Wear the Self-Control Pendant and you'll be successful, no matter how long the recovery process might take.

Black Opal doesn't just grant clarity of sight in spiritual terms. It also improves eyesight and sharpens your focus. The healing powers of Black Opal stimulate your memory and attention to detail.

It can be of great help if you're experiencing issues with balance.

Black Opal has a powerful water element to it. It supports hydration and relieves water retention symptoms. Due to the water element that it's connected to, it helps to reduce fevers and inflammation.

Black Opal cosmetics restore the luminosity of your complexion and revitalize your skin.

When it comes to chakra healing, Black Opal has a powerful impact on each energetic center of your body. We'll discuss that in more detail below. 

Black Opal: Healing Properties For The Zodiac Signs

Opal is the October birthstone. This birthstone is usually associated with the Libra zodiac sign. Black Opal encourages balance and harmony, vibes that a Libra thrives on.

Black Opal enhances intuition and supports emotional healing. As a result, it has a powerful interaction with Cancer and the other water signs.

Air signs

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) benefit from Black Opal's harmonious vibes. It helps you to regain your balance when you're struggling with repetitive thoughts or ideas.

Black Opal also supports mental clarity and improves focus for air signs. The Mental Clarity Bracelet has a similar effect.

The dark body tone of Black Opals helps with grounding energies. Air signs benefit from receiving that support since they can get too wrapped up in their thoughts.

Water signs

Black Opal has a special connection to the water element. The formation process of Opal involves the element of water, so it resonates very well with water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces).

Black Opal gemstones support emotional healing and promote emotional balance. They protect water signs from the negative influence of other people's emotions.

Black Opal sharpens psychic insight. It also protects you from psychic attacks. Since water signs are more sensitive to emotional energies around, Black Opals offer much-needed support.

Fire signs

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) are full of passion and ready to make things happen. Sometimes, they might pull the trigger too soon because of their enthusiasm.

Black Opal supports clarity of perception and thought. It guides you to focus on what is truly useful. When things are clear, it's much easier to put your plan in motion.

You can use the Visualization Ring to perceive the grander scheme of things. Then you can decide on what your next step should be. Once the plan is well thought out, the determination of fire signs will ensure success.

Earth signs

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) are usually pragmatic. But they also enjoy the finer things in life. Sometimes, that might mean overspending. Or they could indulge in some retail therapy.

Wear a Black Opal mens' ring to redirect your focus towards gathering resources instead of squandering them away. The Dragon’s Hoard Ring has a similar effect. It protects your wealth and helps you expand it.

Despite their connection to the earth element, they often need more grounding. The dark body tone of Black Opals helps ground earth energy and connect with Mother Gaia.

Black Opal: Benefits For The Chakras

Black Opal stone

Black Opals are powerful spiritual protectors. They repel negative energies and transform lower vibes into higher ones. As a result, Black Opals act as energetic shields.

The Dark Opal body tone has a grounding effect on your aura. It encourages well-balanced exchanges of energy. Let's see how Black Opals interact with each chakra.

Crown chakra

The glittering color effects of Black Opal activate your crown chakra. The beautiful stone helps you connect to your higher power. Black Opals open up a consciously aware channel of communication with your higher self.

Wear Black Opal earrings and you'll feel more in tune with your spiritual journey. If you haven't yet realized what your life purpose is, Black Opals will help you determine it. These beautiful gemstones will also help you build your spiritual fortitude. Their harmonious vibes will support you as you receive crown chakra energy upgrades.

If you're going through a spiritual crisis, Black Opals offer great support. They cleanse your crown chakra and open up your ability to receive guidance from Above.

Third eye chakra

When it comes to your third eye chakra, Black Opals act as powerful intuition activators. If your third eye hasn't been activated yet, Black Opals will gently activate it. They will open up your third eye chakra and ease you through psychic energetic upgrades.

Wearing Black Opals can shake up your perception of the world around you. The newly gained clarity will help you understand yourself on a deeper level too. The Spiritual Evolution Anklet has a similar effect.

When wearing Black Opals, you'll find it easier to perceive auras. It will also be easier to receive and send telepathic messages. Your psychic gifts will grow. Your spiritual perception will evolve with the help of Black Opals.

Throat chakra

Wear a Black Opal necklace or a Black Opal pendant and you'll activate your throat chakra. With this chakra activated, Black Opals will cleanse the energies of informational exchanges. You'll see your social network grow. Your charm and ability to persuade will be improved with the help of Black Opals. 

If you need to negotiate a raise or a new contract, make sure you have Black Opals on you. They will enhance your throat chakra energy and support your assertiveness.

In the case of heated exchanges of words, call on Black Opals to smooth things over.

Heart chakra

Black Opals have the ability to initiate and support heartfelt connections. They connect to your heart chakra and activate the frequency of compassion. The Rose Quartz Lamp of Compassion has a similar effect. It connects you to your high vibe feelings and encourages unconditional love towards yourself and everyone else.

When Black Opals activate your heart chakra, they bring in light and love. Your heart chakra is one of the most tried energetic centers in day-to-day life. Relationships, projects we care about, issues we want to fix - they all pull on our heartstrings. Dramatic events and trying times affect the heart chakra too.

Black Opals work to undo some of the harm done to our heart chakras on a daily basis. They filter through the lower energies. 

With the help of these gemstones, we can overcome traumatic events from past lives as well as our current lives. They’re some of the best gemstones for overcoming fears and insecurities.

Solar plexus chakra

Black Opals can act as powerful manifesting stones. They resonate well with your solar plexus chakra. The golden reflections of light ignite your inner strength.

Worn as low-hanging necklaces, Black Opals cleanse your solar plexus. They attract high vibe energies into this energetic center. If you're struggling with self-worth, a Black Opal stone will improve your confidence in your own devices.

Your solar plexus is the seat of your vitality. When you're dealing with low energy levels, it means your solar plexus is blocked. Black Opals cleanse your solar energy and restore optimal levels of stamina.

Your solar plexus is also the command center of your manifesting power. Black Opals charge your solar energy center with high vibe energy. They improve your ability to focus and fuel your motivation. With their help, you'll manifest your goals with more ease. Abundance will come your way sooner than you might have expected. The Ultimate Wealth Bracelet has a similarly powerful effect.

Sacral chakra

The sacral chakra is the seat of your creativity. Black Opal ignites the spark of inspiration. It activates your imagination and supports self-expression.

Black Opal helps you get your message across through artistic pursuits. It also empowers you to think outside the box. You'll come up with ingenious solutions and progressive plans.

Keep Black Opals around your office or workspace and you'll make steady progress with your career.

Black Opals can help if you're trying to raise a family or add a new member to your existing family. Keep Black Opals in your bedroom and they'll improve your fertility.

Root chakra 

Back Opals resonate with your root chakra because of the dark body tone. Whether your Dark Opal is a dark gray or more like a dark green, it connects to your root and the energy of Mother Gaia.

Black Opals are wonderful grounding stones. They cleanse your root energetic center and optimize the energy flow through your entire body. Wear a Black Opal ring or bracelet to activate and cleanse your root. Black Opals also support your manifestation process at the level of this chakra.

Another important aspect of the root chakra is that of energetic protection. Black Opals act as energetic shields, keeping you safe from malevolent energies. The Tiger Protection Bracelet has a similar effect.

What Crystals Work Well With Black Opals?

Black Opals are powerful gemstones. They combine the power of the dark body tone with the brilliance of the iridescent flecks. As a result, Black Opals work well with different types of crystals.

Black Opals resonate with grounding and protective crystals like Black Obsidian, Black Tourmaline, Black Onyx, and Tiger's Eye. They also connect with manifesting crystals like Citrine, Sunstone, and Pyrite.

Crystals like Rose Quartz, Strawberry Quartz, and Moonstone make for great complementary crystals for Black Opals. They balance the emotional body and support calm and serene energies.

How Do You Clean Black Opal?

When you're cleaning your Black Opal crystal, keep in mind its sensitive nature. Use a damp soft cloth to wipe it clean then quickly dry it off. Don't leave your Black Opal or any other Opal gemstone in the water. It might affect the clarity of its surface.

Don't use any harsh or abrasive chemicals or you'll scratch the surface and ruin the color play effect!

Get Your Black Opal Crystal Today!

Enjoy the Black Opal benefits right now. Allow the beautiful Black Opals to brighten up your day.

Make the most of your Black Opal jewelry by wearing it together with crystals for protection and support.

Whether you're wearing Black Opal rings or a delicate anklet, the stone of prediction will activate your spiritual healing and insight. Activate your higher self and enhance your conscious awareness. Enjoy the high vibes that your Black Opal gemstone brings your way.

If you need spiritual protection, Black Opal has your back. Ground your energy and manifest your heart's desires with the help of Black Opal gemstones.

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