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Apache Tears: How This Stone Can Help Your Emotional Healing

In the crystal world, dark-colored stones are known for their protective powers against negative energy. However, for those who are sensitive to the frequency of crystals, a black gemstone's vibrations may be too intense. And that is what makes Apache Tears so special.

Apache Tears are a form of obsidian that exudes a much gentler and more nourishing energy than other varieties such as Snowflake Obsidian or Black Obsidian. These dark brownish-black minerals are known among crystal experts as the best healing crystal in times of emotional crisis and deep grief.

As true root chakra stones, they're perfect for those who are in deep need of grounding and connection to both their physical body and mother Earth. Even though they are not traditional zodiac stones, energy healers believe those born in November have a special affinity to these peaceful and calming gems.

If you're looking for a holistic tool to guard your auric field, Apache Tears are a great addition to any crystal collection. In this essential guide, you'll learn about the history of the name and the different ways you can support your well-being with this stone.

Origins of Apache Tears

Apache tears

The story behind Apache Tears explains how the stone got its unique name. According to American Indian history, in the 1870s, 75 Apache warriors found themselves outnumbered and trapped by the U.S. Cavalry. Instead of surrendering to their enemy, these courageous men leaped from a cliff to meet their death.

Legend says that when the Apache tribe women found out they had lost their fathers, husbands, and sons in such a tragic way, they cried day and night for over a month. Upon falling to the ground, their tears formed the oval-shaped stones now known as Apache Tears.

For that reason, ancient lore claims that those who own or carry a piece of this stone should never need to cry again, because the Apache women cried enough tears for all those who mourn.

Sources of Apache Tears

Apache tears

Apache Tears are a type of black obsidian created when hot lava spews out of a volcano and solidifies before hitting the ground. At first glance, this stone may seem opaque. But once you hold it against a source of light. you can admire its semi-transparent nature, a typical quality found in volcanic glass

These warm and soothing stones are often found in a greyish volcanic material called perlite, a more porous and lightweight form of obsidian. The most important extraction sites of Apache Tears are located in the United States, the most popular being Superior, Arizona, where the Apache warriors lost their lives. Specimens have also been found in the state of Nevada, other areas in the southwestern part of the U.S., and parts of Mexico.

Healing Properties of Apache Tears

Let’s discuss the rich Apache Tears meaning. Even though Apache Tears are classic healing stones for the first chakra, these one-of-a-kind gemstones have a special connection to the heart and your emotional body.

In contrast to other dark-colored crystals that have an intense masculine vibration, these humble gems have a surprisingly nourishing and comforting nature. This might connect to the powerful and painful story behind the creation of Apache Tears, as the stones were brought to life by a group of strong women mourning an immense loss of human life. 

Physical Benefits

Besides serving as protection stones that clear your auric field, Apache Tears are also hailed for being natural tools to clear your physical body of toxins and balance the energetic system. Along with citrine, holistic therapists recommend the use of Apache Tears to provide some relief for issues that may affect the kidneys, the stomach, and the adrenal glands. 

As they're a product of the earth and fire energies, many believe that carrying these stones can provide them with sustenance and stimulate vitality and strength — especially when combined with amethyst. This is especially true for those who saw their health take a dive after a shocking or traumatic experience or after the loss of a loved one. 

Native American healers believe that wearing Apache Tears regularly may help to calm the nervous system, soothe brain activity, and reduce nerve inflammation. If you know someone who struggles with pain related to bones, joints, or muscle spasms, offering them a piece of this beautiful stone can make for a thoughtful gift that provides peace and solace.

Emotional Healing

Even though Apache Tears aren't one of the most well-known stones in the world, during crystal healing sessions, they're certainly a go-to gem to help those going through a grieving process. Similarly to aquamarine and blue agate, they have a very tranquil quality, which is perfect for managing and healing emotional wounds.

Their energy helps to gently move deep-rooted toxic emotions caused by trauma and to remove blockages that prevent you from moving forward and healing. Research has found that a delayed response to traumatic events can cause side effects that include sleep disorders, nightmares, persistent fatigue, fear of recurrence, and severe anxiety. It may also lead to the avoidance of emotions, sensations, and activities associated with the event. 

That may be why Apache Tears are known as crystals of strength, freedom, and healing, as their quiet but brave nature acts as a guiding light for those going through dark times. If you've experienced such arduous circumstances, you may feel like the events of your past define you. If so, Apache Tears will make for formidable companions as they encourage you to release self-limiting barriers, forgive yourself, and go back to your true essence. 

They help to clear the heart from fear, worries, and old disappointments and resentments, helping you to forgive without bitterness those who have done you wrong. These wise gemstones help you understand that by forgiving, you don’t show weakness. You show the purest of strengths. 

Spiritual Growth and Metaphysical Properties

The Apache Tears obsidian stones are, without a doubt, one of the gentlest protective and grounding stones known to man. They not only shield your energy from psychic attacks and energy "vampires" but also keep hostility and conflict at bay.

So if you work in a fast-paced and highly-competitive environment, carrying a piece of Apache Tears close to your root chakra (like in your back pocket) can be a simple and effective way to protect your vibrations and divert ill intentions. 

This beautiful stone can serve as a reminder to those who only wish to see things in a positive way while completely detaching themselves from pain that it's impossible to have light without darkness. By accepting suffering and grief as a natural part of the human experience, you'll find it easier to embrace your vulnerability. This may lead you to become a better friend and listener for those who are going through tough times. 

Apache Tears can teach you that grief can be a tremendous spiritual learning tool that encourages self-awareness, self-acceptance, and empathy towards those who feel overwhelmed by heartache and sorrow. It's a fantastic amulet for doctors, nurses, paramedics, or healers, as it protects the aura from dense energies and enhances one’s nourishing and kind side. 

Use Apache Tears to Heal Your Emotions and Move Forward

Apache tears

If you're particularly sensitive to the intense energies of black stones but still seek a powerful protection amulet, then Apache Tears are the stone you've been looking for. It will keep you grounded and present in times of grief, anxiety, and stress, and it will allow you to deal with these emotions in a conscious and discerning way. 

Like all black protective crystals whose primary function is to absorb negative energies, the Apache Tears stone should be cleansed and charged on a regular basis.

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