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Angel Aura Quartz: How To Use This Stone in Your Spiritual Practice


Angel Aura Quartz: How To Use This Stone in Your Spiritual Practice

Angel Aura Quartz: How To Use This Stone in Your Spiritual Practice


Some gemstones are irresistible. Their luminosity can lure you like a bee to honey. If you've ever seen a piece of Angel Aura quartz, you know this is one you can't pass up. And if you've ever thought it had an almost unnatural beauty, you'd be right. 

While it's a good idea to opt for a natural gemstone when you can, sometimes it's wise to choose synthetic stones — whether it’s for sustainability or because manufactured stones can carry even more healing properties because they’re slightly enhanced by human intervention.

In this guide, you'll learn about how Angel Aura quartz is formed through science. You'll also learn how to use this high vibrational stone to enhance your spiritual practice. For everything from supporting your chakra system to making it a little easier to slow down and de-stress, Angel Aura quartz is worth discovering.

What Is Angel Aura Quartz?

Angel Aura quartz is a strikingly beautiful crystal, but it's not a naturally occurring gemstone. Instead, it’s a result of a little laboratory tinkering with clear quartz crystal. These clear quartz crystals are placed into a superheated vacuum chamber where finely ground precious metals are then released. These metallic powders can be anything from platinum, silver, and gold to other metals such as titanium to produce even more brilliant color effects. 

According to Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian's "The Book of Stones: Who They Are & What They Teach," these finely milled metals fuse to the surface of the clear quartz. The end result is a crystal with a delicate silvery sheen and glints of shimmering color. You don't have to worry about this finish wearing off with use or age. To ensure a lifetime of use, treat this gemstone with the same care as any other in your collection.

In her book, "The Encyclopedia of Crystals," Judy Hall shares how other varieties of manufactured quartz have unique properties depending on the metal they're coated with. Some of these include: 

  • Apple Aura Quartz: Adding finely milled platinum dust will result in Apple Aura quartz. Use this stone to protect yourself from energy leaks.
  • Opal Aura Quartz: Opal Aura quartz is created using platinum and is often used for increasing feelings of happiness. You can also use this gemstone to balance your energy and link to cosmic consciousness.
  • Aqua Aura Quartz: A layer of gold makes Aqua Aura quartz a gemstone of communication and auric protection. It can also keep the wearer safe from psychic attacks.
  • Flame Aura Quartz: Flame Aura Quartz is coated with a fine layer of titanium and niobium. Look for this stone when you feel compelled to intensify your meditation practice. 

Angel Aura Quartz and Its Healing Properties

Angel Aura Quartz stones on a hand

Even though Angel Aura quartz's brilliant iridescence is lab-created, it still holds many healing properties. Clear quartz is known as a master healer gemstone, and each trace metal brings its own energetic properties, which creates an even more powerful stone than in its original form. 

Here are a few ways you can use the metaphysical properties of Angel Aura quartz to reach new depths in your spiritual practice, harmonize your energy field, and so much more. 

Clear Your Energetic Body

Gemstones can play an essential role in cleansing your chakras, and Angel Aura quartz is no exception. This healing crystal works beautifully to recirculate the energy in your chakra system, strengthening the chakras and allowing you to experience a more balanced sense of self. 

Simmons and Ahsian say what makes Angel Aura quartz such an asset to any crystal collection is its ability to work equally on multiple chakras. It's particularly useful on your upper triangle or your throat, third eye, and crown chakras.

Nurture Your Throat Chakra

If you're uncomfortable communicating with others or don't feel like you can express yourself, turn to Angel Aura quartz to correct any imbalances in your throat chakra. When this chakra center functions correctly, you'll be much more comfortable sharing your ideas and thoughts with others.

Amazonite, aquamarine, and apatite are other healing crystals you can count on to soothe your throat chakra. 

Fortify Your Third Eye Chakra

Do you feel cut-off from your intuition? Does your inner compass feel a little off? If so, Angel Aura quartz can offer you an energetic reset and allow you to feel more in touch with your intuitive gifts. A balanced third eye chakra will enable you to feel more self-assured as you move through your life. With this chakra, you have a well of guidance you can call upon and trust whenever you need it. 

To further energize this chakra center, think about using fluorite or Angelite in your crystal work. 

Open Your Crown Chakra

Your gateway to feeling connected to a higher consciousness lies at your crown chakra. When you feel at ease with life and trust in the direction it takes you, your crown chakra is working. Feelings of being abandoned by spirit or the universe are signs your energy is off.

In addition to Angel Aura quartz, you can turn to charoite and lepidolite gemstones to move the energy in your crown chakra. For a total chakra cleanse, seek out white opal to keep your energetic body in shape. 

Find Joy While You Relax and Unwind

A woman in a lavender field wearing Angel Aura quartz

Angel Aura quartz naturally fits in any well-rounded gemstone collection. In addition to revitalizing your chakra system, this gemstone can help you find more peaceful and joyous moments throughout your day. 

At times, the uncertainties of life can pile up, and it can be hard to remember the last time you felt enthusiastic about starting your day. Or maybe your schedule is packed from the moment you get up until your head hits the pillow. If this sounds like you, it's time to put Angel Aura quartz at the top of your shopping list. 

Look for an Angel Aura quartz crystal point to hold in meditation or a geode to keep at your workspace. Either way, this healing crystal will remind you to take time for yourself. Even a lovely cup of tea or a hot bath in the evening can mean the difference between feeling frazzled or fabulous. 

Turn to rose quartz crystals to stir your heart chakra. You'll welcome more feelings of love, which might encourage you to prioritize your needs and self-care. Pink tourmaline may also help you experience more happiness and positivity. At the same time, the healing energies of blue lace agate and green howlite can work in helping you achieve a state of serenity.

Deeply Connect With Yourself 

Whether you're starting to more deeply explore your intuition or you're ready to experience another level of personal power, Angel Aura quartz may be just what you're looking for. 

Because of its association with the angelic realm, crystals healers believe Angel Aura quartz can help you connect to your spirit guides and higher self for support. Simmons and Ahsian note if you believe in past lives, Angel Aura quartz gemstones will help you remember them and any useful wisdom that relates.

Regardless of where you are on your path, you can easily tap into Angel Aura quartz's healing properties to help you see your next step. One way to do this is by setting up a crystal grid. 

Crystal grids involve arranging gemstones into a specific pattern which you then infuse with an intention. While some can be intricate, you can organize your crystals in any way you feel guided to. If you're not sure where to begin, try something simple like a circle. Feel free to use other healing stones such as amethyst, selenite, or labradorite

Try meditating in the space near your crystal grid to take advantage of its healing energy.

Use Angel Aura Quartz Crystal To Rejuvenate Your Spirit

Use Angel Aura Quartz Crystal To Rejuvenate Your Spirit

When it's time to deepen your intuitive abilities or just brighten your mood and relax, Angel Aura quartz can help you reach your goal. Its etheric nature can work on your energetic body or remind you to carve out time for your well-being. You can never go wrong when you prioritize nurturing your body, mind, and soul.


Angelina Dickinson is a tea lover and non-fiction nerd who specializes in highly researched health and wellness content that resonates with audiences. In between writing projects, she has a penchant for learning just about anything and everything, from the details of Shakespeare's OP to where the best taco can be found.

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