Crystals For Focus And Motivation: The 8 Best Crystals for Clarity

Crystals For Focus And Motivation: The 8 Best Crystals for Clarity

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Healing crystals can help keep you safe from the effects of negative energies, but their healing energy can also help you achieve and maintain mental clarity and improve your mental focus. We'll take you through some of the most powerful crystals that can help you stay focused and achieve spiritual wisdom.

The 8 Best Crystals For Improving Mental Focus

There are so many benefits to be gained from the healing power of crystals for focusing. These healing stones can protect you from mental confusion and unwanted energies while boosting your problem-solving skills and promoting positive energy in all your mental processes.

Let's take them one powerful crystal at a time and see how each of them can keep you safe from negative vibes.

      1. Clear Quartz
        Crystals For Focus

        Clear Quartz is a master healer crystal. It has the power to amplify positive energy, which means you can use it to amplify your mental focus and self-awareness.  It supports your crown and third eye chakras by transmuting negative energy into high vibes.

        Because Clear Quartz is such a powerful transmuting and amplifying crystal, it works very well with other crystals as well. Whether you choose to wear it as jewelry or have it at home as part of your decor, Clear Quartz is a powerful harmonizing stone when partnered with any other crystal. When combined with Amethyst in The Tranquil Anklet, for instance, it works with your third eye chakra to empty your mind of negativity and transform it into an optimal space for positive thoughts and memories. 

        You can also use Clear Quartz to reduce mental chatter and remove mental or creative blocks with the help of a Clear Quartz lamp. Such a powerful crystal and light combination will cleanse all of your chakras and optimize your energy so you can tune into the frequency of abundance and peacefulness.

        By adding Clear Quartz to any other healing crystals, you amplify their beneficial effects on you and your home or working space and build a stronger and stronger connection to your higher self and the divine, thereby achieving higher consciousness and ascending.

      2. Smoky Quartz
        Crystals For Focus

        Another powerful crystal member of the Quartz family is Smoky Quartz. Smoky Quartz is a powerful ally if you're dealing with any form of negative energy at the mental level.

        With its high vibes, Smoky Quartz is able to clear confusion and promote logical thinking by removing mental distractions caused by negativity and self-sabotaging patterns.

        Smoky Quartz removes negative energy from your thinking process, which makes it one of the most powerful healing crystals on its own, but also a great stone for crystal combinations. You can't go wrong by combining Smoky Quartz with Clear Quartz, for instance, like in The Energy Shield Anklet.

        Smoky Quartz works to protect you from any negative mental patterns or behaviors, reduces anxiety, and tunes out counterproductive mental chatter, while its Quartz family ally, Clear Quartz, amplifies its powers.

      3. Rose Quartz
        Crystals For Focus

        Rose Quartz helps us get rid of self-doubt and that pesky self-sabotaging voice that we all have to deal with from time to time. The poster child crystal for the unconditional love of self and of others, this beautiful crystal removes mental chatter that's negative and harmful, becoming a clarity stone for the mind and the heart.

        With the help of Rose Quartz, you can achieve a much deeper level of inner knowing when it comes to your true self and your life purpose. With such a solid emotional basis, problem-solving becomes as easy as a breeze. That's what makes Rose Quartz one of the most powerful crystals for concentration.

        Add Rose Quartz to your favourite crystal jewelry piece and it will help mediate your energetic connection to that crystal and to the rest of the Universe at the same time. If you use something like The Rose Quartz Healing Crystal Set, you'll always have the right type of Rose Quartz piece to add to your jewelry or decor in order to raise the frequency of your thoughts and mental focus.

      4. Tiger's Eye
        Crystals For Focus

        Tiger's Eye is a wonderful grounding stone, and you need to be grounded in order to reach mental clarity, meaning a state of true balance.

        Using only crystals for focus can work very well for you, but combining them with grounding stones like Tiger's Eye supports them having an even more powerful effect when interacting with your energy. Wearing Tiger's Eye jewelry helps you to connect to your willpower, and using Tiger's Eye stone decor, such as The Pyramid of Focus, boosts your productivity and strengthens your resolve.

        Stones like Tiger's Eye work with your root chakra, grounding your energy into the abundant and perfectly balanced energy of Mother Gaia. That strong bond relieves stress and promotes good energy flow through your entire chakra system. That, in turn, will improve focus and support you in going through your to-do list in a persistent and determined manner.

        Tiger's Eyes are the best stones for working on your manifestation process. With the help of Tiger's Eye, you'll stay focused on your purpose and continue moving forward no matter what obstacles might come your way.

        Adding Tiger's Eye to your crystals for concentration will ground their energy and yours and support an efficient flow of energy so you achieve your most ambitious goals.

      5. Blue Sapphire
        Crystals For Focus

        Blue Sapphire is one of the best crystals for connecting to the high frequencies of blessings and divine support and guidance. This crystal helps us to achieve a state of inner balance and reduces stress through its ability to put things into perspective from a spiritual point of view.

        Like any blue stone, it works with your throat (blue) chakra and improves your communication skills. That means it improves the way you communicate with others, of course, but also the way your thoughts and ideas connect and entwine with one another within your own rational thinking process.

        If you're looking for a crystal that can help you achieve a state of being calm and collected, Blue Sapphire is one of your best crystal options. As far as crystals for concentration go, it's a safe bet particularly when you're doing some in-depth soul-searching in order to truly understand who you are, where you're coming from, and where you want to go. It's a key element in any manifestation process. Use it together with the power of Amethyst in The Visualization Ring and you’ll manifest greatness. 

        In order to live your best life as your authentic self, you need to do some serious self-discovery and this is one of the best crystals to support you through that journey.

      6. Green Aventurine
        Crystals For Focus

        Green Aventurine is the best crystal for you if you're dealing with insecurities of any kind because it supports affirmative action and it also has amazing healing properties.

        While Aventurine crystals come in a variety of colors, the green variety, in particular, works with your heart chakra and your inner monologue when it comes to confidence in your own devices and self-perception. The fact that you are a great leader isn't enough: you have to know that you are a great leader and have confidence in your ability in order to take positive action. That's where the beautiful Aventurine comes in.

        This beautiful crystal helps us filter out negative influences so we can truly focus on embracing our true self and expressing it so that we can make the most of our full potential. When combined with other stones, this green crystal focuses on bringing to the forefront of your mind your skills and supports you in sharpening your abilities. Combine it with the focusing power of Lapis Lazuli, for instance with the Blue Focus Bracelet, to zero in on your way towards achieving your goals.

      7. Black Tourmaline
        Crystals For Focus

        When you're trying to work on your focus and mental abilities, an important aspect of the process is your energetic protection. And one of the best crystals for protection is Black Tourmaline.

        Black Tourmaline is used in crystal therapy medical treatment to counteract the negative energies coming your way, intentional or not, which can affect your mental and physical health. Having this protective stone around you at all times shields you from unwanted influences and can also protect you from electromagnetic field radiation emitted from techy devices we're always surrounded by nowadays (TV, phone, tablet, computer, and so on).

        All of these energetic influences can affect your mental and emotional balance, thereby disrupting your ability to focus and think clearly. The Tourmaline stone comes in to strengthen your energetic field and secure it from disruptive outside influences. It also harmonizes your root chakra with the energy of Mother Gaia, acting as a powerful grounding stone.

        The combined effects of grounding and protecting you from unwanted influences support you in achieving mental clarity and maintaining mental focus with the help of the Tourmaline stone, for instance with the help of the Mental Clarity Bracelet

      8. Blue Scapolite

        Blue Scapolite is one of the rarer gemstones and perhaps a lesser-known one. But it has wonderful properties of supporting problem-solving and spurring on ingeniousness and inspiration.

        Scapolite supports motivation and offers guidance when it comes to consistent decision-making, encouraging mental focus and reducing the effect of mental chatter. Like other blue stones, Blue Scapolite works best with your throat chakra and comes in handy particularly when it comes to making the communication as precise, efficient, and clear as possible. Combine it with the Fluorite Concentration Stone and you’ll enjoy its boosted benefits.

        Because of the balancing effect that this crystal has on your energy, it's a trustworthy ally during times of intense or hectic events and stressful circumstances. It promotes high vibes and inspires rational steps towards achieving your goals with the help of your mental abilities.

How To Use Your Crystals For Focus?

Once you've got your crystal for clarity and focus, it's important to make a conscious effort to work with it.

While it's true that simply introducing that crystal's energy into your own energetic field and that of your home is going to attune you to the frequency of clarity and focus, it can do so much more for you when you invest conscious awareness into connecting with it and working together as a team.

We recommend two main methods for working with crystals for focusing: setting intentions and meditation. 

Set Intentions

Crystals For Focus

Setting intentions for your crystals might sound like a complicated step, but it's really easy to do. Hold your crystal in your hand and express your intention related to it.

For instance, while holding your crystal, speak or think something like: "I intend to harmonize with the energy of this crystal and achieve X goal." Be specific with your current goal or the current bullet-point on your to-do list. You can also set intentions when you want to get rid of blockages by saying or thinking: "I intend to remove mental or creative blocks with the help of this crystal.”

You can re-set your intention at any point in time and work towards another goal, don't worry about that. Once you've achieved your set goal or when you decide you want that particular crystal to help you work towards a different goal, simply cleanse it and then set your new intention. 

Setting intentions for your stone helps keep mental confusion away in and of itself. When you add to that the power of the healing stones you resonate with, you'll sharpen your mental abilities and improve your power of manifestation.


Crystals For Focus

Another great way to work with your crystals for mental clarity and focus is to use them as part of your meditation practice.

If you haven't tried to meditate before or if you find the process difficult for some reason, you can use this simple meditation exercise for working with your crystals: close your eyes while holding your focus crystal or crystals, take a few deep breaths, and visualize yourself as having achieved your goal.

For instance, if you want your crystals for focusing to help you zero in on your work responsibilities in order to get a promotion, hold your crystal and see yourself aceing those tasks and actually getting the promotion you're hoping for. Visualize how your life is different as a result of getting that promotion: feel those feelings, enjoy those perks.

Your healing crystals for mental focus can also support you in succeeding to meditate if you've had issues with it before. Some people run into issues when trying to meditate because they find their mind wandering to random thoughts or events. That kind of mental chatter disrupts your process but having a powerful crystal for clarity can chase away the mental confusion and support you in being able to embrace a meditative state.

When you're working with crystals for concentration, it's only a matter of time before you'll see these goals manifest.

Get Your Crystals For Concentration Today!

With the help of these powerful crystals we've talked about, you'll keep high positive energy levels and get out of stressful situations with more ease and grace. You'll attract prosperity and manifest all the blessings you set your mind to because a clear, powerful, and focused mind is exactly what you need in order to become a master at achieving your goals.

Improve your mental clarity and keep negative thoughts at bay with the help of a focusing crystal. Keep your mind balanced and increase focus with our conscious items for balance and focus.

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