Crystal Rituals for New Year

Crystal Rituals for New Year

The new year always ushers in a wave of new feelings. It’s a moment to reflect on personal and spiritual growth from the past year. What are you proud to have accomplished? Who made an impression on your life? Which intentions manifested and which still need nurturing? Now’s the time to review and see the best roadmap for the fresh year now entering. 

When people think of the new year, they typically think of resolutions and goal-setting. The new year has always been an inspiring time, filled with rejuvenating ideas and a wave of motivation to achieve. New Year resolutions’ tradition dates back to the ancient Romans who made resolutions to their gods, promising goods to them in exchange. 

But more and more people are leaving resolutions behind and turning to setting intentions instead. New year intention setting in rituals, meditations, and journaling are wonderful ways to give the following year purpose. Keep everything on track by clearly defining what you would like to manifest, rather than pressuring yourself with unattainable goals and resolutions. If you stray off the path, simply regroup by trying these rituals again!

First, Set Your Intentions

Much like setting goals and resolutions, you’ll want to start by defining them and writing them down. Goals typically come with a deadline and a specific action. Let go of “needing” to achieve something by a particular day instead of focusing on the present moment. Intentions are lived each day.


new year intentions

An intention can begin with “I want to…” such as “I want to feel worthy of love in 2020.”

It can begin with “I am…” as a way to manifest this as truth, such as “I am in love with my body. It nourishes me and takes me through life. I am appreciative of that.”

It can also begin with “Please help me…” such as “Please help me find a sense of purpose in the work that I do.” 

Once you’ve found the phrase or phrases, write them down on paper. This is an important step. 

Next, Choose Your New Year Crystals

Much like any crystal ritual, you’ll want to choose the stones that speak to you right now. Do you want to learn to live in the moment? Try Citrine for bountiful joy. Do you want to manifest a new love? Try the nurturing Rose Quartz. You have endless options!

Here are a few crystals for an excellent start to the new year. 

Labradorite: Known as the stone of transformation, this stunning stone is perfect for propelling your resolutions and intentions forward. An investment in new beginnings, Labradorite will empower you to do the internal work needed to manifest positivity and ensure your new year visions come true.

labradorite stone


Black Obsidian: A protective stone, this black beauty will manifests support and self-control. As you begin to work through new beginnings, transformations, and adventures, you’ll want a bodyguard like Black Obsidian by your side. 

Moonstone: The stone of “new beginnings,” Moonstone is your crystal friend for all things related to fresh starts. Let it help you get through difficult times and transitions. It will bring a beautiful balance to your mind, body, and soul. 

New Year Intention Rituals with Crystals

Once you have your crystals ready, you can begin setting your intentions. Rituals are simply any act you perform that helps propel the purpose into the universe. Rituals help you focus intensely on envisioning the intentions coming true, which further helps them manifest. 


With a Crystal: Ideally, you have a crystal altar to turn to, a safe, quiet place where your crystal and the written intention will sit, unbothered, until the new year. Set up your crystal altar with things that align with your intentions. Next, you’ll want to add the written goal to the altar and leave it there until the new year has arrived. Check in with it from time to time to replenish the manifestation process.

If you don’t have an altar, simply place the written intention underneath the crystal of choice.

With a Crystal Grid: Crystal grids, like many crystal rituals, amplify your intentions. You’ll want to follow our guide on setting up your crystal grid. The most important, and final step, is simply to place a Clear Quartz crystal wand in the center of your grid to help amplify your intention.


crystal grid

With a Bath Ritual: Water is a symbol of new life and fresh starts. That’s what makes a bath ritual a perfect way to manifest your intentions with your crystals for the new year! Plus, it’s an ultra-relaxing way to usher in the new year. Simply bring your crystals into the water with you. If they’re not water-resistant, place them around the bathtub. 

New Year Intention Setting Meditation

Ideally, do this intention-setting practice in tandem with your crystal ritual. But meditation can always be done with minimal necessities. All you need is yourself, a quiet place to sit or lay, and your intention!

  1. Minimize all distractions.
  2. Find a comfortable, quiet place to sit.
  3. Breathe in through your nose, slowly and deeply. Exhale through your nose. Try to keep these breaths in equal length (such as counts of 4).
  4. Once calm, envision your intention as a scenario. Who are you, and what do you look for? What is the scene once your intention has manifested? How do you feel? Don’t worry if things aren’t perfect or other thoughts pop up along the way. Let them pass, and allow yourself to refocus on your vision.
  5. Next, think of a few steps that would have already happened for you to be there, in your dream state. What were the milestones to lead you to where you are in your vision? Take a mental note of them. 
  6. Take that dream state from your mind and now place it in your hands. It is not a warm light, tangible and loving.
  7. Let that nurturing energy flow through your entire body.
  8. Come back to the present. Take note of how you are feeling. 
  9. Take a few more deep breaths as you recenter.
  10. Once done with your session, journal the imagery you had in your head. Add it to your altar or intention crystal you’ve already set up. 


crystal meditation

Intentions are the New Resolutions!

Another spin around the sun is something to celebrate! It’s not a reason to beat yourself up for things you didn’t accomplish and bother yourself with a huge to-do list as it begins. Instead, focus on how you want to feel and the people/ideas/truths you want to appear in your path. Feel free to use these rituals and meditation practices throughout the year. A good routine is to regroup your intention about once a month or once every three months. Many also choose to renew or change their intentions with each full moon. 

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