Female health issues and crystals that help

Female health issues and crystals that help

As women, our bodies go through amazing changes throughout a lifetime. From the first period to carrying a child to hot flashes and more, we are intricately woven beings with the precious gift of producing life and everything associated with that divine task. And while it is indeed a precious gift, we understand many of those changes are caused by the flighty female hormones.

Female sex hormones aren’t just for periods—they also influence body weight, hair growth, and bone and muscle growth. According to Medical News Today, “these hormones naturally fluctuate throughout a person’s lifetime, [but] long-term imbalances can cause a range of symptoms and health effects.”

While nothing can replace a visit to the doctor’s office, many women turn to the helpful vibrations of crystals to boost their mood and supplement their healing journey. From mood swings to muscle aches to hair loss and low energy, we go through a lot… sometimes all within a day! And in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, we want to celebrate the beautiful female body in all its glory. So here are the best crystals for promoting overall good female health.


The stone of “new beginnings,” it’s best known for provoking visions of fresh starts and new adventures. However, it also evokes a sense of inner growth, making it a wonderful stone for getting you through tough times whether it’s just that time of the month or a difficult transition in life. Even further, its lunar energy is connected to the moon, making it the perfect crystal for hormonal balance (as the moon has huge control over your menstrual cycle!). Let it help heal your PMS as well as all your fluctuating or changing female hormones when you need it. Moonstone bracelets will ease the roller coaster of emotions we often go through.

the ring of new beginnings


Sometimes it’s less a matter of hormones and more a matter of how our natural body decides to go through its duties. Period flow is not something we can control much naturally, but there is plenty to be done to lessen the burden. Bloodstone is great to work with for balancing the root and heart chakra. This dark stone with red splotches is known to neutralize toxins in the body which could be present in the blood. What this means for women, specifically, is that it holds a vibration to soothe heavy menstrual bleeding and even minimize anemia (caused by low red blood cell count). It will also help with the feelings of low energy and brain fog that women experience during the time of the month caused by loss of blood. Carnelian, a fiery orange stone worthy of a mention, can also help with heavy menstruation and infertility.


For everything else period-related, there’s Hematite. This metallic tumble stone is perfect for working with in meditation sessions around that time of the month. A grounding crystal, it can help minimize the pain associated with bleeding and menstrual cramps. It’s also been known to assist with pain during childbirth and anemia. Connect an intention with it to help neutralize negativity surrounding your body and guide you on a journey toward holistic health. 

female health issues


This joyful crystal is great for balancing hormones but also encouraging a sense of self-care. If your light has dimmed due to hormonal imbalances, turn to Citrine bracelets to spark confidence and courage back into your life. As you can imagine, it’s also a great crystal to help with postpartum depression. 


Known as the fiery stone to spark passion into romantic relationships, Garnet can do so much more than that for women. This crystal is great for reproductive health and fertility. It stimulates lost vigor in your sexual identity. Whether you haven’t been feeling connected to your partner or your identity as a woman, it can bring you strength and healing to everything powerful which lies in feminity. 

Rose Quartz

This pink crystal has a strong connection to the heart chakra, specifically the breasts as well. The perfect crystal for mothers, it promotes self-love and emotional healing during post-partum. If you’re feeling like you’ve lost your sense of self after the birth of the baby, it can guide you back to feelings of confidence and self-esteem. The crystal’s connection to the breasts also helps it serve as a gentle healer for those who are dealing with or have dealt with breast cancer. On that note, Smokey Quartz is also great for absorbing negative energy out of the body in this case. 


Known as the Midwife’s Stone, Malachite is a powerful gem to aid during pregnancy, specifically with contractions and labor pains. Also good for menstrual cramps, know that it’s an amplifier or either positive or negative energy so you’ll want to turn to this crystal when you’re in a good mood.

malachite courage bracelet

How to Use These Crystals:

Many of these feminine-charged crystals make great additions to your jewelry. If you purchase smooth tumble stones, the healing gems can be placed in your pocket or bra to always be near you where you need it most. Alternatively, you can use any of them during meditation. Place the crystal of your choice on the body part that needs healing, most likely near your root or your heart chakra. Concentrate on your intention and feel the nurturing energy wash over you. 

To help with hair loss, a side effect from hormone imbalances, postpartum, and stress, you can use the crystals to create an elixir of sorts. Charge the crystal of your choice (if in doubt, choose moonstone) in moon water. Use the fresh moon water to wash your hair as often as needed.

The Female Strength Lies in You

Dealing with such bodily changes can also affect your mood and confidence. That’s completely normal! Don’t forget during your intention setting to accept that some of these changes are natural, that most of these health issues are temporary, and that your body needs to ride the waves in order to do the wonderful things it does.

As a final note, we are not doctors. For any ailment or a negative symptom, it is best to make a doctor's appointment and get a professional opinion. Combined with regular medical check ups, it is the best way to stay healthy and happy for a long time. 

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