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The 9 Best Crystals For Scorpio: The Ultimate Scorpio Birthstone

If you or someone you know was born between October 23rd and November 21st, you might be intrigued to hear about the best crystals for Scorpio. After all, there aren't many better spiritual birthday presents for this sign than crystal jewelry made from a traditional Scorpio birthstone. It speaks volumes about your connection and it has a personal touch that places it a big step above ordinary jewelry.
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Scorpios are incredibly sociable people. They make loyal friends so long as their energy remains balanced. If it doesn't, they can quickly spiral into possessive or controlling behaviors. Healing crystals for Scorpio can rectify this and return them to a more harmonious state; these energy tools bring comfort to even the most untrusting Scorpio. The right Scorpio crystals also amplify this zodiac sign's best traits, giving them the confidence to truly be themselves, even when they want to hide their spark. 

What Is A Scorpio's Birthstone?

What Is A Scorpio Birthstone

Like with all signs of the zodiac, there isn't just one crystal for Scorpios; there's a number of Scorpio birthstones that can be considered. Some are common birthstones for November, while others are beneficial for enhancing a Scorpio's best qualities. Whether you're looking for a Scorpio stone to remove negative energy, activate the heart chakra, or provide deep emotional healing, you can find a specific crystal for Scorpio that assists with all their essential needs.

And you can check our guide for different crystals and their meanings to find relevant alternatives to the mentioned stones as well.

Which color is good for Scorpio?

When thinking about which colors are best for Scorpios, we have to consider their personality traits. They are warm, welcoming and friendly, they live life with incredible passion, they're highly emotional and somewhat mysterious. To an outsider; Scorpios can be an impossible enigma, luring them in with the hint that more lies beneath the surface.

But how does this convert to color?

Their fiery passion makes red a fantastic Scorpio birthstone color. This color helps ground their energy, stabilizing the emotions and making Scorpios feel more secure. It's a brilliant color to use for attracting wealth and success for Scorpios. Red crystals bring out a Scorpio's career-driven qualities. It's also a super color for relationships and sexual energy. Red Scorpio crystals and stones tend to signify deep healing and intense ardor.

Because Scorpio zodiac signs are water-based, blue is also a beautiful color for them to wear. It's a color that calms energy and helps reduce excessive worrying; intense emotions can be soothed by blue healing crystals. Blue is also a great color for Scorpios longing for love. It's especially useful for bringing them closer to other water signs: Scorpios are more likely to open up and feel comfortable with somebody on the same wavelength as them. Trust can be difficult for Scorpios, but the blue color helps wash their fears away, welcoming in a new era of compassion, intimacy and connection in a Scorpio's love life.

Yellow colored crystals are great for Scorpios who want a little more luck. These sun-like crystals help align them with their goals and increase their manifestation powers, even subconsciously. Expect happiness, joy and positive energy from these types of crystals. They're great for increasing optimism and breeding enthusiasm, especially for a Scorpio personality who wants to express their creativity.

Scorpios can wear other colors too. They can wear any color they want to, if they feel like it. Different colors bring different things, but red, blue and yellow are usually the top choices for enhancing a Scorpio's best traits.

Why Would Scorpios Use Healing Crystals?

What Is A Scorpio's Birthstone

This water sign has some fantastic crystals to supplement their fierce energy. Scorpios have the rare perk of being ruled by two planets simultaneously. While it's widely considered that the ruling planet, Pluto, has the dominant effects, Scorpio used to be governed by an entirely different celestial body. Before Pluto was discovered, Mars was considered the ruling planet of Scorpio.

Where Pluto promotes psychic abilities and enhances intuition, Mars encourages control, discipline and order; it's the planet of self-mastery. This dual energy creates a burning passion in Scorpios that's unlike other star signs, however, this double power comes with a downside too.

It can cause inner conflict that will swiftly lead to self-doubt or impostor syndrome. There can be a seeming contradiction within Scorpios in that their thoughts, emotions and actions aren't quite aligned. They're being pulled in two different directions at the same time. This may reveal itself as bitterness, jealousy or even a full-fledged emotional breakdown.

Because of this unique aspect of the Scorpio season, crystal healing is a valuable tool to bring balance, awareness and stability to their energy.

What Are The Best Crystals And Stones For Scorpio?

9. Citrine 

Citrine is the stone for November. It reigns over the majority of Scorpio's presence and is a great guiding crystal for people born under the scorpion. With a bright yellow color, Citrine's sunny disposition is hard to miss. It's one of the happiest crystals you can find. It never fails to put a smile on your face, even if you've been going through some tough times. Its positive energy is so strong that you can energetically sense it before you've even seen it.

Citrine is one of the best money stones and is great business stone too. It's well-known for being a money attractor and a crystal for success. This suits Scorpios just fine as they tend to be independent souls, often working for themselves and determined to find their unique path. Citrine speeds up the manifestation process, encouraging good energy to flow your way. A stone for luck and hope, Citrine radiates a warmth that every Scorpio can find strength in.

8. Smoky Quartz

The mystical and alluring Smoky Quartz represents a Scorpio rather well—both are intense with a mysterious appeal. Scorpios tend to be sensitive souls that much prefer to bottle up their emotions than express them. A renowned healer, Smoky Quartz stops this inhibitor from taking over your life. It helps free you from any emotional baggage you've been holding onto through its powerful grounding force. 

Known to enhance psychic abilities, Smoky Quartz reconnects you to your intuition. It encourages you to trust your gut when feeling out new opportunities related to your passions. Scorpios can be highly self-critical, and when they get down, they get real down. Smoky Quartz is one of the best crystals for Scorpio because it helps to pull them back from the jaws of defeat, abolishing bad vibes and re-invigorating their legendary qualities.

7. Rhodochrosite

Rhodochrosite stone

An excellent birthstone for Scorpios, Rhodochrosite makes a great gift for all your Scorpio friends. It's often associated with new beginnings and starting over. This is something that Scorpios are more than happy to do when they feel they've reached a natural end to something. Rhodochrosite often walks hand in hand with success, another reason why it's a top Scorpio crystal.

A stone for the heart chakra, Rhodochrosite is a powerful emotional healer that dissolves any self-sabotaging tendencies. It reminds you of the joy in life and encourages you to love yourself for who you are, something all Scorpios could do with remembering every now and then. Rhodochrosite is a fantastic gemstone to hold if you want to forgive, be it yourself or somebody who has hurt you. Its soft, feminine energy makes it one of the greatest crystals for Scorpio women.

6. Malachite

The stone of transformation is a great alternative for Scorpios who are ready to take control of their fluctuating energy. Another water stone, Malachite's energy is fluid. It enables your spirit to gently rock back and forth, easing you into the bustle of daily life without resistance. Malachite is another activator of the heart chakra. It's a healing crystal that gives you some tough love, preferring to shock you out of a slump rather than follow the more gentle path of other emotional healers.

Malachite is a great crystal to hold while traveling to reduce worries, seasickness, or homesickness. It protects your energy during change, whether that's a change in scenery, job, or anything in between. Malachite encourages you to take responsibility for your actions and develop a sense of personal power that can be wielded to create a brighter future. Much like a Scorpio, Malachite's energy can be intense. They usually gel together perfectly, though if you're on the sensitive side, be careful that it isn't too overwhelming.

5. Amethyst

Scorpios have a natural psychic intuition that sets them apart from other astrological signs. They are always up for trying new things and exploring their inner self. This is why Amethyst is thought by some to be the best crystal for Scorpio. This purple-hued crystal increases intuition and helps maintain a strong spiritual connection, even promoting contact between you and your spirit guides.

Those born under the Scorpio zodiac sign find Amethyst to be like a key to their heart. It unlocks the door to unconditional love, helping them find the infinite positive energy that resides within. The Amethyst stone will prevent bad vibes from corrupting a Scorpio, especially a young and innocent Scorpio who could be susceptible to bad influences.

4. Beryl

This is a little bit of a cheat entry. Beryl is actually the name of a family of minerals, rather than one specific Scorpio crystal. This mineral group includes Aquamarine, Morganite and Emerald. It is, however, the Scorpio gem that most people recommend for this astrological sign. In the ancient Italian and Russian calendars, Beryl was the October birthstone.

You'll immediately notice its upbeat energy when holding this Scorpio crystal. Beryl is a little bundle of joy. In its yellow form, sometimes called Golden Beryl, it's thought to strengthen the will of the owner, deepening sincerity and purifying negative energy. Beryl gemstones are also thought to refine the love of a marriage, a vital trait for those born in the season of the scorpion.

3. Sodalite

Known as the "Harmonizing Stone", Sodalite is one of the best healing crystals for Scorpio because of its calming energies. It promotes peace, calm and tranquility, balancing your energy and helping you feel aligned and focused on what's important in your life. It promotes rational thinking and helps Scorpios pause for a moment before rushing into an emotionally instinctive reaction. Sodalite is a great stone to meditate with for clearing the mind and improving decision-making.

This spiritual sign might have a bubbly personality, but there is a definite shadow side, too. When this manifests as jealousy, anger or controlling behavior, Sodalite encourages you to take a step back and view things from a distance. Are these emotions really helping you make the right decisions moving forward? Or are they locking you into a negative feedback loop? Sodalite is related to honesty, clarity and communication because of its ability to open the throat chakra. It helps a Scorpio translate their intense emotions into words that others can understand and digest. It promotes empathy rather than separation, anger and bitterness.

2. Golden Yellow Topaz

One of the best healing crystals for Scorpio, Golden Yellow Topaz helps to balance overwhelming energies that can cause inner conflict. As we've already mentioned, people of this zodiac sign are extremely passionate and they're usually determined to achieve their goals at any cost. If something stands in their way, even if it's for their own good, Scorpios can feel emotionally stilted, as if their expected release was blocked. Golden Yellow Topaz soothes this feeling and helps them find fulfillment from within.

This healing crystal, otherwise known as Imperial Topaz, encourages Scorpios to fully experience the sense of accomplishment when they finally do achieve what they set out to. They can bask in their glory, so to speak. Golden Yellow Topaz is important for this zodiac sign because it's the crystal of Scorpio's ruling planet, Pluto. This yellow crystal resonates with their innate manifestation powers. It promotes success in every way, shape and form. More importantly, for Scorpios at least, it elevates friendship, loyalty and trust.

1. Aquamarine

We mentioned Aquamarine under the Beryl section at number 4, but this is such a great crystal for Scorpio that it deserved not only its own place, but the top spot on the list.

As a water sign, Scorpios feel at one with crystals on the same wavelength. They particularly resonate with Aquamarine's gentle and calming energy. If a Scorpio becomes annoyed, they can quickly develop a fiery attitude, but with Aquamarine by their side, it reminds them of their innate water properties and empowers them to extinguish their rage-fuelled flame.

Aquamarine is the best throat chakra stone. It enhances the clarity of communication, enabling Scorpios to express themselves more easily. If there's something important they want to say, Aquamarine will ensure they get their point across in a succinct manner.

If a Scorpio feels misunderstood, they can close themselves off and become prone to negative energy, manifesting itself internally as fears, doubts, and anxiety. Aquamarine prevents this from happening, strengthening the inner body, and enhancing confidence.

What Other Stones Can A Scorpio Wear?

Of course, these healing crystals aren't the only ones that a Scorpio can wear. You may have a crystal in mind, or you might already own a Scorpio gemstone and want to partner it with a brand new one. How do you know which one to choose?

Can Scorpio wear Rose Quartz?

Rose Quartz is usually used as a birthstone for Taurus, rather than Scorpio, but that doesn't mean that they can't be worn by Scorpios. These light pink variants of Quartz are brilliant for emotional balance. They unlock your inner power and support healthy relationships. These are all great traits that benefit a Scorpio just as much as any other astrological sign.

Rose Quartz might not be the ultimate Scorpio birthstone, but it's by no means a bad fit. If you fancy yourself one of these super healing tools, then don't let that hold you back!

Can Scorpios wear Turquoise?

Turquoise is not a traditional Scorpio birthstone. November 22 to December 21—the sun sign of Sagittarius—is what really resonates with this communication-booster. Again, this doesn't mean that you can't wear them unless you're born in this month. That would be ridiculous!

When we call a specific crystal a Scorpio stone, we mean that its energy is most in line with that of a Scorpio personality. This doesn't mean that other stones won't benefit them. Not at all. The Turquoise gemstone stimulates the throat chakra and this is only ever a good thing.

Is Moonstone good for Scorpio?

A third and final example: Moonstone. This emotional healing crystal is considered the birthstone of June. It appears at first glance that it couldn't possibly be used as a Scorpio gemstone, but Moonstone is a spiritual powerhouse that most Scorpios would find extremely beneficial.

Because of a Scorpio's intense and fiery attitude, Moonstone bracelets are great for soothing their emotions and helping them digest their feelings in a more controlled manner. It's related to the cycles of the moon which means its energy ebbs and flows in phases; just like our energies. If your Scorpio season calls for a Moonstone gemstone, then listen to it! It can work with a Scorpio's energy just as well as most of the crystals on this list.

How To Use Your Scorpio Gemstone

You can use your Scorpio crystals in a variety of ways to amplify your energy, particularly during your month of birth. Use any of the following as a guideline, but remember, this is not an extensive list.


One of the easiest ways to use crystals for Scorpios is to sit with them in peace and let your mind be still. Hold the crystal in your hand and feel its energy. Let it travel through your chakra system and connect with you and your intention. Meld your spirit with that of the gemstone.

If this sounds too crazy, let's rein it in a little bit: sit quietly, hold the stone, and focus on your breath. In time, you'll feel the crystal's energy becoming more clear, more distinct from the energy around you. If you can switch your attention from your breath to the crystal's energy, then go for it. The more you do this, the more your connection with the stone will grow, the more you will reap the rewards of the crystal's benefits.

Carry them

This method simply requires you to own a small crystal that could fit in your pocket or purse. Take it with you throughout the day, and at times where you feel low, pull out your crystal and take a few moments to absorb its energy.

This is perfect for support stones and worry stones. You'll be able to banish fears and keep negativity at bay with a simple touch.

Wear them

Crystal jewelry is everywhere nowadays. By wearing your Scorpio crystals, their energy can work with yours all day long. The fact they touch your skin also improves your connection with them. This is great because you don't have to do anything different. The jewelry will lift your energy and promote healing while you go about your regular day.

Decorate your home

Place crystals around the home to make it feel energetically lighter and raise your Scorpio spirit. Scorpios love surrounding themselves with beautiful things so this is usually a great choice for them. Create a living space that makes you smile inside and out.

Practice feng shui

Use Scorpio crystals to help you create more space in your life. As you tidy your home with the ancient Chinese art of feng shui, you can also tidy your mind and clear the clutter away. Crystals energetically clear your environment and create more spiritual space for your self-exploration practices. It's a great way of elevating the energy of your home and making you feel lighter and happier.

Sleep with your Scorpio gemstone

Place your chosen crystal on your bedside table, or under your pillow. This is a must if you struggle to get to sleep at night or if you suffer from night terrors, nightmares or oversleeping. Some crystals, like Amethyst, promote lucid dreaming as well as all the above. Sleeping with this gemstone helps you feel well-rested and clear-minded at night.

Enjoy Your Scorpio Birthstone

However, you decide to use your Scorpio stones, remember to remain mindful and appreciative of their energy throughout the day. These are the best crystals for Scorpios so let them know how grateful you are for their ideal connection. Have a great month, and keep spreading that Scorpio love!

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