Aquarius Birthstone And 8 Amazing Crystals for Aquarius

Aquarius Birthstone And 8 Amazing Crystals for Aquarius

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One reason why Aquarius creates some confusion is the fact that its symbol is the water bearer, which makes many believe that it's in fact a water sign. The truth of the matter is that it's an air sign, but it does have a high degree of water-like traits as well. The water bearer is seen as a mystical healer, a very spiritual and compassionate nature who always aims to create a better world and a better life for everyone.

People born under the sign of Aquarius are very compassionate and they're great activists. That's part of what makes Aquarius such a great candidate for charity work and the perfect zodiac sign when it comes to fighting for human and/or animal rights.

If you're an Aquarius, you're part of the deep thinkers club while also being a sensitive and emotional soul. Aquarius is one of the more spiritual and altruistic zodiac signs and has a special connection to the realm of the stars and the divine. They tend to have psychic abilities and seem to be born under a lucky star because the divine often intervenes on their behalf.

In fact, Aquarius is very aware of the energy flow around and tends to go with that flow, making it seem like they're given special favors or that they're part of the star signs of the zodiac when in fact it's all about their intuition.

You might think that gives Aquarius a lot of self-confidence, but because of its sensitive nature and how hard it takes any form of injustice, the zodiac sign of Aquarius tends to have issues with communication in many types of relationships.

Since Aquarius has natural energy healer abilities more often than not, it works very well with crystals in general and healing crystals in particular.

What Is The Birthstone For Aquarius?

Amethyst: The Aquarius Birthstone

Aquarius Birthstone

The main Aquarius birthstone is Amethyst. It's particularly in tune with an Aquarius born in February, but that makes Amethyst no less powerful a birthstone for a January Aquarius.

Amethyst has many powerful attributes, from its healing power to the fact that it enhances psychic gifts and helps improve the flow of energy through the chakra system. Amethyst is a crystal that works very well with your third eye chakra, helping sharpen your intuition. With the help of the Amethyst birthstone for Aquarius, they can manage the volume of psychic insight and adapt to energy shifts in a more harmonious way.

Speaking of harmony, the Amethyst serene vibe does wonders for Aquarius. It helps them navigate the potential emotional roller-coaster of everyday life and tones down any potential mood swings that the rapidly shifting energies around them might cause.

They can combine the powerful Amethyst Aquarius birthstone with other healing crystals in order to align their energy with the amazing positive high vibes. If you combine Amethyst with cleansing and protection crystals, you improve their efficiency and broaden the energetic spectrum of their effect.

The January Aquarius Birthstone: Garnet

The January Aquarius birthstone is Garnet, but that doesn't mean that a February Aquarius won't resonate well with this gemstone.

Garnet is powerful when it comes to energy regeneration, which is of great help to Aquarius because they tend to exhaust themselves over all the injustices they come across. The ups and downs of everyone's energy flow are exhausting too, so Garnet can support them as they navigate that.

If they wear a Garnet healing bracelet, they'll overcome some of the hurdles that come with the Aquarius element of air and the influence of the water bearer nature. Garnet provides great protection from the mood swings of everyone around, to which an Aquarius is very sensitive.

The beautiful red Garnet encourages Aquarius to release inhibitions, overcome doubts, and get over insecurities. Due to its color, Garnet works very well with the root chakra and helps with grounding one's energy and becoming steadier on one's own two feet. Garnet enhances your passionate side and improves fertility, but it can also support your attempts to manifest abundance in any area of your life.

Amethyst is the Aquarius birthstone that speaks more to the spiritual and air element side. It brings in happiness through their thoughts and insights into the spiritual side of life. The Garnet Aquarius birthstone speaks more to their day to day life and helps manifest prosperity and happiness through their senses.

What's the best Aquarius birthstone color?

The best two Aquarius birthstone colors are purple (Amethyst) and dark red (Garnet). They speak to the higher and lower chakras, helping you to anchor the higher dimensional energy of the Universe into the abundant and plentiful heart of Mother Gaia.

An Aquarius is a great energy conduit which means that they can easily lose their own balance in the process. Purple and red birthstones support them regaining and maintaining that inner balance. There are some powerful pink gemstones that also assist with emotional balance, like Rose Quartz.

Another powerful birthstone color for an Aquarius is black, a color you see in different protection gemstones like Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian, and Onyx. Due to its enhanced ability to sense and channel energy, this astrological sign can always use some more protection.

Blue speaks to the throat chakra and helps support you becoming more open towards communication. While Aquarius tends to come across as closed off, it's more of a protective mechanism. Because of their sensitive nature, they tend to use their silence as a shield in the face of the energetic onslaught of the world.

Green birthstones support the heart chakra, which is overworked a lot of the time. The sensitive Aquarius nature means that there are many things pulling on their heartstrings, even though they might try to give off an untouchable or nonchalant vibe. Their vulnerability is one of their greatest strengths.

What Are The Best Aquarius Crystals?

1. Jasper

Jasper crystal

Jasper can be found in different colors, but the one that works best with the Aquarius birthstone set is Red Jasper. In fact, the red variety is most likely to be what comes to mind when you hear "Jasper".

Red Jasper connects with your sacral and root chakra, encouraging energy grounding, creativity, and asserting your personal power. It harmonizes very well with the Garnet Aquarius birthstone and is a great gemstone to add to crystal grids.

Worn around your neck, for instance as part of a multi-stone Protection Pendant, it helps to purify your chakras and grants you spiritual protection.

2. Ruby

Ruby crystal

Ruby is a powerful red gemstone that can be of great help when added to your Aquarius birthstone set. It's a beautiful example of your red Aquarius birthstone color and it harmonizes very well with Garnet, but it also works very well with Amethyst.

Ruby can help you manifest great abundance and prosperity. It spurs on artistic expression, and an Aquarius feels and understands a lot, so they have a lot to share with the world through their artistic expression.

Combining Ruby with Garnet and Red Jasper gives you an amazing manifestation potential and can turn your confidence into a super-power. The sky's the limit for Aquarius with this combo of gemstones.

These manifestation combos are particularly good for this sign since Aquarius natives help with the world's spiritual healing, whether they're consciously aware of it or not. So greater manifestation power is going to translate into healing the world that much better while also benefiting from the healing and protection that the Aquarius birthstones grant them.

3. Labradorite

Labradorite stone

As a representative of no less than three of the this sign's birthstone colors (blue, green, and black), Labradorite is the stone of transformation. Adding Labradorite bracelets to an Aquarius birthstone jewelry set will support them in improving their conscious awareness of the world around them and of their own inner world.

As an Aquarius, they constantly struggle with a wave of deeper feelings than everyone else because of their abilities to sense the emotions of everyone around and incorporate them into their personal emotional sphere. Labradorite rings' stones support the heart chakra with their greens, while also awarding emotional protection thanks to their metallic sheen.

If you wear a Labradorite Pendant together with some Aquarius birthstone jewelry, it will enhance the effect of Amethyst and Garnet while also supporting the heart chakra and the throat chakra. Adding Labradorite to either Aquarius gemstone grants you the power to face challenges head on and adapt to any new or unexpected situation.

4. Obsidian

Obsidian stone

When you hear about Obsidian, you most likely see Black Obsidian in your mind's eye.

One of the Black Obsidian meaning and benefits is that this stone has the ability to lessen your pain on a physical and emotional level because it protects your energy from negative outside influence. If Aquarians wear a Black Obsidian Talisman, it will help their Aquarius birthstone set work even more in their favor since it filters out unwanted interference. Black Obsidian bracelets encourage Aquarius to embark on the journey of self-discovery with confidence.

Adding Golden Obsidian rings to an Aquarius birthstone jewelry collection is going to improve the ability to manifest abundance and ground energy.They work with the root chakra and the solar plexus chakra. Golden Obsidian increases the power of the Amethyst birthstone when it comes to them clarifying their life purpose as an Aquarius.

Once their life purpose becomes clear to them, they can add the power of the Aquarius birthstones to the mix so they can take a decisive step towards fulfilling their mission.

5. Tourmaline

Tourmaline stone

Black Tourmaline is a powerful protection birthstone for Aquarius because it absorbs negative energy and neutralizes toxic presences. Black Tourmaline stones are wonderful when set in necklaces, since their proximity to the throat and heart chakras protects these sensitive energetic centers and promotes the ability to share a deeper level of spiritual truth.

Black Tourmaline gems can relieve feelings of anxiety and help you accept your inner truth and your connection to your higher self. Black Tourmaline Bracelets are beneficial to the process of embracing your unique role in the grander scheme of things.

The Tourmaline stone will help you feel the Sun shining on your face and in your soul regardless of what storms you might have to go through.

6. Fluorite

Fluorite stone

A powerful addition to the birthstones for Aquarius is Fluorite. Aquarius resonates very well with Fluorite since it often comes in a combination of green, blue, and purple, all of which are powerful Aquarius birthstone colors.

It's a great idea to keep a Fluorite Cleansing Stone on you and at home in order to keep your energetic field free of stray negative thoughts. Fluorite grants you clarity of mind and tempers down your emotions, which makes it a great partner for your Jasper Aquarius stone.

7.Pink Quartz

Pink Quartz stone

A Aquarius can always use more positive vibes in order to maintain their vitality and health. A great way to introduce the frequency of unconditional love and harmony into their home and into their life is to add the Rose Quartz Love Apples to their bedroom.

The beautiful and delicate Rose Quartz is going to work on your feelings and improve your emotional balance and that of your partner. If you're looking for love or hoping to manifest a soulmate, you can add Strawberry Quartz into the mix since it harmonizes with Pink Quartz and they amplify each other's attributes.

8. Citrine

Citrine stone

Citrine brings the light and abundance of the Sun into your solar plexus. It favors overall energetic balance for Aquarius and levels up their ability to manifest.

If you wear Citrine rings you'll notice that your influx of prosperity will improve. If you're hoping to focus on manifesting your dreams, try to wear stone combo rings or Citrine bracelets with Tiger's Eye, and Golden Obsidian and combine them with Jasper and the Aquarius Birthstones.

How Do You Activate Aquarius Birthstones?

Whichever Aquarius birthstone you choose to start with, you'll find that it naturally attunes to the energy of Aquarius. They will be immediately attracted to their stone, and their stone will immediately align its powerful energies with theirs.

It's easier to harmonize with the stones quicker if you cleanse and charge them. Crystal cleansing and charging is an important part of the introduction process with new stones and an essential part of working with the ones that are already part of your collection.

These birthstones will attune to the Aquarian energetic signature anyways, but it will make it all the easier to enjoy their positive effect if you take the time to cleanse and charge them too. That will strengthen the connection to the stones and improve the beneficial effect they have on someone's life.

You can improve your crystal healing process by adding the Aquarian stones to your collection. If you're trying to manifest something, add to the mix the stones that resonate best with your sign and you'll see a significant improvement.

Start Your Crystal Healing!

You're ready to start building your Aquarius conscious items collection. Take a decisive step towards improving your life with the help of the crystals that work best for your sign.

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