Cancer Crystals: The 10 Best Crystals For Cancer Zodiac Signs

Cancer Crystals: The 10 Best Crystals For Cancer Zodiac Signs

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac and the first water sign. Incredibly intuitive, Cancer is an insightful sign of the zodiac, often highly attuned to spirituality and spiritual practices.

While this post focuses on the best Cancer crystals – specifically the top 10 crystals for Cancer – and when you should be using them, you can also read all about the Cancer birthstone. 

How Do You Choose Your Cancer Zodiac Stones And Crystals?

Your intuition is going to guide you towards the best crystals for Cancer sign astrological placements, whether you're a Cancer Sun sign, Cancer Moon sign, Cancer Rising sign or you have significant planetary placements in Cancer.

People born under the zodiac sign of Cancer are fiercely loyal and family-life oriented. Cancers are very in tune with their feelings, psychic abilities, and spiritual insight.

That can generate a lot of emotional issues, which means one of the main Cancer healing crystals you're likely to feel called to are healing crystals that work on your feelings, emotional wounds, and issues coming up to the surface from your subconsciousness.

Since Cancer season starts with the Summer Solstice, it involves abundance, warmth, fulfillment, and the plentiful energy of the rays of the Sun. That means manifesting crystals make for the perfect stone for Cancers.

What are the recommended healing crystal colors for Cancers?

Since Cancer is a water sign, the most obvious color for Cancer crystals would be blue. The blue Cancer crystal is going to work with your throat chakra, improving communication and self-expression.

Because Cancers are very intuitive and insightful, they have very active crown chakras so white and clear crystals are also recommended.

Due to the abundant nature of the Solstice energy, green crystals are very in tune with Cancer's heart chakra. Red and black stones work very well to ground root chakra Cancer energy too.

The 10 Best Crystals For Cancer Zodiac Signs

1. Rose Quartz

When it comes to emotional healing crystals for Cancer energy and the heart chakra, Rose Quartz rings are an excellent choice.

People born under the sign of Cancer have strong and stable energy but at the same time, they have a sensitive nature because of the water element of their sign. Sometimes, they can feel so much of what others around them feel, that it can affect their own self-confidence.

Rose Quartz is the crystal of unconditional love and emotional balance. It promotes compassion and self-love, which helps Cancers deal with issues like low self-esteem, self-doubt, and mood swings.

You can wear this Cancer crystal as jewelry, but using it in combination with light makes it all the more powerful. The Rose Quartz Lamp of Compassion is an excellent example of how this powerful stone can help you improve your life.

2. Smoky Quartz

Black stones work with your root chakra, so Smoky Quartz works as a grounding stone that guards your well-being by protecting you from negative energies.

The Smoky Quartz Energy Shield Anklet promotes positive energy and protects you from electromagnetic fields. It activates and cleanses your root energy center while it chases away the anxiety, stops you from second-guessing yourself, and supports you with achieving inner peace.

The Energy Shield Anklet is even more powerful because it combines the ability of Clear Quartz to transmute negative energy into positive vibes which are supported by the Smoky Quartz too, and then it can amplify those positive vibes.

3. Ruby

The fiery energy of Ruby brings a beautiful spark of passion and joy to the Cancer energy. A powerful Ruby stone alternative is Red Jasper, which activates your root and sacral chakra and livens up your love life, ignites your inspiration, and fuels your zest for life.

When part of a crystal set like the Chakra-Healing Hearts Set, the Red Jasper boosts your vitality and becomes a powerful Cancer healing stone.

Ruby or Red Jasper is also an excellent stone to wear in the Cancer season. Together with other healing crystals and Cancer-associated stones or even on their own, the Red Jasper Cancer gemstones will balance your water energy and your energy flow.

4. Moonstone

Since they are a water element sign, Cancers find moon phases tougher to navigate than other signs, so with the help of this great crystal, they'll gain a strong sense of balance. If you're a Cancer Moon sign, then you'll be all the more sensitive to Moon energy and you'll resonate all the more with the Moonstone.

Cancers are very family-life oriented and usually look forward to having kids of their own, so wearing Moonstone crystal jewelry helps to improve their fertility. Wearing Rose Quartz bracelets with Moonstones brings a Divine Feminine energetic boost from the Moon.

This gorgeous Cancer gemstones bracelet is all the more powerful since it combines two zodiac crystals for this sign: Rose Quartz and Moonstone.

5. Abalone Shell

A beautiful iridescent stone, Abalone grants spiritual protection to your energy. It will soothe and balance the emotions so you can find inner peace even when your typical Cancer intuitive nature is working full-time.

The Abalone Jewelry Protection Set sends positive energy and high vibes to your partner or romantic interest. It will cool down any tensions and help you overcome arguments and frustrations in your life as a couple.

Abalone will protect your energy while amplifying the vibes of love, compassion, and generosity.

6. Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye balances the watery energy of Cancers, introducing the grounding effects of the fire and earth elements into the mix.

Part of what makes Tiger's Eye rings' crystals some of the best Cancer crystals and zodiac stones with healing properties is the fact that they harmonize with your solar plexus chakra while also working as a powerful root chakra stone.

When you wear the Grounding Bracelet Set, for instance, you'll find motivation and inspiration while staying grounded and balanced. Tiger's Eye bracelets will improve your power to focus on your goals and keep you on track while you work to manifest success.

7. Selenite

Selenite chases away negative thoughts and is a powerful crystal when it comes to cleansing any other zodiac crystals.

A powerful calming stone, Selenite’s energy releases tension and pessimism, bringing Cancers a positive and contented feeling. Because this Cancer stone is a natural cleanser, wearing the Cleansing Bracelet purifies your personal energy field as well as the energy of your environment to which as a Cancer you're highly sensitive.

With a cleansed aura, you'll find it easier to navigate tough times. Solutions will be easier to come up with, and when you put your ideas into practice you'll find things work out and you naturally achieve your desired goals.

8. Garnet

Garnet is a great stone for relationships and emotional ties of all kinds, which means it's a great stone for Cancer.

Wear the Self-Confidence Anklet to reinvigorate ties that might have gotten stale or strained. Garnet amps up passion and has the power to rekindle the romance.

If you have feelings for someone, Garnet will support you in making your feelings known. It's the stone of self-assurance and clarity when it comes to expressing what you have to offer.

Garnet has healing properties for some of the negative traits of Cancer people that involve storing negative feelings or frustrations out of a desire not to burden or disappoint others, which leads to potential metabolic problems or heart, lung, and blood-related medical issues.

There'll be no sign of self-pity when you're wearing Garnet, even if you've gone through some romantic woes in the past. With the help of this beautiful crystal, you'll release the past and finally move on.

9. Apatite

Apatite absorbs negative emotions and negative energy. Once the low vibe energies are attracted into this stone, they stay within it which keeps you safe.

When combined with Moonstone, such as in the Triple Crystal Anklet of Positivity, it amplifies optimism and creativity in approaching issues or difficult connections.

10. Aquamarine

Aquamarine works with your throat chakra, spreading calming and healing energies that support you in finding a zen state of inner peace.

Wear the Calm Nature Bracelet Set and experience the serene positive vibes of this crystal combination.

How Often Should You Cleanse And Charge Your Cancer Crystals?

While cleansing and charging your crystals, in general, is an essential part of using them, when it comes to Cancer crystals it is very important precisely because these stones deal with extracting and processing negative energy at a higher level due to Cancer's natural insight and psychic abilities.

Cleansing your Cancer crystals

The best thing you can do for your Cancer crystals is to leave them next to a cleansing crystal like the Selenite All-Cleansing Tower. It works to continuously cleanse your crystals, your own energy and that of your environment.

You can use other cleansing stones too, like Fluorite or Black Tourmaline. Or, better yet, use multiple at the same time. As a Cancer, you naturally take on the lower vibe energies around you, so you should use all the cleansing power you can get.

You can aid the process by also keeping a salt lamp close to your cleansing zone, which will filter through negative energies and recharge your cleansing crystals too.

Besides the constant purification process, you should cleanse your crystals after every use, even if you don't use them often. Depending on your usual energy flow, try to cleanse them once a week or at least once every two weeks.

Adding to your constantly-cleansing crystals elements like smudging by burning sage or incense is also a good idea, especially for the cleansings after each use of your Cancer crystals.

Since water is the element of Cancer, using it for your regular crystal cleansings is also a great idea.

But before you rinse your crystals under running water, make sure it's included in the water safe crystals list and it's safe to use water on that particular stone. In some cases, water can affect the physical integrity of a stone, and in other cases, when they come into contact with water, some stones can produce toxic substances.

Charging your Cancer crystals

Charging your crystals with the help of light is a great way to go. Using any crystal or salt lamp is going to charge your crystals, for Cancer or any other sign. Leave your crystals next to your charging lamp for a few hours after you've cleansed them.

In the particular case of Cancer crystals though, the best type of light you can use is the light of the Moon because it's Cancer's ruling planet.

Charging your Cancer crystals under direct moonlight when it's a full moon is going to give them maximum power. If you want to amp that up, add a bowl of water right next to your crystals as they're basking in the moonlight.

The combination of moonlight and water will supercharge your Cancer crystals.

Open Your Heart With Cancer Crystals And Stones!

Open up your heart and heal emotional wounds with the help of the healing stones for Cancer. You can work with other good crystals for Cancer too, like these Cancer crystals.

Allow the elements to work together in order to boost your Cancer psychic insight and intuition. Optimize your emotional energy flow with the help of these powerful Cancer crystals.

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