Upgrade Your Bathroom with These Crystals

Upgrade Your Bathroom with These Crystals

Calling all crystal fanatics—there may be a few areas of the house you haven’t thought of where crystals can certainly perk up the energy. Presuming you have crystals in your living room for wholesome vibes, a few dazzling gems in your bedroom for better rest, and crystal jewelry and nicknacks to serve you wherever you go. But have you neglected the bathroom? You may have considered it but figured it wasn’t as important as other spaces of the home. 

And while most people do focus on placing crystals throughout their home before mastering the bathroom, it’s still an area that can use some crystal TLC. Mostly due to the gem’s cleansing properties and ability to help you relax, we consider it an underutilized space! So don’t wait any further—we have a list of the best crystals for the bathroom so you can upgrade your self-care and shower routines!

Crystals for the Bathroom

A lot of crystals don’t like to live in the bathroom because it’s a stuffy space. So you’ll mostly want to work with energy cleansers and crystals that can “handle” the room. And while you can use any crystal that calls your name when it’s time to unwind in the bathroom or energize yourself in the morning, there are certainly a few crystals that more-so belong in this arena. Here are our favorites!

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is a robust protection stone and energy cleanser. This smoky-gray-hued stone is all about sharpening your intuition, perfect for those pensive types of people who love to have a good thinking session while in the shower. Perhaps this great crystal can help you solve problems, pinpoint the perfect idea, or manifest a new intention. Let it clear the negative energy while you’re in the bathroom or set it in there to always be working for you. 

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Salt is a wonderful addition to any bathroom due to its enormous relaxing properties. Sea salts have been shown to ease achy muscles and soothe irritated, dry skin when plopped in your lukewarm bathwater. Himalayan salt is no different - it’s even better! But we’re not discussing what to add to your bath, we’re discussing what to add to your bathroom to lighten the mood. So, turn to the Himalayan Salt Lamp. It’s a soothing yellow glow from a lamp combined with the robust Himalayan salt rock. Together, it makes a wonderful air cleanser and soothing addition to a relaxing nighttime ritual. But of course, you can always sprinkle some Himalayan pink salt in your bath as well.

Clear Quartz

This clear master healer can handle the atmosphere of any room in the house. That’s what makes it a good addition to the bathroom. The clear color matches any bathroom decor and is a wonderful cleansing stone. Use it to clarify all that surrounds you, including your own aura. You’ll leave the bath time feeling like a new person!


rose quartz in the bathroom

Rose Quartz

This wonderfully beautiful pink crystal makes a great addition to the bathroom. In fact, we’d call it a must! Its gentle and nurturing energy is perfect for melting stress and worries away. Once you jump in the shower with Rose Quartz nearby, you’ll feel the negativity leave your body as the gem washes your vibrations and injects its loving energy into your aura. It’s a wonderful addition to any self-care routine which usually takes place in the bathroom.


Another self-care must-have, Jade is everyone’s favorite green tool for beautifying the skin. You’ll tend to find it already shaped into what’s called “Jade Rollers” and “Gua Sha” tools used to smoothen the skin and bring fresh blood to the surface for that coveted plumped and youthful look. Green Jade is a wonderful tool to support the mind and body. It evokes a feeling of self-worth and success. You’ll definitely want to add some Jade to your bathroom routine at some point!


Water-Safe Crystals

Now the most important thing to consider when choosing the best crystals for your bathroom is to consider if they are water-safe or not. As condensation from the running shower can fog up the bathroom and negatively impact your bathroom crystals, any gem or stone you place in this area should most definitely be water-safe. But even more important is that crystals for the bathroom surely will find their way submerged in water at some point. The idea is to have crystals you could easily create into a bath ritual, right? Or multi-task and cleanse your crystals in the bathroom while you’re finishing up your nighttime routine? To do that, you’ll need to ensure the crystals chosen are “waterproof” in a way. 

You should only cleanse or submerge crystals that have a 6 or higher on the Moh’s Hardness Scale. This scale measures the hardness of your crystals, 10 being the hardest (like a Diamond). This will mean it is more resistant to many other things than just water such as scratches. This is just a rule of thumb. Here is a laundry list of crystals that are safe in the water.

  • Clear Quartz
  • Rose Quartz
  • Agate
  • Amethyst
  • Smokey Quartz
  • Citrine
  • Moonstone
  • Tiger's Eye
  • Carnelian (not safe in salt water!)
  • Rutilated Quartz
  • Jasper
  • Aventurine
  • Black Obsidian

It’s important to note this is not an exhaustive list. Please research how to care for the crystals you are choosing for your bathroom. It is also important to note that Jade, which we recommend for the bathroom, should not be submerged underwater. It is more of a self-care tool.


crystals in the bathroom

If you’d like to use a crystal for your bath ritual that is not on a water-safe list, you can infuse the water by placing the crystals next to the bath. Ideally, you can leave them overnight to properly infuse the water via its nearby energies.

Upgrade Your Morning & Nighttime Rituals with Crystals

As you can see, many crystals can go in a bathroom setting. You may not spend much time in there, but it is still an area worthy of energy cleansing and healing light. Especially as self-care rituals grow in popularity, you’ll see how more and more people will begin to place crystals in the bathroom to upgrade their morning and nighttime rituals!

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