Jade Stone Meaning and Healing Properties

Jade is an ancient stone used for many different purposes. If you’re looking for a protective and loving stone, this is the one for you. Read more about the Jade stone meaning here.

Jade is a crystal that has many legends and traditions attached to it. Its use dates back thousands of years and is the most popular stone in China. These people have understood its importance and specialness since the beginning of time. Jade is used in many ways to help people and has a fascinating backstory, so let’s discuss it in more detail. 

What Is Jade

Jade is actually a name used for two different minerals. Both jadeite and nephrite use the umbrella term jade, although they’re not the same. These stones have different compositions, but as far as appearance, they are quite similar. Imperial Jade is the most valuable type of Jade that is known for its vibrant green hue. 

The color of Jade ranges from light green to dark green, although sometimes, it can be blue, red, or even orange. It’s been used to create tools and weapons because of its durability. Since it has a beautiful luster, it started to be used for talismans and ornamental objects. 

Types Of Jade

Every type of Jade shares similar symbolism, but the specific color of the Jade brings extra meaning to the stone. Here are a few examples:

  • Red Jade is used for life and love.
  • Purple Jade is for insight and peace.
  • White Jade is for purity and truth.
  • Yellow Jade is for optimism and generosity. 
  • Orange is for ambition and libido. 

Even though Jade is mainly associated with Chinese tradition, it has many ties to other cultures as well. 

Meaning Of Jade

Jade is a stone for purification and gentleness. It has a soothing energy and those who use it find it to be nourishing to their souls. The name Jade comes from the Spanish phrase piedra de la ijada, which means “stone of the colic” because it was used to cure colic in babies. 

The meaning behind Jade is love and balance. Jade has been used in feng shui for many years to create feelings of harmony. Many good luck charms are made of Jade to attract wealth and popularity with others. 

It’s also known as a protection stone that nourishes the Heart chakra. It encourages self-love and helps you grow in your journey of self-discovery. Jade is a great crystal to use when you are trying to accept something about yourself. It is also wonderful for people who practice medicine for good energy and luck. 

History Of Jade

Jade is naturally found in China, Guatemala, Switzerland, Russia, and the United States. During the days of ancient Mesopotamia, Jade was used to treat kidney problems, which also contributed to its Spanish name. 

Ancient Greeks used Jade to treat eye diseases and created a Jade solution to be placed over the eye. This stone also represented the Roman goddess of fertility. Using this stone in prayer to this goddess would bring you children and good fortune. 

In China, Jade is a noble stone that could cure all diseases. These people were devoted to this stone and wouldn’t let anyone mistreat it. The Chinese goddess of compassion valued Jade and people used it to honor her and protect their children. 

In the British Isles, Jade was used as a utensil and weapon because of its toughness. The Mayans would use Jade as an offering to water spirits to provide them with healthy crops each season. 

Healing Properties Of Jade

Jade offers an abundance of healing to those who use it. This healing is both physical and emotional in nature. Whatever you desire, it can be achieved with jade. 

Some of the physical benefits of Jade are:

  • Removes toxins
  • Clears kidneys 
  • Aids a mother in the birth process
  • Rejuvenates cells
  • Heals scars
  • Restores the alkaline balance of the body
  • Reduces joint inflammation
  • Supports bone health

Some of the mental/emotional healing benefits of Jade are:

  • Releases negative thoughts
  • Provides uplifting energy for body positivity
  • Brings confidence for parents that struggle with their kids
  • Restores dignity
  • Calms angry temperaments
  • Brings peace to the mind
  • Helps people let go
  • Assists in decision making
  • Brings success and wealth
  • Opens communication with nature

Chakra Association

Jade is mostly associated with the Heart chakra, although it is used to open and cleanse all of the other chakras as well. 

Jade reduces your desire to be in control of everything in your life. It balances the Base chakra by awakening your awareness of past lives and experiences. Jade also helps open the Sacral chakra if you’re feeling arrogant or selfish. It allows you to become more comfortable with yourself and lets you understand your desires. 

Jade connects the lower chakras with the higher ones for the ultimate balance within your body. This allows you to achieve homeostasis and love completely. It also helps regenerate feelings of love and passion when placed near the Heart chakra. 

If your Throat chakra is out of balance, you might start to feel resistant to change and hyperactive. Jade increases your creativity and communication skills. It will help you live your truth and speak it to others openly. 

This stone will balance the Third Eye chakra by opening your perceptions and imagination. It will also bring balance to the hemispheres of your brain. For the Crown chakra, Jade will connect you with the spirit realm and the vast universe. It will also link you to your past and let you see its effect on your present. 

Zodiac Sign

Jade is the zodiac stone of people born under the Libra and Taurus sign. Both of these signs are ruled by Venus and are all about balance. Libras are sensitive and strong-willed. People born under the Taurus sign are realists who are stubborn. 

This gemstone brings Libras and Taurus’s good health and fortune. Wearing jewelry with Jade brings positive energy to your life and clarity. 

How To Use Jade

Jade is commonly used as a pendant to stay calm during a mental storm. Keeping Jade in your pocket or around your neck helps recharge your energy and protects you from becoming ill. It reduces guilt and acts as a protective traveling stone, especially for people traveling alone. 

Jade is sometimes used as a symbol of faith for religious people. Those in the military might carry Jade with them to keep them safe. Wearing Jade as a necklace will prevent people from abusing you for their own personal gain. This is particularly helpful for victims of bullying. 

Cleansing Jade Stones

Jade works hard to protect you from harm and prepare you for success. Crystals like this benefit from cleansing so that they can be fully taken advantage of. Jade is tough, so it can handle a lot of wear and tear. Cleaning it with cold water for a few minutes should be enough for this particular gemstone. 

It’s essential for you to visualize your intentions while cleansing the crystal. This will add power to the Jade that can be used later. Try to picture all the negativity leaving the stone and good vibes entering it. Charging Jade can be done with sage. The smoke helps clear away unwanted energy. 

Bottom Line

Jade is the ultimate stone for good luck and reassurance. Wearing Jade keeps your loving energies balanced with your heart chakra. The vibrant green of Jade is especially pretty to look at, and it reminds us of the beauty in the world. Find more Jade bracelets, pendants, and talismans in our collection!

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