Top 5 Crystals for Your Work Desk

Top 5 Crystals for Your Work Desk

In the modern office, it’s impossible to get away from the electromagnetic smog of all our devices. From laptops to phones, cameras to computers, everything is emitting radiation. Crystal desk accessories could be the perfect way to counter this and shield your energy from harm in the workplace.

It’s not just the electronic side of office work that can hinder our productivity though. Ever tried working in a busy environment with tension in the air, or for a boss that treats you like something you might find on the bottom of your shoe? Crystals can help here too!

Even if you’re working from your bedroom, there are home office crystals that can help you avoid distractions and focus more easily. Healing crystal lamps work great in home offices to increase productivity; you can also use them to create a relaxing atmosphere to cool off after you finish work.

Here are 5 of the best crystals for office desk jobs.



The ultimate EMF stopper, black tourmaline is an excellent crystal to use when relying heavily on screens in your daily workplace. It grounds your energy and reminds you of the bigger picture while you work. Establish energetic boundaries and tourmaline rings will strive to enforce them.

Tourmaline bracelets are also great protectors against those that seek to emotionally drain your energy. They may not even be aware they’re doing it, but some people just suck up your energy like a vampire. Tourmaline sets up a forcefield against these people so their presence doesn’t leave you feeling sapped and empty.

tourmaline necklace

Place a chunk of black tourmaline in each corner of your office to keep negative energy at bay. If it’s one of your home office crystals then you could leave it by your front door instead. This way, it’ll keep out unwelcome energy. Alternatively, wear tourmaline jewelry to protect your energy on the move. The Small Victory Necklace combines multiple types of tourmaline for the best protection possible.


For those stressful work problems that you just can’t seem to avoid, amethyst reminds you to tap into your inner peace. There’s no need for tension in the workplace, and amethyst is here to cool down your energy and subsequently increase your concentration.

Set your amethyst an intention by holding the stone to your third eye and reciting what you want to achieve. Productivity? Creativity? Focus? Amethyst will help you tap into your flow. Every time you look at it, you’ll be reminded of your goal and be able to reassess your workflow with a clear head.

amethyst heart cluster

Amethyst is one of the best crystals for office desk decor because it also looks gorgeous. A cluster of amethyst on your desk draws energy to you and helps ease your tension after a long day. It’s the ultimate relaxation stone, but it has a bubbling undercurrent of love and self-care too. It makes an excellent gift if you know somebody who’s struggling with work stress.

Tiger’s Eye

A list of the best crystal desk accessories wouldn’t be complete without something to activate your solar plexus chakra. Tiger’s Eye is that stone. In doing so, it increases your confidence, determination, and self-belief. It empowers you to achieve exactly what you set out to do, without letting doubts or fears prevent you from getting started. With Tiger’s eye, even the most difficult work can feel like a walk in the park.

A common stone for success, Tiger’s eye is often referred to as a good luck crystal. It’s said to speed up the manifestation process and attract wealth and abundance. This makes it an excellent career crystal. Leave it on your desk to remind you that you’re in control of your destiny, and whether or not you put the work in to achieve your dreams relies solely on your actions. When you take a short break, hold Tiger’s eye to your abdomen, and set an intention to succeed. Do this whenever you feel weak or if worries begin to niggle at your mind. You could also leave a tiger’s eye stone over your business cards to attract more clients and boost your business profile.

Tiger’s eye works even better if it’s in constant contact with your skin. It boosts willpower and self-drive, encouraging you to never give up, and it empowers you to manifest your desires within your chosen career.

Clear Quartz

If you want a crystal clear head, then clear quartz is the stone you’re after. It rids the mind of confusion or over-stimulation, empowering you to have more control over where you direct your attention. There might be tons of things to distract you in your work environment, but clear quartz puts the power firmly in your hands to decide whether you acknowledge them, or whether you knuckle down with your work instead.

Clear quartz has a knack for amplifying your energy, boosting it far beyond your current limit. This applies to intention-setting too. If you set a target with clear quartz, you can expect to hit it. It’s also known as the all-healer or the master healer due to its insane ability to emit healing energies. It’s the perfect crystal to have nearby while you work in an office chair because it supports your back, neck, and eyes. 

clear quartz healing lamp

Get a clear quartz lamp for your home office crystals as it lights up the energy in your room too. You can use it for those dark evenings in winter, or it’s perfect for those late deadlines that you can’t miss. If you prefer to use it as a night light by your bed, its work-enhancing properties are not lost—it induces deep sleep, enabling you to wake up revitalized and re-energized. Most of the day’s stress is doubled due to a lack of adequate rest. Clear quartz ends this problem.


Another EMF radiation preventer, malachite is a green gem that reconnects you to mother nature. It channels the freshness of the breeze from its spot on your work desk. If you’re wondering how to display crystals at work, malachite is ideal for a window ledge that overlooks your desk. It will amplify the energy from outside. If this isn’t possible then don’t worry, its protective energy is enough to ward off negativity from your desk.

As a stone of transformation, malachite stabilize your emotions during periods of difficult change. It ensures you continue to make logical decisions, especially in the workplace. Keep malachite nearby to prevent worrisome thoughts and create a stronger support system from within. 

Malachite is one of those crystals that’s better to wear as jewelry. The more time you spend with it, the closer your bond will be. It will block fears from interfering with your life and attract positive change and prosperity.


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