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Chic Ways to Display Crystals at Home

More than just healers to carry in your pocket or around your wrist, crystals are becoming modern additions to every vogue home. Said to have a profound effect on the energy within your house, they can persuade positive chi (life force energy) and bring high vibration currents to every corridor and corner of your humble abode.

More than just healers to carry in your pocket or around your wrist, crystals are becoming modern additions to every vogue home. Said to have a profound effect on the energy within your house, they can persuade positive chi (life force energy) and bring high vibration currents to every corridor and corner of your humble abode.

Whether everyone in the house believes they are magical or not is not an issue—crystals make for gorgeous decor. With their pops of color, inspiring hues, and light bending features, crystals add a mystical touch of nature to any space. For home items that make everyone who enters immediately at peace (albeit ever so gently envious of your decorating skills), chunkier and natural-looking pieces are best. The imperfections bring beauty.

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Where’s the Best Place to Keep Your Crystals?

Because each crystal has its own energy that raises your intention, different gems belong in different rooms—for example, rose quartz in the bedroom for nurturing sensations and black tourmaline in the office for energy protection and work-life balance. So while you can definitely take these recommendations and combine them with types of crystals for each room, today we are focusing on how to arrange the crystals in your home; including display ideas and places they’ll thrive around the house so you can properly show off your crystal friends. 

crystals at home

Crystals bring certain natural vibrations into any space, so you’ll generally find the best place to keep crystals is surrounded and strengthened by other classic elements like wood and plant life. For good Feng Sui, The Spruce, specializing in feng shui home decor, recommends your crystal clusters are placed in these areas: the Center, Northeast, Northwest, West, or Southwest. They note it’s best “to avoid placing [a] cluster—unless it is really small—in the North Bagua area. It is also best to avoid placing your crystal cluster right by your bed.”

With that in mind, you’ll also want to consider that most guests who enter your home will have a hard time resisting the urge to pick up your crystals. If they do so, the crystal will take on their energy. That means you will need to cleanse it. For that reason, many crystal lovers choose to display their crystals perched upon shelves, inside terrariums and organization kits, and in object holders. This gives the allusion that they are on display for viewing—not touching (although, you will know otherwise!). 

For Small Crystals: A Crystal Display Shelf

If you’re looking for an iconic display idea for crystals inside your home, try a large wall display shelf. Due to the growing popularity of crystals in today’s culture, you can easily find wall solutions under the name “crystal display shelves,” too, which are designed with crystal-holding purposes in mind. Try some of the wooden variety to extend the natural theme with your dazzling stones, air plants, and favorite nick-knacks. For a more witchy vibe, grab a wall display shelf in a waxing moon shape, hexagon, or another quirky design to breathe personality into your new decor. 

A Crystal Terrarium 

For a modern bohemian look, you can create your own crystal terrarium. Because stunning terrariums are easy to find (a terrarium being a glass container filled with soil and plants, with some sort of opening), this adds a unique touch of DIY love to your home. 

crystal terrarium

You’ll need white or neutral sand for the bottom of your terrarium, white rocks for texture (optional), air plants, and your preferred crystals. The result? A beautiful crystal display for your foray, living area, office, or wall. To style a coffee table or small space, you could use a simple glass bowl, add the crystal and perhaps a candle, and line it with moss. 

Displaying Large Crystals at Home

For your large crystals, such as a towering amethyst cluster, you may wish to let them be the statement piece of the space. A pronged mount, which you can find at any hobby store, can showcase them on the floor, window ledge, or a shelf. Place these according to intention (e.g., protecting energy, reflecting negative vibes, promoting nurturing feelings), and let the crystal clusters shoot its energy in every direction like fireworks.

large crystals at home

If you have an empty fireplace, a large crystal sculpture or an arrangement of crystal towers can be displayed in that space, mimicking a roaring fire. Crystal towers, made of smoky quartz or clear quartz, are great home additions and easier to come by. They bring a strong foundational Feng Shui into the space, purifying the energy around it. Bigger towers should be placed in a central space, as opposed to an entrance or near a door, to help that vibrant energy circulate the room best. 

Arranging Medium-Sized Crystals 

For those too big to be put on display and too small to be the star player, medium-sized crystals are the perfect adornment for desks, TV stands, bookcases, and coffee tables. For an added touch of nature, try growing an air plant on your medium crystal for an awe-inspiring statement piece. 

If you’re looking for a two-in-one feature, many gems can be utilized as handy home tools such as healing crystal lamps, night lights, and coasters. Turn your most-loved crystals into objects that can be gently used around the house or consider purchasing these double-duty beauties pre-made.

Use Crystals to Make a House a Home

Remember that many crystals need to be kept out of direct sunlight. While sunlight can be used to cleanse a crystal, it can also cause the stone to fade or become brittle after some time; such is the case with Amethyst and Citrine and many more. If you’ve chosen to display crystals near a sunny windowsill, be sure to check it’s a crystal that can withstand the rays. 

A very lovely thing about displaying crystals is that no matter where you place crystals in your home, they can be re-arranged at any moment! In fact, it’s best to move them around from time to time to evoke better Feng Shui and keep energy freshly flowing through your home. 

What’s the best crystal for me?

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