5 Crystals that will Improve Your Physical and Mental Health

5 Crystals that will Improve Your Physical and Mental Health

As October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’ve compiled a list of the best stones for healing. While not scientifically verified, crystals have more than enough supporters who claim that it makes them personally happier, lighter and more stress-free. Try them for yourself and make your own decision. 

Thousands of years ago, crystals for health were commonplace. Ancient Egyptians—who are responsible for world wonders that we still cannot explain to this day—believed in the healing power of crystals without the shadow of a doubt. These people were anything but stupid. The knowledge of these stones was passed down over the years but eventually lost popularity when people started being executed for believing such things.

Nowadays, crystals for the immune system are still used, but more often than not, it’s because the person who owns them likes the color or style. There is a growing community of people who believe in the holistic approach of alternative medicine. Why can’t crystals for health look good and actually hold power at the same time? 

Take a look at our picks for the 5 best stones for healing. Pick one or two that catch your eye and see how their energy feels.

Clear Quartz

You can’t make a list of crystals for health and not include the all-healer. Clear quartz has so many health-related nicknames that it’s almost hard to believe that one crystal can be so powerful. When you have a cluster yourself, you’ll understand. 

It’s brilliant for balancing your energy, harmonizing the chakras and letting your energy flow in an unbroken stream from root to crown. Said to inspire clarity of mind, clear quartz is an excellent choice if you’re looking to clear away negative thoughts and focus on the bright side of life instead. Its energy is fantastic for amplifying positive intentions, especially in regards to quicker healing.

Clear quartz is one of the best crystals for the immune system. It boosts your body’s natural defences and lowers the chances of a contagious disease entering your body. To surround yourself in healing energy, set up the Healing Lamp in your room and it’ll work day and night, regardless of whether it’s switched on or off.


A crystal of joy, positivity and optimism, citrine is ideal for keeping spirits high during difficult times. It helps you take a good look at yourself and your behavior and release any negative traits that aren’t serving you or your character. It’s a brilliant cleansing stone, even capable of recharging itself! You’ll feel its purifying effects from the get-go, guaranteed.

citrine bracelet

Citrine stimulates the solar plexus chakra and is said to enhance motivation and self-belief. It attracts abundance and sets you out on the road to success. Because of the location of this chakra, it’s also one of the stones that heal stomach problems. If you’re struggling with digestive issues, hold a citrine to your stomach and bring awareness to your pain. 


Taken from the Greek word, “amethystos,” meaning “not intoxicated,” amethyst has long been considered one of the best stones for healing. Even today, it’s thought to be one of the better crystals for mental health. It empowers you to take control over your own mind and resist temptation. It’s the best stone for overcoming addictions of any kind.

Known as Nature’s Tranquilizer, amethyst is the ultimate soother. There’s a serene aura that comes hand in hand with using this stone. Let it wash over you. It’s one of the best stones that heal you while you sleep, and it’s said to cure insomnia and put a stop to nightmares. Remember your dreams; understand and dissect them so that you can carry their lessons into waking life. Amethyst unlocks the crown and third eye chakras, connecting your spirit to higher powers which can accelerate the healing process

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is another member of the quartz family to make it onto the list. Healing is just in their blood—or rocky interior. This pink stone specializes in all things heart-related. It activates the heart chakra, freeing blockages in and around the chest. This is particularly important during breast cancer awareness month as its soothing energy can alleviate pain, tension or stress held in that area.

It’s also the only crystal you’ll ever need to attract love. It all starts with yourself. Reevaluate how you talk to yourself. Negative self-talk is often the start of much bigger problems regarding self-worth, acceptance, trust, and respect. Learn to love yourself with rose quartz and flood your body with positive energy. You deserve it.

rose quartz set

Crystals for health often focus on specific ailments, but rose quartz is all about the power of release. It helps you forgive yourself (and others) and move on from a difficult past. It’s the ideal stone to wear if you’re struggling with grief or loneliness.  


Selenite is the king of cleansing crystals. Even clear quartz can’t compete with this level of purification. Any toxic energy you’re harboring—be it in the form of illness or negative thoughts—is extinguished when working thoroughly with selenite. It unifies the mind, body and spirit, and ensures that there isn’t a single morsel of negativity left behind. Competing with the best crystals for the immune system, selenite cheats by attacking ailments at their root cause: stress. It relieves tension with ease and frees your mind from self-doubt or overthinking. Don’t let stress fester and transform into something worse. 

selenite cleansing tower

Its ability to absorb negative energy from the environment makes it a great crystal bodyguard too. The key to a life of good health is in prevention, not cure. And with that in mind, selenite is a helluva good negative energy preventer. It encourages you to maintain light and positivity so that you lift everybody else up to your level. 

Now, you have the list of the best stones for health, the next thing to do is pin down what you feel you’re missing. Once you know what you need, let your intuition guide you to the right crystal. Remember to cleanse your crystal before using it for any healing practices as it will still contain leftover energy from all the people who touched it before you.

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