How to Use Crystals to Overcome Your Fears

How to Use Crystals to Overcome Your Fears


Fear can take many forms, from a simple worrisome thought to a full-fledged panic attack. Sometimes, something terrifies us so much that we literally can’t move. But what causes this paralyzing fear, and which crystals can help us overcome it?

First, let’s break down the different types of fear. For the most part, they fall into two broad categories: rational and irrational.

  • Rational fears are a reaction to a perceived threat where we feel the need to protect ourselves. If somebody aimed a gun at your head, you might start shaking, maybe sweat would form on your brow, and perhaps you’d even feel your bowels loosen. This is because there’s a whirring alarm going off in your brain, screaming “DANGER!” on repeat. These are symptoms of rational fear.

  • Irrational fears are the most common but make the least sense. They have little basis in logic and aren’t necessarily in relation to any physical or mental threat. They have an almost instinctive feel to them. Arachnophobia affects 1 in 20 people, yet the chances of your average house spider being dangerous are extremely slim. As your mom probably told you when you were little, “It’s more scared of you than you are of it!”

Clearly, when talking about crystal healing in regards to fears and anxiety, we don’t expect you to pull out an amethyst to deflect bullets. We’re referring to the irrational and mental fears that stem from your own beliefs about the world. 

Fear of abandonment, commitment, loneliness, humiliation, or not being good enough, are just a handful of potentially crippling mental fears that prevent people from being themselves.

If we’re constantly worried about how our actions will be viewed by others, then we’re more likely to censor ourselves and live a dulled down life to fit in. We try to appease people who probably don’t even notice or care.

These mental fears are otherwise known as self-limitations, and can manifest as anxiety or, in severe cases, paranoia. So the big question then -- how do you overcome your fears? How can crystals help you relinquish the hold that they have over you? How do you face your fears head on and say enough is enough?

Find out below with 5 of the best crystals for anxiety!

Top 5 Crystals to Help You Overcome Fear

5. Malachite 

One of the greatest stones for fighting anxiety, Malachite helps you break free of negative thought patterns. If your fear is mental, then changing the way you think about it is crucial to approaching your fear in a new way. A shift in perspective always leads to greater awareness.

Commonly referred to as a stone of transformation, Malachite doesn’t hold back when it comes to helping you grow. It’s also a heart chakra stone, but not soft and gentle like the others. It gives you the tough love that you need to hear sometimes. 

It’s a great stone to have with you if you’re removing a spider or another creepy crawly from your home. Hold it tight and listen to its energy. It will tell you how simple the task is and that the only thing stopping you is your mind. Everyone can remove a bug from their home, but if you convince yourself that you can’t, then you never will. It also works well with any fears that stem from childhood trauma.

4. Rose Quartz

Known as the heart-healer, this beautiful stone vibrates at an extremely high rate, sending love, joy and happiness to everyone who comes into contact with it. It’s no wonder that its calming properties are beneficial for overcoming fear.

Bringing inner peace, rose quartz soothes your temper with yourself. There comes a time in the transformation process where you might become aware that your fear is illogical, but you still experience the fear nonetheless. In this case, rose quartz reminds you that it’s okay to feel this way and that you shouldn’t take out frustration on yourself.

This stone encourages you to face your fears with love. Send love to them and they will dissolve. Fears are built upon negative emotions -- some of which can be so deeply buried that you won’t even recognize they’re there. Once you begin to unpack them, you can forgive yourself and others, and release the energy (and the fear) once and for all.

3. Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is the ultimate protector of the solar plexus chakra, otherwise known as the energy center for regulating fear. By bringing this chakra into balance, tiger’s eye helps you replace fears with strengths. This is particularly the case with fears related to success, money or some kind of personal goal or achievement.

If you’re worried that you may not be able to achieve what you set out to, if you’re scared that people will never respect your expertise on a subject, or if you’re afraid that you won’t make enough money, then tiger’s eye is the stone to help you conquer your fears. It harmonizes your inner energies and promotes confidence, willpower and self-belief. This trio of qualities trumps any fear relating to career or personal fulfilment. 

Tiger’s eye creates clarity within the mind so that you can get clear on who you truly are and what you want. It protects your energy from negative influences that may seek to manipulate you by implanting fears. It’s one of the greatest stones for supporting change in highly fearful people. 

2. Black Obsidian 

Known as a deep soul-cleanser, it really shouldn’t be a surprise to see obsidian so far up the list. It’s one of the most reflective stones in the mineral kingdom, empowering you to look deep within yourself to find the root cause of fears, worries and doubts. Once you see why you think a certain way, then it becomes a choice whether or not you continue. Black obsidian supports you in making the right decision.

A highly grounding stone, it keeps your feet firmly on the ground. In doing so, it enables you to live more freely in the present moment. Fears that linger in your mind ahead of time are neutralized this way. If you’re terrified of flying, for example, then you’ll be worrying about your upcoming flight from the moment you book it. This takes your energy away from the present. Obsidian brings it back so that you can focus on the here and now in peace.

Technically, obsidian is a form of volcanic glass, rather than a crystal. This gives it a strong fiery element, symbolic of destruction. You can use obsidian like a surgical tool for the mind, picking out and removing all those negative thoughts, feelings and fears that do nothing but drag you down. It’s great for letting go of negative habits of any kind. 

1. Tourmaline 

Black tourmaline in particular is a fantastic cleanser that helps you overcome any phobia. Often used as a worry stone, it’s great to hold in times of immense fear to soothe your mind and prevent panic attacks. It’s the undisputed king of squashing negativity. Another intense grounding stone, tourmaline reconnects you to mother nature.

Activating the root chakra, it brings strength through stability. It’s hard to inject fear into somebody who’s as solid as an ox. Release any feelings of weakness, dependency or fragility as they are susceptible to enhancing fear. Look after yourself and the world becomes less scary. 

Fear blocks the flow of the lower chakras, but tourmaline counteracts that and restores balance. If you’re feeling particularly fatigued or vulnerable, then this stone will be a light in the darkness. It helps you transcend your physical weaknesses by creating stronger mental foundations. 

With these 5 stones for anxiety, you can better understand how to overcome fear. Incorporate them into your daily life, practice self-discipline and stay mindful. Your fears will be gone in no time.


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