10 Amazing Crystals for Strength & Recovery

10 Amazing Crystals for Strength & Recovery

Life can knock us down sometimes. That’s true for everyone. What defines us as strong individuals is how quickly we pick ourselves back up after falling. It can be an emotional toll or physical aches and pains that keep us feeling low — or perhaps it’s a mixture of both. First, know that it’s perfectly normal to be down in the dumps about losing a job, relationship, promotion, money loss, et cetera. Sometimes it’s best to accept the emotions as they come and ride the wave. 

However, if you need help, you can turn to crystals with vibrations ideal for strength and recovery. For those tough times when you want to have a range of crystal bodyguards to choose from, we’ve rounded up the top 10 crystals for such strength and recovery. 


A powerful stone of strength, it purifies the negative energy around you. Agate stone comes in a variety of colors such as black and red, both of which are very grounding and fiercely protective. Black agate gives you the power to reach your goals — whatever they may be. It strengthens the mind above all, helping you accept the truth. It also works to cleanse energy and stabilize emotions. If you need help recovering from low mood, feelings of doubt, or stress, Black agate is a good option. Keep it around and let it give you the strength to achieve the happiness you deserve. For the body, it helps release emotion-related diseases such as problems in the digestive system and skin disorders.


agate night light


The Master Healer, the dazzling Amethyst is often looked at for peace but it also has strong restorative energy to it — making it a great crystal for recovery. Amethyst works to take what energy and what strength you do have and amplify it. Perfect for endurance, you can use it as an aid to make big, necessary changes in your life. This purple gem is also good for physical healing and recovery. Use an amethyst cluster to relieve arthritic pain by keeping it near your painful areas while working with it. It also works to relieve headaches, tension, and injuries resulting in swelling. This wonderful crystal has high vibration energy perfect to give you strength for recovering from light physical wounds and also as a sleep aid. 

Tiger’s Eye 

This gorgeous caramel-looking stone is perfect for manifesting better health, wealth, and success. With its grounding energy, it helps increase energy and stamina. This stone has been used for centuries by warriors to help protect them in battle and give them strength and courage. Turn to Tiger’s Eye when you need the strength and focus to go after what you want in life, such as a promotion. It also helps melt anxiety and stress and turns it into useful energy. 

tiger's eye wealth bracelet

Black Tourmaline

Associated with the Root Chakra, Black Tourmaline helps balance lower frequencies in the lower chakras. It is known for its power to change negative vibes into positive ones. It dispels feelings of doubt and dissatisfaction, stress, and tension. Turn to Black Tourmaline to help with pain relief and mental health recovery. 


This energizing crystal is a stone of strength for different reasons. It promotes an overall sense of well-being and is considered one of the happiest crystals available. Invigorating and positive, the yellow quartz can help you harness your energy in creative ways. Whether you’re feeling depressed, lost, or doubtful, it will help dispel your fears and see the positive spin on the events in your life. Associated with the Solar plexus and Crown chakra, it’s a great addition to include in your crystal collection for days you need mental strength. 


A stone for healing and endurance as well as for building trust, Garnet will bring balance to your life. Red and orange garnet are passionate, loving stones perfect for strengthening relationships in your life. Let it evoke feelings of devotion and confidence within yourself and your relationships. It soothes stress and neutralizes anger. It can give you strength during emotional trauma and fatigue, perfect for when you need the strength to move on from difficult times. 

Crystals for Strength

Smoky Quartz

A powerful grounding stone, use it to channel the strength to overcome depression and stress. An intense energetic crystal, it opens the Crown chakra and Root chakra, helping you dig deep into your problems to use your intuition to find solutions. Channel its higher guidance to overcome difficulties in your life, reduce nightmares, and wipe away fears and insecurities.


A very special stone for strength and healing, it can give you the power to overcome bad habits. If you need the strength to stop smoking, spend money more wisely, or live a healthier and more holistic lifestyle, Unakite could be the one for you. It will help liberate you from negativity and addictions. It also makes a wonderful aid for recovering from physical ailments. A healer of the heart and lungs, it can quicken healing processes for those who were sick and just began recovery. Stick with Unakite and you’ll see how quickly you can get back on the horse after life has knocked you down. 


This deep green stone with red speckles is a blood cleanser, as the name suggests. It’s the perfect stone for healing wounds and purifying injuries. It is said to eliminate toxins from your blood and aid in healing rashes and bruises. A stimulator of renewal, let it revitalize your energy and bring fresh energy to your body, specifically the organs. Working with the kidneys, liver, and bladder, Bloodstone can help heal those who recently had sickness in any of these areas. A healing stone that has been used for centuries, it can also aid with the lymphatic system, infections, and blood circulation. 

Black Onyx

There’s something about even the name that evokes a sensation of strength. This black stone is a powerful talisman of protection used to achieve inner strength and self-mastery. It’s a transformational stone that helps you direct bad vibes within yourself and switch it to something more practical and useful in your life. In addition to giving you emotional strength, it also strengthens the immune system. For those getting over sickness or a seasonal cold, it promotes overall well-being. It also assists natural cell regeneration and balances the regulation of liquids. Use Black Onyx to detoxify waste and help you absorb nutrients. 


Invite the Strength Within Yourself to Come Alive

Typically, stones that represent strength are connected to the root chakra. This balancing chakra is associating with a feeling of safety, power, and grounding. When in doubt, you can grab a deep colored stone such as red, brown gold, black, or something associated with the root chakra. And don’t forget to set intentions that invite happiness and health into your life.

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