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What Are The Black Agate Stone Healing Properties?

Black agate is a beautiful natural stone that has long been considered to have healing properties. It’s a shimmering black crystal that shines as though it’s had a century of polishing. Agate stone has been used by humans since the Bronze Age, but what is it exactly? What are the properties of agate? And why is it better than other natural stones?

What is Agate?

Agate is a type of rock consisting predominantly of chalcedony. It’s easy to spot by the fineness of its grain. There are a variety of colors that agate can have, each with their own specific structure, and therefore their own healing properties. It’s a unique gemstone with gorgeous patterns, but there are definite distinctions among the different types of agate. While they may be similar at a base level, white agate, fire agate, and black agate all have important differences, as do the other lesser-known agates.

A common stone, black agate is a popular choice for beginner’s collections. It’s reasonably priced and fairly easy to obtain. Often found in jewelry, black agate is a beautiful stone aesthetically. It also holds a lot of power for healing, giving agate spiritual meaning.

Agate is usually found in volcanic rocks and can be discovered all over the world. Mexico, Brazil, and Greece are famous for their agate. It’s also mined in the U.S.A: in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana, mostly.

Agate is the birthstone for the zodiac sign of Gemini. Agate rings or other jewelry pieces would make an amazing gift to friends you know of this star sign. It’s also considered as the birthstone for those born in the month of September. It’s associated with the heavenly body of the Moon and its natural element is Earth.

What Makes Black Agate Different?

First and foremost, obviously the color is different. Black agate is the color of pure ink. It’s a starless night on glossy rock. If the stone doesn’t have a striped pattern, then it’s most likely black chalcedony. If the stone has a striped pattern, but the stripes are white, then it’s likely black onyx. Black agate has dark stripes and is a natural artistic wonder. Other types of agate have slightly different atomic structures, giving them different shades, patterns, or colors.

Black Agate Healing Properties

Black agate shares qualities with other black stones such as Black Obsidian. Stones of this color tend to be highly grounding and fiercely protective. If you need a healing crystal for grief and loss, check out Black Agate stone. It emits soothing energy that can bring inner peace to somebody who has just lost a loved one and is suffering from grief. Those going through bereavement may find the calming energies of black agate to be the little push they need to get through each day.

Black agate uses its calming energy to keep stress to a minimum. In chaotic households, black agate helps keep the peace, dulling the negative energy and increasing the positive. It also helps organize the mayhem that can explode in one’s mind. Disorganized thoughts will be a thing of the past after a while working with black agate. It removes the energy associated with the cause of stress and replaces it with peaceful vibes.

Black agate is an awesome stone for those in need of motivation to pursue their goals. A lot of us have big dreams, but many don’t believe in themselves enough to achieve them. With work, intentions, and focus, black agate helps you gain the self-belief needed to propel you into your chosen future. It supports you in reaching your potential and empowers you to become who you’ve always wanted to be. If you find yourself in a state where you’re unsatisfied, be it with your job, relationship, or just in general, then black agate gives you a chance to move past it and into what you want to achieve. It gives you the motivation to chase your true dreams and not submit to a life of stress and boredom out of fear of failure.

One of the best agate healing properties is its ability to neutralize the aura. It aims to harmonize the energy in the local environment, allowing positive energy to thrive while removing the threat of negative energy. It’s said to bring clarity, control, and concentration to all scenarios. It’s a great stone to use around the house if you regularly find yourself tensed up or on edge. Black agate soothes anxiety and alleviates tension in the atmosphere.

All in all, the metaphysical properties of agate are phenomenal. No wonder it’s such a common stone for beginners. It does almost everything!

History of Agate

Agate crystals were used by the earliest civilizations on earth. In Ancient Mesopotamia, the crystal was a symbol of power and authority; it gave black agate meaning. It was a stone of the wealthy and the possession of it would earn you a lot of respect.

In Ancient Rome, they used agate stones to create mortar and pestles to grind their ingredients with. In Persia, magi wore agate rings and they were thought to assist them with their powers. For a long time, some groups of people thought that agate could cure the sting of a scorpion or the bite of a snake. Needless to say, this stone has had a profound effect on the world. 

Flat Oval Black Agate

Today, you can harness healing properties wearing Agate bracelets or have it as a pendant around the neck. You can even have a natural stone to keep around the house, channeling its healing properties. Black agate has remained popular for thousands of years because of its sheer beauty and its astounding healing properties.

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