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Serpentine Stone Meaning Guide: Awaken Kundalini Energy With New Jade


Despite not being as widely known as some other crystals, the Serpentine stone is known and revered as a stone of immense knowledge.

If the stone has made its presence felt in your life, spurring a fervent Google search late in the night, it is likely because the knowledge you seek is spiritual. You may be relatively new to the crystal scene, but it's clear that your intuition has led you to this stone for a reason.

Serpentine may have an opaque, enigmatic reputation among some, but we are here to clear the air and provide you with a primer you can consult on all things Serpentine.

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What Is Serpentine?

serpentine stone

The name "Serpentine" refers not to a single mineral, but to a group of magnesium silicate minerals that share similar genetic make-up. Three of the most common forms of Serpentine are Chrysotile, Antigorite, and Lizardite.

The stone's name derives from Latin, meaning "snake-like". This is due to the scaly, green color of the stone, as well as its common association with reptiles. Although some refer to it as "New Jade", "Olive Jade, or "Snake Jade", these comparisons are based only on appearance. The Serpentine crystal's meaning is not remotely similar to that of Jade.

Where does Serpentine come from?

Serpentine comes from all corners of the globe. Though it's most commonly found in the United States, it can also be found far and wide, from the United Kingdom to Brazil.

But California is home to some of the most unique and beautiful Serpentine deposits. Formed when two tectonic plates collide, the pressure from this convergence creates the perfect conditions for Serpentine stone to form.

Serpentine soils are often found in California as well. These areas are low in nutrients and don't support much plant life. However, the California pitcher plant is an exception. This plant gets its nutrients from insects instead of the earth, and can often be found growing alongside Serpentine deposits. So if you see a California pitcher plant, chances are there's some Serpentine close by.

How was Serpentine used in myth, legend, and history?

Based on more than just cosmetic similarities, Serpentine's association with snakes throughout history may be more than just a case of surface-level name association.

For example, the Greek god of medicine, Asclepius, was known for his staff adorned with entwined snakes—though he met his end when Zeus, king of the gods, struck him down with a lightning bolt out of fear that Asclepius would make humans immortal. To this day, the rod of Asclepius is used as a symbol of good health by organizations such as the World Health Organization.

There's another ancient story that has snakes at its center. The story goes that Eve was tempted by a serpent to eat fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Later, the snake came to be associated with Satan, but it has always been linked to wisdom in some capacity. It's no coincidence, then, that Serpentine—a stone with ties to ancient knowledge—is also lauded for its healing properties.

In Medieval times, the Serpentine was used as a totem to increase the healing power of medicine. It was believed that the crystal's energy could accelerate the healing process—a belief still held by some today.

Further back then, Romans would use Serpentine as a protective talisman to ward off evil. They used it to nullify sorcery and the dark arts. If you're looking for a crystal bodyguard of sorts to keep your spiritual energy safe, Serpentine is one of the best we can recommend.

What does Serpentine symbolize?

Like living, breathing serpents have come to represent wisdom, long life, and transformation in many cultures, and so too does the Serpentine stone. By working with this green crystal, you can deepen your understanding of metaphysical concepts and connect with the Earth on a spiritual level.

Not only does Serpentine offer guidance and clarity when it comes to comprehending the greater mysteries of life, but it also supports your health and well-being in a very tangible way. If you're feeling run down or depleted, spending time with this stone can help you recharge and feel more grounded.

Serpentine is a powerful stone that can help you access ancient wisdom, connect with the Earth, and tap into your immortality. If you're looking to enhance your spiritual practice or deepen your understanding of the metaphysical world, working with Serpentine is a great place to start.

What is the use of Serpentine?

One type of Serpentine, Chrysotile, used to be a popular material for asbestos. Asbestos is no longer used because it has been found to cause serious health problems, including cancer. Note that Chrysotile itself is not harmful; it must first be processed into asbestos to be dangerous.

Today, in addition to its use as a healing crystal, Serpentine is used mainly as an ornamental stone, carved into figurines, jewelry, and other beautiful pieces for your home.

Serpentine Healing Properties

The healing properties of Serpentine cover both the physical and metaphysical realms. Its reputation as a stone that brings knowledge, wisdom, and understanding makes it one of the strongest weapons in crystal healers' arsenals.

Curious to learn more? Let's jump in and explore all that Serpentine has to offer those who are ailing in body, mind, or spirit.

Physical healing

On the physical plane, Serpentine is known to be an excellent detoxifier. It can assist in the removal of heavy metals from the body, making it a go-to stone for those looking to cleanse and purify their system. Because of its unparalleled ability to cleanse and detoxify, Serpentine helps make our metabolism more efficient and can be used to assist in the treatment of conditions like obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

This multi-purpose stone can also be used to alleviate pain, whether it be from an injury, muscle cramps, and even chronic conditions like migraines or arthritis.

Physically active individuals, in particular, can benefit from Serpentine's seemingly endless supply of energy. Incorporating this stone into your routine after a strenuous workout, hike, or run can help to ease any muscle aches or pains that come up, leaving you feeling refreshed and invigorated—ready to take on whatever the next day throws your way.


It can be hard to untangle our bursts of emotion from logic and reason, especially if we have unresolved traumas in our life. These moments can feel like they completely take over, robbing us of our ability to think straight. If you're not careful, these waves of emotion can quickly spiral out of control, leading to anxiety, panic, and depression.

By combating negative thought patterns with Serpentine and replacing them with feelings of hope, peace, and contentment, you'll be better able to see and think clearly, making it easier to make logical decisions that are in line with your best interests.


Serpentine's calming influence doesn't stop at the emotions—it can also be used to soothe a chaotic or overactive mind. This stone's ability to still the mind and clear away mental clutter makes it an excellent tool for anyone looking to improve their focus, concentration, and memory.

Spiritual healing

When you're crossing over to the spiritual realm, it can be easy to feel lost, scared, or alone. After all, this is uncharted territory for most of us. It's important, especially for novice explorers, to have something to anchor us to the physical world.

Serpentine is the perfect stone for those embarking on a spiritual journey, as it is said to promote psychic abilities while also keeping you grounded. Let yourself go deep with Serpentine and see where your journey takes you, knowing that this stone has got your back every step of the way.

Serpentine Metaphysical Properties

The main beneficiary of Serpentine's metaphysical properties is the chakra system. This stone is said to work with all of the chakras, which we'll discuss in more detail in its own section below.

This distinctively patterned stone is also said to be a powerful Kundalini activator. Kundalini is a type of energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine. When this energy is awakened, it rises up the spine and unfolds the chakras like a flower, setting us on a path to spiritual enlightenment. We'll delve more into this later on.

Meditation with Serpentine

Ready to take a step up on your spiritual journey? Serpentine could be just the thing you need to plumb the depths of your psyche and become a better, stronger person.

While novices can have difficulty sitting still and clearing their minds, Serpentine can facilitate a weightless state in which the body is relaxed, and the mind is free to wander. Such a state allows you to stay out of your way and open up to the possible messages and guidance that's all around you, just waiting to be received.

This allows you to see your thoughts and feelings as what they truly are: fleeting, impermanent things that come and go like so many clouds in the sky. When you can observe your thoughts without getting caught up in them, you're well on your way to achieving a more serene state of mind.

For more advanced meditators, Serpentine can help push you deeper into your practice. Once you've reached a certain level of proficiency, it can be difficult to break through to the next level. Serpentine's high vibrational energy can act as a sort of booster shot, giving you the extra oomph you need to take your practice to the next level—opening paths to access higher states of consciousness and previously unattainable levels of understanding.

Serpentine and Chakras

Serpentine's ability to activate all the chakras has earned it a loyal following among those seeking to tap into their spiritual side. With its robust grounding energy, this stone helps to root the user to the earth, not only physically but also spiritually. Its dark green color is associated with the Heart chakra, an important energy center for this stone. Serpentine also passes through the Throat, Third Eye, and Crown chakras, helping to bring fresh energy into the system.

What sets Serpentine apart from other chakra-cleansing crystals is its close association with the Kundalini snake. We'll get into that in the next section.

What is Kundalini energy?

woman practicing meditation

As we touched on earlier, Kundalini energy functions as a life-force energy within you that becomes blocked when your chakras are imbalanced. Kundalini awakening aims to unblock this energy so it can flow smoothly again. This is done by working on your chakras and realigning them.

One way to support your Kundalini awakening journey is by using crystals, with Serpentine being a prime example. Serpentine helps to open, align and activate the chakras, promoting the free flow of Kundalini energy, enabling you to reach new heights in your spiritual development.

Not everyone is interested in Kundalini awakening, but if you feel a calling to explore this mystical side of life, then know that Serpentine can be just the tool you need to start you on your journey.

How To Awaken Kundalini Energy With Serpentine Crystal

Practice Kundalini meditation

serpentine meditation

We already noted some of the most compelling benefits of including Serpentine in your meditation practice, so let's instead focus on how to go about it.

There's no real right or wrong way here, but we like to hold our stone in our hand as we ease into things with some deep breathing to center ourselves. Once you feel yourself in the zone, start to focus on the Serpentine.

Feel its energy. From there, it's all about letting your mind flow with the stone. If intrusive thoughts come up, acknowledge them and let them go.

This is a judgment-free zone. The more you practice, the deeper your connection will become. With time, you may even start to feel that prana energy at the base of your spine. This is one of the first Kundalini awakening stages and it's a pretty amazing feeling!

You can find more meditation techniques here, but the key is to experiment and find what works for you. Trust your gut and let the Serpentine do what it's supposed to.

Wear Serpentine jewelry

A simpler way to tap into your innate Kundalini energy is by wearing Serpentine jewelry.

This stone is known to banish negativity and usher in feelings of love, health, and positivity. As one of the great stones of balance, Serpentine can help to stabilize and harmonize the flow of energy throughout your chakra system.

Given its ability to balance all the chakras, this stone fosters harmony between the physical and spiritual self. It is also said to empower you to feel stable in the knowledge that all is one and everything is constantly changing.

Some say that wearing Serpentine jewelry has taken them on a journey of self-discovery. As this stone vibrates at a high frequency, it has the potential to bring about a life-changing experience. If you've been lacking a sense of direction or feeling disconnected from yourself, adding a piece or two of Serpentine jewelry to your wardrobe may be just what you need to break free from the mundane and open yourself up to new possibilities.

Use Serpentine stone for protection

serpentine bracelet

Freedom can feel very fragile to the newly emancipated. You fought hard to unblock your chakras and clear your spiritual path---now what? It's essential to build on that progress by creating a strong foundation of protection.

Luckily, Serpentine is also one of the best stones for this purpose.

All you need to do is pivot your thinking a bit. With your stone in hand, focus more on protection this time around. Call to mind a white light surrounding you and your loved ones. See it getting brighter and brighter until it's so blinding that no negativity can penetrate it.

You can also try visualizing Serpentine as a shield deflecting any harmful energy that comes your way. Whether you're dealing with envy, jealousy, or just some good old-fashioned bad vibes, know that your stone has your back.

Feel free to harness Serpentine's protective energies wherever and however you see fit. There are no rules here. We like to keep a few key pieces at home, at work, and in our cars. Don't constrain yourself to one area either. If you feel safer with your stone in your pocket, wear it everywhere!

What Are Some More Healing Properties Of Serpentine?

serpentine pyramid

Although we tried to give a comprehensive rundown of Serpentine's healing properties in a previous section, it's hard to do the stone justice in such a short amount of text. So, in this section, we'll be discussing some more healing properties that this versatile stone possesses!

For starters, Serpentine is known to be an excellent stone for those who wish to tap into their psychic potential. If you've been feeling emotionally blocked or have been struggling to complete a task, this is the perfect stone for you. Serpentine cleanses the mind and body, but more importantly, it purifies the spirit. This allows you to get rid of negative emotions and start fresh.

Serpentine is also known to be a great confidence booster. Its presence is akin to a spiritual awakening that allows you to reinvent yourself in a positive light. This newfound confidence will empower you to trust in yourself and your decisions. If you're feeling confused or overwhelmed, leave a Serpentine crystal on your desk to clear away the negative energy.

Finally, Serpentine is an excellent stone for transformation. Like a snake, it helps you shed your skin and let go of the past. This is especially helpful if you're looking to start fresh or make a change in your life. Whatever your plans may be, Serpentine will help you get there with ease!

Get Your Own Serpentine Stone To Protect, Charge And Awaken Your Kundalini Energy

Like a snake that sheds its skin at the exact moment it needs to---not one second too early or too late---so, too, do we continually need to let go of our old selves to make room for the new.

Serpentine's regenerative powers help to cleanse and heal the emotional body, making it the perfect stone for those who are looking to start anew. Working with this crystal can help to bring about positive changes in your life, whether you're looking to change your career, relationships, or lifestyle.

As you dive deeper into what Serpentine has to offer, you'll quickly find that there's much more to this stone than meets the eye. So, if you're feeling called to work with Serpentine, don't hesitate to add it to your collection!

Final Thoughts

Not everyone is drawn to Serpentine's distinctive look and properties, but those who are will find it all the more special for that. Its noted ability to balance all our chakras and activate Kundalini energy is what sets it apart from other stones, making it one of the best stones for spiritual explorers to keep in their toolkits.

Whether you're using it for its physical benefits, such as improved concentration and focus, or its metaphysical properties, such as chakra balancing and psychic development, Serpentine is a stone that can help you to reach new levels of consciousness and understanding.

Trust your intuition with this one—if Serpentine has found its way into your life, it's there for a reason. Don't waste this valuable opportunity to explore all that this incredible stone has to offer!


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