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Your Guide to Serpentine and its Healing Properties

Posted by Sara Todic on

Your Guide to Serpentine and its Healing Properties

Your Guide to Serpentine and its Healing Properties


Serpentine is well-known in crystal circles for being a stone of immense knowledge. Its appearance in your life, even though articles such as this one, indicates that you’re ready to learn some of the secrets that serpentine holds.


Serpentine Meaning

The name Serpentine is derived from the Latin word “serpentinus” which roughly translates to “snake-like”. This is mainly because of its scaly green color and its common association with reptiles. It’s also been given some crystal nicknames since it gained popularity. You may know it better as snake jade, olive jade, or new jade.

In more technical terms, serpentine is a fibrous form of magnesium silicate. It's a heavy crystal that grounds you to the earth, not only by its physical weight but also by its spiritual density. Its deep-green hues connect you to mother nature and ensure that your feet stay firmly on the ground. It amplifies the energy you receive from your surroundings and helps you convert it into something you can use.

Serpentine History

In Medieval times, serpentine was used as a totem to increase the healing power of medicine. It was believed that the crystal’s energy could accelerate the healing process, and this belief is still held by some crystal enthusiasts today.


serpentine raw stone

Further back than that, Romans would use Serpentine as a protective talisman to ward off evil. They used it to nullify sorcery and the dark arts. If you feel the need for a crystal bodyguard to keep your spiritual energy safe, then Serpentine is an excellent choice.

More recently, Serpentine has been associated with protection from snake bites and disease. 

Serpentine Healing Properties

Serpentine’s knowledge-enhancing properties are symbolic of the great serpents of mythology, many of which were intrinsically linked with wisdom. Work with Serpentine to tap into this ancient knowledge, regain memories of past lives, and learn from their lessons. It’s a crystal that will deepen your meditation practice and open you up to spiritual advancement.

Said to control the rise of the kundalini energy up the spine, Serpentine is an excellent stone for unblocking the chakras. It clears the path for your natural energy to progress upwards. Effectively, it aligns your energy centers and lets your life force flow freely. 

Serpentine is commonly seen as a stone of balance. The ouroboros, the symbol which depicts a serpent eating its tail, is symbolic of the cyclical nature of the universe, and Serpentine channels this energy when you hold it. It empowers you to feel stable in the knowledge that all is one and everything is constantly changing. Its high vibration can bring on this experience within yourself. Some say it has taken them on a journey of self-discovery.


serpentine tumbled hearts

Serpentine’s metaphysical properties allow you to tap into your innate psychic potential. It gives you more control over your energy, and therefore your life. If you’re feeling emotionally blocked or are struggling to complete a task that you ordinarily could, then Serpentine is the ideal stone to help you get through it. It cleanses the mind and body so that you can function at full capacity. But more importantly, it purifies the spirit and purges negativity at the core rather than just tackling the symptoms.

One of the often-overlooked aspects of working with Serpentine is that it boosts your confidence. It’s not felt in the same way as the Tiger’s Eye or Citrine. Its confidence-enhancing properties are akin to a spiritual awakening that allows you to reinvent yourself positively. It empowers you to trust in yourself and your own decisions, particularly when faced with conflicting information. Leave a Serpentine crystal on your desk to clear away confusion and improve productivity.


It’s one of the best crystals for transformation. Like a snake, Serpentine helps you shed your skin and let go of the past. Every single cell in the human body has a finite lifespan. They’re constantly regenerating. Within 7 years, every cell in your physical body will be different from what they were before, and Serpentine promotes healthier and stronger cells with each cycle. With over 50 trillion cells in the body, just imagine what you could do if you primed every single one of them.


serpentine raw stone


Similarly, Serpentine helps you release all of your past emotional pain and trauma. It doesn’t define you. Once you let go of the things that hold you back in a time that no longer exists, you can become something new. You get to choose your own future, and Serpentine is the perfect crystal to open you up to this beautiful fact.

If you feel Serpentine calling you, listen to it. There’s a good chance you’re ready to embrace its wisdom and shed your skin. 

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