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Septarian Meaning and Healing Properties

Septarian forms in Septarian nodules on Mother Earth. Septarian stones are essentially the combination of Yellow Calcite and Brown Aragonite. There are also elements of White or Clear Barite. Therefore, the properties of Septarian are a mixture of those of Calcite and Aragonite.

There are other Calcite crystals that you can learn more about in these comprehensive guides to Orange Calcite, Blue Calcite, and other Calcites.

Septarian Crystal Meaning

Septarian is a healing stone that is also called Dragon Stone. According to geologists, Dragon Stone originated from Earth's cretaceous period, formed over 50 million years ago. It consists of brown lines and organic matter.

Known to be an extremely protective stone, most Septarian nodules can be found in Southern Utah on sedimentary rock. A speaking stone, allows you to communicate with grace and ease, especially when in public speaking situations.

Septarian Benefits and Uses

Often made into Septarian bookends because of its beautiful patterns, it is said to allow you to cultivate better tolerance of difficult issues and circumstances in your life. It can also be paired very well with Quartz in meditation, raising your spiritual awareness while grounding you in the present at the same time.

To this day, it remains a unique stone due to the time period in which it was formed. It is often sold in the market with exclusive deals, and its rarity appeals to many collectors of crystals all over the world.

Septarian Properties

Septarian Healing Properties

Septarian comes from the Latin word septum. It is a great stone to support the angular cavities in your body. It also reduces muscle spasms and can provide relief to your physical body when it is going through difficult times.

It can also clear any blockage that is present in all your chakras, thereby allowing you to be more aligned with the energy of the Universe.

Septarian Metaphysical Properties

On an emotional level, it brings comfort and support to your well-being. As a grounding stone, its calming energies aid in emotional healing. Septarian stone jewelry can be very helpful in allowing you to nurture feelings of joy and peace.

It can also be used to harmonize the energy in your relationships. It brings comfort and peace to tensions in relationships. Regardless of the type of relationship (platonic, familial, and so on), it has a calming and balancing energy that can support the building of healthy relationships.

Septarian Chakra

The Septarian nodule is known to be a conduit of the Earth's grounding and healing energy. Working with it allows you to activate your lower chakras. It also works well with third eye crystals, as its grounding and centering nature will nicely complement the high vibrational insight and wisdom you will receive from the upper chakra crystals.

In addition, it corresponds to the solar plexus chakra and root chakra. Because of this, it promotes healthy creativity and inspiration and allows you to create meaning and art in your life. The grey limestone in the rock further connects to the base chakra, bringing stability and security to the physical and emotional body.

FAQ: Everything you should Know about Septarian Crystal

What are the benefits of Septarian?

Septarian brings protection, confidence and strength to its user.

What is a Septarian stone?

Septarian is a combination of Yellow Calcite, Brown Aragonite and Grey Limestone.

What kind of rock is Septarian?

Septarian is a rock that contains cavities that are referred to as “septaria”. These cavities are what give Septarian its name.

Can you put Septarian in water?

Septarian should not be placed in water. If you are looking to clean your Septarian stone, you can do so by wiping it with a dry and soft cloth, so that you can do so without damaging it.

Where is the Septarian stone found?

Septarian is most commonly found in Madagascar and Mexico.

Where is Septarian mined?

Septarian is mined most commonly along the Gulf of Mexico and in some pockets in Madagascar.

What minerals are in Septarian?

Septarian is made of Yellow Calcite, Brown Aragonite and Grey Limestone.

What is a Septarian Dragon Egg?

A Septarian Dragon Egg is a Septarian nodule that was mined and later carved and polished into the shape of an egg. It resembles a dragon’s egg because of the druzies and cavities present in the stone.


Here are our final thoughts on this unique crystal. First formed over millions of years ago among mud balls, its geological properties make it one of the most interesting crystals. Containing limestone and calcite, it allows us to truly connect to happiness and pleasure in our life. If you have never worked with a Septarian nodule before, it may be a good time to try it out and see what it can bring you!

What’s the best crystal for me?

You are only few answers away from finding out which crystal is best suited for your life’s journey ✨

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